4 Treats, Not Tricks For Your Business
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Sending out the November newsletter a little early to deliver you some treats just in time for Halloween. Now is the time to accelerate your business for the next year by planning and building. View the training link below to see my current training schedule and check out the tools below to help build your business.

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4 Treats, Not Tricks For Your Business
Efficiency and Learning

These are some of the cornerstones of an effective business.  Check out the resources below to help solidify those cornerstones.

Infinit - Download this on your phones and computer for free.  Then easily transfer any and all files (including big video files) to anyone you chose.  Faster than Dropbox and you don't have to have the files in the cloud to transfer.  Pull from your machine and send it.  Check it out on MichaelTritthart.com

Gmail - I always love sharing Gmail/Google tips because there are just so many to choose from.  This is pretty awesome though.  Have you ever hit send on an email and as it is sending you have
second thoughts about that strongly worded email, forgot the attachment or you realize that you <<<<<<<<<< misspelled something?  Don't have regerts, I mean regrets, about that email.  Configure Gmail to avoid this.  In Gmail click the Setting Icon (Gear) in the top right hand corner.  The left click Settings. On the General tab scroll to Undo Send and set your delay for however you want.  I have mine at 10 seconds.  That means that once I send an email I have 10 seconds to avoid "regerts!"

YouTube's Red Dawn Anytime I get to reference an awesome 80's movie you know it is going to be a good day!  YouTube Red was released two days ago.  This is a $9.99 monthly pay service that allows you to watch videos ad free, connect to Google Play for more music and soon to be programming content.  Basically their take on Netflix and Hulu.  How does this affect learning?  Look for educational content to be available soon on YouTube Red.  Keep your trainers on retainer fee for access to content any time, anywhere!  Check out more info on YouTube Red at MichaelTritthart.com

Double Your Business Webinars Check out this 4 series webinar from John Pohly and Brett Tanner.  Two leaders who know their "Stuff" when it comes to this topic.  Plus, any time that a website has Bernie Sanders AND Donald Trump on it you know it is going to be good!  Click the image below to see for yourself.
KW Websites Powered By Placester - What You Need to Know
The KW Websites Powered by Placester are now in Beta! 

Many agents now have access to the new KW look.  KW agents -if you want to move forward with a Placester site it will transfer to the new KW look.  Whether you are KW or not, we are building on the Placester platform NOW!  Go to this link on MichaelTritthart.com for pricing details and to start the process. 
KW Websies Powered by Placester

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