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As winter arrives, it's time to get comfortable in the studio and plan some get-aways to warmer climes. There are several new workshops planned for 2016. I look forward to seeing you in the coming year.
- Joe Paquet

New Work

Grit and Reflection 28x40 $22,000
Grit and Reflection   28" x 40"   $22,000
I struggled with this one.
The subtlety almost did me in (imagine a Dyslexic trying to paint a reflection in reverse).
My idea was to catch the last gasp of Autumn -- at least that was the sponsoring thought.
Intermingled with that simpler motive was the persistent, niggling idea of adaptation and survival.

Those that live on farms intrinsically understand this: diversify your abilities -- expand your footprint of survivability - accept your current reality and make the necessary changes.
When all else fails, pickle something.

All artists struggle with the ever-changing reality of making art and making a living.
The known models of doing business are collapsing, galleries closing, advertising moving away from print; the web is the new wild west: shoot first, ask questions later -- sound bites, going viral.
Play the game vs. finding your truth.
It has never been easier to find 15 minutes of fame and often by doing something that serves less than our highest self.
Visibility is not necessarily viability.
Virtual is not reality.
Content is not always substance.
Our behavior is dictated by being watched
rather than simply, by doing.

I guess I just miss organic reality.

When I look at the greats -- my greats: Corot, Michelangelo, Hopper, Vuillard, Homer, Levitan; that's what I see.
They tell their story with a beauty & utility born without apology.

So, I constantly remind myself what brought me here --
Curiosity, Joy and Real Connection.

The game is the game and the work is the work.

To put a loving mark on canvas is more important now than ever.

2016 Spring Classes

Spring 2016 Studio Classes, St. Paul, MN: Feb 3 - May 26, 2016
Take your work to another level. The studio painting class will focus on crafting studio works from studies or photos. Understand what makes a fully-rounded conception of a painting. Emphasis will be placed on practical pictorial construction and memory training.
Wednesday Class 6:00-9:00 pm (evenings)
Thursday Class 6:00-9:00 pm (evenings)

The classes fill up very quickly, so if you are interested, register soon!

Click here for the 2016 Spring Studio Class Schedule.


Catalina Island, California
5-Day Plein Air Workshop

Monday, January 18th - Friday, January 22nd, 2016  
This is truly the ideal destination workshop in the month of January.
Catalina Island offers an amazing array of subjects with ease of access. During this five-day workshop we will delve into the prismatic palette and how to capture the unique qualities of each day on canvas.
All levels are welcome.

You will be given a great deal of individual attention tailored to your level.
See you on the sand.

Cost: $850

Click here for details.

NEW! Tucson AZ, 5 - Day Plein Air
MISA West - Tanque Verde Ranch

Monday, February 22nd - Friday, February 26th, 2016  
Well strap me to an anthill and smear my ears with jam!
Madeline Island School of the Arts is heading West for the Winter.

I look forward to painting the new landscape (Yes Matt Smith, I will finally be painting a Cactus).

For those of you enduring the cold, it's a good time to get out of Dodge.
The facility is amazing.

For details click here, to register, contact MISA at 715.747.2054 or email [email protected]

Mount Kisco, NY 7-Day Workshop
The Big Idea:
Creating a Large Studio Painting

Monday, March 14th - Sunday, March 20th, 2016 
Joe Paquet_s Studio
All individuality and personality in a work of art comes from Subjective Choice Making -- not merely copying what is before us.

You will have seven days to work out those choices while creating a large painting in the studio -- unhurried and thoughtful.
We will be utilizing reference material (Field sketches, Drawings and/or Photos) and will deal with Composition, Distillation & Integration of Forms and Clarifying your personal vision.

You can expect frequent lectures, demos when necessary and a great deal of personal attention.
This is your chance to dig deep and expand your possibilities.

Enrollment is limited so don't wait to secure a spot.
All levels Welcome.

Cost: $1,200
 More details here.

21st Annual St. Paul, Minnesota
3-Day Summer Plein Air Workshop

Friday, June 10th - Sunday, 12th, 2016

This workshop is ideal for those who would like to be introduced to working with a prismatic palette from life or for those who want a refresher to start off their Summer painting.

Cost: $575

Click here for details.


Moody Day on the Mowhawk 24 x 30 _24_000
Moody Day on the Mowhawk 24" x 30"   $24,000
To purchase paintings directly from Joe
Just call  (651) 485-5807 or email to discuss details and options.

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