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November 1
Honoring our Beloved Dead
A Service for All Ages
Rev. Lucy Bunch and Rev. Roger Jones with Worship Leader Charlotte Selton
Special music by Ross Hammond, Guitar
UUSS Choir sings with Keith Atwater, Director
Recognition of November Birthdays and Soup Sunday after church. 
At the season of All Souls Day, we will come together in community to honor the beings we wish to remember and celebrate.  You are welcome to bring a picture or memento of your beloved dead to place on the altar during the service.
November 8
Scary "F" Words:  Part 2 of 3
Rev. Roger Jones with Rev. Lucy Bunch and Lay Leader Carl Gardner
UUSS Choir with Keith Atwater, Director 
Farewell blessing for UUSS Kids' Freedom Club travelers to India
Soup Sunday after the service!
For some UUs, the word "faith" brings up scary recollections and unpleasant associations, but for others it simply means trust in the face of anxiety or setbacks.  A few folks from the recent Adult Enrichment course on ideas and experiences of faith will offer their perspectives, too. 
Come early to say "Suraksita yatra" (bon voyage) to our Freedom Club travelers!
November 15
Forgiveness:  Scary "F" Words, Part 3 of 3
Rev. Lucy Bunch and Rev. Roger Jones with Lay Leader Christopher Jensen
Ina Jun, Piano
Perhaps forgiveness is not so much scary, as it is difficult and elusive.  Religions urge us to lay down our burdens and psychologists recommend it for physical and spiritual health, but it's hard.  Both ministers reflect on our need for this gift:  to receive it, give it away, and give it to ourselves.
Exploring Unitarian Universalism before service:  Learn about the UU Principles and spiritual sources from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. in the Fahs Classroom.  Nursery care provided, too!
November 22
Oh, We Give Thanks!
All-Ages Worship with Rev. Lucy Bunch and Rev. Roger Jones 
UUSS Choir sings with Keith Atwater, Director
Ina June, Pianist
At this holiday time we bring together our church community of all ages to offer our thanks for all the gifts we have been given in this life.  Come let your heart be full as we celebrate together.
A New Member Ingathering Ritual takes place a few times a year, and we have plenty of new members!  If you have joined the congregation within the past few months, this is the day we welcome you with a short ritual of recognition.
Newcomers' Orientation to UUSS 12 to 1 p.m.-All Welcome.
November 29
Luring Us to Good:  Human Freedom and the Divine Embrace
Rev. Roger Jones, preaching, with Lay Leader Linda Roth
Fifth Sunday Forum after service:  Ministers' Dialogue with the congregation
Is God in control of the world?  If so, is God good?  Is God even God?  Process/Relational Thought says that the divine life grows in response to the unfolding of our lives, embracing but not controlling our lives. Unitarian Universalists have championed this contemporary theology. How does it help theists and non-theists in finding common ground?  How does it inspire beauty?
November Outreach Offering
We give away half of every Sunday's offering to one organization per month.   Our November offerings are shared with Loaves & Fishes . In a spirit of love, hospitality, and non-judgment, it feeds the hungry and shelters the homeless.  Since 1983, it has provided an oasis of welcome, safety, and cleanliness for homeless adults and children seeking survival services.  In September we contributed $2,194 to the Mustard Seed School.
  Senior Minister's Message
Gratitude List!
By Rev. Roger Jones
Medical studies reveal that cultivating a practice of generosity is good for your health.  And one thing that generates generosity is the practice of saying thanks. 
Our days can be long and full, and our challenges can be distracting, so it's good to remember:  it takes practice to be grateful.  As I prepare to celebrate my eighth Thanksgiving season with UUSS, here is part of my gratitude list.  I give thanks:
  • ... for those who disagree with me with authenticity and love.  It's a gift to know that people trust me enough to challenge a recent sermon, or say they don't see eye to eye with me on a point of theology or social witness.  It means we not only are living out our diversity, but trusting one another.  It means love!
  • ... for the big, beautiful sanctuary building and the good things that happen inside:  theater, music, book sales,  large crowds on Sunday, coffee, soup, all-ages events like Thanksgiving dinner and the Holiday Party, fun fundraising activities, committee work, warm hospitality to newcomers, and care for others.
  • ... for my dedicated staff colleagues, our committed lay leaders, and the many volunteers who make this congregation so vital and exciting.
  • ... for the clear sky early in the morning, inviting me to read a poem or prayer and sit in reflection before I rush off.  I would LIKE to be grateful also for a rainy morning-a whole bunch of them, soon!
  • ... for the generous members, friends, and families who make and pay a monthly pledge to UUSS.  Your gifts make so much possible in and beyond UUSS. 
  • ... for a home and a fun job, the relative safety which I am privileged to enjoy, the strength and vitality of the region and country in which I live, and the meals that sustain me every day. 
Sometimes I forget to appreciate these ordinary blessings when they happen.  That's why I made this list.  Thank you for reading!
Yours in service,
PS-I hope to see you at the Welcome Home Dinner fundraiser.  Chef Glory and crew will prepare a delicious meal for all ages on the theme of Aloha:  Saturday evening, November 21
Where's Rev. Roger in November?

Find me at UUSS most Tuesdays, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., and Wednesdays and Thursdays. 1:30 to 6:30 p.m., and I'm happy to make an appointment with you for another time.  Indeed, it's good to make an appointment even during office hours.  I'm taking a Monday course on writing religious history through archival research this semester at  Pacific School of Religion
In Loving Memory
By Rev. Roger Jones
I will officiate at the memorial service for long-time member Ed Blanchette at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 31, in our sanctuary.  Music by Ina Jun, piano, and Mary Blanchette, violin.  Contributions in Ed's memory may be made to the UUSS Endowment Trust or Heritage Fund. 
Recent News :  We extend our condolences to Ruth Janson on the passing of her mother, Joan Janson, on October 21 of dementia.  Joan was the wife of Delmar Janson, who died in the spring, and the mother of Scott, who died a few years ago.  Arrangements are pending for a memorial service.  Sara "Sally" Peterson passed away October 23, after a long decline from dementia. She served UUSS as Director of Religious Education in the 1970s and later was a member of UUCC.   We extend our condolences to Sybil Lawson, Sally's daughter, and Jon Peterson, her husband.  Arrangements will be announced.
We received word that our former member Gloria Cox passed away recently in San Mateo. I will officiate the service held at UUSS, Sunday Dec. 6 at 3:00pm.  Donations in Gloria's memory may be made to Sacramento Planned Parenthood, the UUSS Endowment Trust, American River Natural History Assn., or Peace Puppets.

I led a Circle of Remembrance for Lou Watson, a builder, inventor, and long-time UUSS member.  Contributions in Lou's memory may be made to the Endowment Trust or Building Fund. 

Rev. Lucy officiated at a memorial service for our long-time member Yvonne Harvey, who died at age 84 after a long decline from dementia.  We extend our condolences to her children, Tom and Charise, who grew up at UUSS.

They have suggested that contributions in Yvonne's memory may be made to the   Endowment Trust .
Assistant Minister Message
Post-Partum Anxiety
By Rev. Lucy Bunch

It is great to be back in our renovated home and celebrate all that we have accomplished as a communit y.  But as Roger and I mentioned at our first service in September, the return to the building has been somewhat of a work in progress.  The Steering Committee and project teams are still working on various finishing touches of the project, including our landscaping (as I am sure you have noticed).
In addition to all those leaders, our staff has really risen to the occasion of not only doing regular duties but also  getting our offices   and Sunday
programs moved back home.
There is a lot of joy in our homecoming, but also some anxiety.  The flow of the Welcome Hall is not quite right yet - there are some bottlenecks after the service on Sunday morning.  Our first two Soup Sundays were definitely a work in progress.  Doors that should lock don't, and doors that need to be open, lock automatically.  Sometimes it's too hot, other times too cold.  While we have done many things on the list that I shared at our first service (the one that dropped all the way to the floor), new things have been added.  And if it seems like there are a lot of people, you are right - attendance at services is up!  Because our sanctuary is bigger, we now have only one service, so everyone is there at the same time.  And as we have hoped, we've been having lots of visitors.  
I think some of the anxiety is due to the fact that while we have returned home, our home is not the same.  Things that we had grown accustomed to in the space have chang ed.  That's a bit disorienting for those of us who were familiar with the old building.  I found myself quite disoriented the o ther day in our beautiful enormous bathroom - did I take a wrong turn and end up at the Mondavi Center?
So welcome home to a home that we never knew before--a home that represents our future.  We are not the same congregation we were when we left fourteen months ago, and if some of our recent visitors decide to stay, we will be changed again, and again, by each new person who finds a home with us. 
So while we practice patience with one another and experiment with the best ways to channel all of our energy on S undays, we should also realize how much we have to be grateful for - this beloved community - flexible, resilient, committed.  I am proud to be your minister. 
Where's Rev. Lucy in November

I will be with you all Sundays in November.  My regular church hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons.  If you'd like to meet with me, it's always best to call or e-mail in advance so I can be sure to be available.  Monday is my Sabbath, and I try to avoid e-mail on that day (but fail miserably).
Aloha!  "Welcome Home" Dinner, November 21
Date:     Saturday, November 21, 5:30 to 8 p.m. in our                    new UUSS home.
               Gather at 5:30, dine at 6, fun at 6:30.  All Ages                  Welcome!

Menu:   Wine and beer at 5:30 at the bar (donation). 
                Chef Glory and her team offer a Hawaiian-                        themed dinner.

Fun:       Frivolous & Useful Raffle Items (raffle ticket                      included with dinner!).
               Brief auction (four nice items).  Music!

               Kids/youth 18 and younger, $5.  Adults $15 in advance, $20 at the                    door.  Each advance dinner ticket includes a ticket for the Frivolous &                Useful Raffle.  It's a Fun Fundraiser!

Help:     Seeking dishwashers and clean-up crew, raffle, and brief auction                        coordinators, Sunday advance ticket sellers on November 1, 8, and                    15.  E-mail Rev. Roger to volunteer or call Elaine at the UUSS Office.
Administrative Updates:  Good Oversight for a Growing Community
There have been many shifts in staff and administrative functions at UUSS in the past few years.  As our building renovation project comes to a close, the Board of Trustees is turning their attention to setting up a management structure to meet our needs going forward.  The Board recently appointed two ad-hoc groups to enssure that we are being responsible stewards of our current and future resources.
The Administrative and Property Management Team (APMT) will provide guidance to the staff regarding issues related to UUSS buildings and grounds, personnel and finances.  As such this team will take on the responsibilities of the property management and personnel committees as well as interact with the finance committee.  The team includes two Board members and two congregants not on the Board.  It works closely with Rev. Lucy, the lead minister for administration.  Also participating on APMT are Stanton Vedell, Facilities and Communications Coordinator, and Michele Ebler, Bookkeeper.

The Fund Raising Strategy Team (FRST) keeps track of and communicates the big picture of all of the major fundraising events and activities of the congregation.  It works to understand all the needs and activities and support their integration in the life of the congregation and the yearly UUSS calendar.  The group includes two Board members, three congregants who are not Board members, and Rev. Roger.  It has recruited a Stewardship Team leader for the 2016-17 Pledge Campaign (Ginny Johnson) and a head chef for an all-church Welcome Home dinner with an Aloha theme for the dinner, Saturday, November 21. Glory Wicklund is chef; other roles for this all-ages benefit event are to be sketched out.  Save the date! FRST is also working on ways to inform friends and members of the option of including UUSS in our estate plans, wills, and investment beneficiary designations.  We celebrate the generosity and creativity of UUSS!
Thanksgiving Day Dinner at UUSS
By Laurie Jones

Thursday, November 26, 2:00 p.m.:  Annual Thanksgiving Day pot luck dinner, $5 plus pot luck dish per person.  Sign-ups and donations every Sunday after service. Last year at the rental church we had about 80 people, singles, couples, families, and friends.  Some people have said that they will go to feed the hungry and then come to UUSS.  Please try to bring food at 1:00 p.m. for organizing.  Help needed:  registration table staffers, turkey cooks, set-up, clean-up needed.  E-mail organizer Laurie Jones or call  916-342-3226.
Music at UUSS!
Notes from your Music Director, Keith Atwater:

I discovered the effects of apartheid and poverty first-hand when I toured Soweto, South Africa. When I came home, I tracked down Archbishop Desmond Tutu's powerful book on their peace and reconciliation process. He explains a concept that is very much like a UU core principle: "Ubuntu is difficult to translate. It speaks of the very essence of being human. When you have Ubuntu you are generous, hospitable, caring and compassionate. You share what you have. It is to say, 'My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound in your humanity.' A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she knows that he or she belongs to a greater whole." May we at UUSS continue to cultivate more Ubuntu! 

All interested singers are welcome to come to choir rehearsals every Wednesday from 7 to 8:30pm in the Sanctuary - refreshments provided!
Vivaldi Gloria Sing-along November 1 at UUSS
All ages from all over gather to sing with joy in our new sanctuary!  Sunday, November 1, 3:00 PM at UUSS.  Need a little Baroque in your Life?  Share the joy with singers from all over the region, and come to sing this masterpiece.  Director and accompanist from the Davis Chorale.  Music scores and rehearsal aids available.  Maximum 360 people.  Tickets $12 at  Sacramento Valley Choral Coalition , or see Meg Burnett at UUSS.
Interfaith Climate March in Sacramento
November 1, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
By Rich Howard

Please join members of Sacramento's diverse faith communities   in a march to support the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris and California's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Everyone who is concerned about climate change is invited to participate.

The marchers will gather at 11 a.m. on the South Steps of the Capitol in Sacramento (near the corner of L and 10th Streets), walk to the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers in Discovery Park, and then walk back to the South Steps of the Capitol.  Speakers will address the marchers at 1 p.m. in Discovery Park and at 3 p.m. on the South Steps of the Capitol. The marchers and speakers will include members of Sacramento's diverse religious communities together with others who care about the climate crisis.  More information and a route map for the march can be found at or by contacting Rich Howard .
Together, let us send the message that we want our leaders to take vigorous and effective actions to help solve the climate crisis.
Landscape News:  Matching Grant for New Donations
By Mary Howard and Roger Jones

Our drive to raise $4,000 to meet the County's land scaping requirements for our project has raised over $3,000!  It ends November 1.  The drought-tolerant, insect-friendly plants will fill in the empty spaces around our newly renovated building and near the memorial garden near the street.  See the poster showing our progress toward the goal of new plants.  Get a cute sticker for your name for a donation of $5 or more.
From now until November 1, we all have an opportunity to have every new gift of at least $10 matched-up to the tune of $500!  That's an additional $1,000 we can raise by November 1 to bring more plants to campus!  (Thanks to generous donors for the matching grant offer.)  If you can't wait till Sunday, contact our Bookkeeper, Michele .
Help us end this drive with a bang!  Thanks for your generosity.
Fill the Building Update
By Mary Howard
Chair, Fill the Building Team
The generosity of our members and friends is never-ending when it comes to donating funds toward chairs, audio visual equipment, landscaping, window coverings, a water bottle filler, and many more important items.  Since August 2014, we have raised over $70,000 to fill the building and beautify the campus.  Way to go!
Just like owning a home, there's a never-ending list of things to do on our new campus.  We will always accept your generous donations for more AV equipment, plants, and funds to pay down the loan.  You can put a check in the Sunday offering basket and write "Fill the Building" on the memo line, and we will use that money for our most urgent needs.  For more specific donations, add AV, loan, or whatever area you wish to support.  You can also pay with a credit card by contacting our bookkeeper, Michele.
Every time I drive onto campus, I am filled with gratitude for the support and hard work we have given to this project.  Thank you so much.
Adult Enrichment Opportunities this Month
Sunday Morning Spiritual Practices:  9:45-10:15 AM
Join Us Before the Service
9:45- 10:15 every Sunday (except 5th Sundays)
1st Sunday - Labyrinth walk- meet at Labyrinth
2nd Sunday - QiGong & Tai Chi Chuan, meet at Labyrinth
3rd Sunday   Silent Meditation Classroom 6
4th Sunday  Reading a reflection on poetry and prose    Room 6

Exploring Unitarian Universalism:  November 15, 9:30 AM
Third Sunday of the Month 9:30 - 10:15 before service in the Fahs Room
November 15 - Principles and Sources of our Tradition
December 20th - Faith  - what does it mean to a UU? 
January 17th - Social Justice - How do we live our values?

Yoga Mondays
Yoga Classes by Paige Labrie. Try a first class for free. Monday Classes are $8 each if you sign up for a two-month series or $10 on a drop-in basis. All Are Welcome!
Chair Yoga - Mondays, 10-11am-Fahs Room
Mat Yoga - Mondays, 7-8pm- Room 7/8
Meditation Wednesdays:  5:30 PM in Classroom 6
Join a small group to practice mindfulness by sitting together for 25 minutes every Wednesday at UUSS at 5:30 in Classroom 6 or 7/8.  If it's too far to drive, just set your own kitchen timer and sit in silent solidarity with us in the comfort of your home.  If you are in rush hour traffic, use it as an opportunity to practice presence and mindful breathing.  Freewill donations to UUSS accepted as "dana," the Buddhist term for generosity.   All are welcome!  

Alliance Program:  American Woman in Saudi Arabia, November 10
By Vivian Counts
Alliance meets on November 10, at 10:45 a.m. in the Fahs Room to hear our UUSS member Karen Williams, our Speaker, tell us about her year in Saudi Arabia where she taught English.  Learn more about why activities were held only at night: Women could not drive or go anywhere without a male relative.  How did she solve that problem?  All welcome! 
Bring a friend and lunch to join us for socializing after the speaker. 

Book Readers Group:  At the Water's Edge
On December 1, the UUSS Book Readers will meet at 7:00 p.m. in the UUSS Library in the main building to discuss At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen.  The group is meeting a week later due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  For more information, email Jim Glidden or call (916) 649-9697.
Fifth Sunday Forum:  Ministers' Dialogue with UUSS November 29
With Rev. Roger & Rev. Lucy at 12:05 PM

Send or bring your questions and thoughts to a special after-church congregational conversation with our ministers-UU history, theology, life challenges, the many things going on at UUSS, whatever may be on your heart.  We'll have paper and a box at the November 15 and 22 services for you to leave a question, or you can email either one or both ministers.  If time allows, we will take a few from the floor.  Please, no anonymous questions.
Water Color Exhibit in the Sanctuary
By Patricia Pratt
Sally Baker will be our next featured artist.  She is a watercolor artist who lives in Sebastopol.  "I would have to say that my love of color has dominated my current work.  I use very saturated pigments while still allowing the light of the paper to shine through.  It is my hope that the viewer will be engaged, visually enter the picture, slow down, explore, and visit for a while."  This show runs from November 12 through January 5. Artist reception date to be determined.  For information regarding this show, please email Patricia Pratt  or call 916-482-3018.
UUSS Religious Education: Welcome Home
Back "Home" Reflection
By Miranda Massa, RE Coordinator
We wrapped up the first month being back at UUSS quite well.  Thank you to the many families who made such a great presence in Religious Education (RE) as our program picked back up, and of course, to the volunteers that make it all come together.  

On the first day of RE in September, I spent the morning with the Senior High Yout h Group (SHYG).  After several moments of being   together, a pigeon strutted   in to Room 12 just as if she belonged there.  The bird   appeared
 healthy but confused.  We greeted her and she spent the entire RE time listening to our discussion.  The next day the bird was still hanging out on our church grounds.  

With the help of my coworker Aaron, we put her in a box and I delivered her to the Wildlife Care Association.  The lady at the front desk took one look and declared she certainly was not a wild bird but in fact a domesticated pigeon.  I thanked the staff person.  I walked away a bit somber for leaving her behind but also hopeful and optimistic she would get a fresh chance at life in a new loving home.  
UUSS has a new loving home and we are all certainly feeling the welcome and love.  Let us continue creating wonderful programs for our children and youth by sharing our talents and offering our support.  Looking forward to the fall season ahead with you all.
Junior High Youth Group (JHYG) 6th, 7th, and 8th grades
Another reminder: JHYG meets only on the first and fourth Sundays of each month. Please note: this does NOT change the schedules for Spirit Play or Senior High Youth Group (SHYG) meetings. 
Web Site Communication
Along with a brand new building, do you know what else we have that is new and fabulous?  A new UUSS web site.  Let's use it!  Parents and youth, please use the Spirit Play page, the JHYG , and the SHYG for updates, events, and to look at pictures.  You can even post yourself.  In fact, we invite you to.  Please e-mail our web creator, Dirk Tuell to obtain a login.  It would be fantastic to generate some interaction.  Youth Leaders will be using this method to share Sunday morning happenings with families instead of sending out weekly e-mails, so please visit often!
A Fun Call for Help:  All-Ages Holiday Party
UUSS is seeking one or two RE families to organize our annual Tree Trimming Party on December 5. The coordinators work with staff to arrange for set-up. They organize supplies and recruit adults and teens to assist at the craft table-and of course refreshments. This is a great time to get adults without children involved in an intergenerational activity and build community across the generations. We'll provide you more instructions if you are interested in taking on this fun event. Contact Miranda!
Re: RE
-No scheduled RE on November 1 and 22, for our services for All Ages.
-The Nursery in Room 11 is open every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for parents attending. Sunday Morning Spiritual Practices with Rev. Roger or Rev. Lucy or Exploring Unitarian Universalism on the 3rd Sundays.  For parents not attending these special events, the regular Nursery opening time is at 10:15 a.m.  Thank you! 
-Find your RE calendar details and other information at .
- I hope you are able to stay up to date with reading the RE Outreach, as it is always a great source for information, events, and other neat things about our wonderful program.
Religious Education (RE) Calendar, November 2015
Sunday, November 1-Fall Back One Hour Daylight Saving Ends
9:30-12:00     Child care available
10:30-11:45   Service for all ages. No RE scheduled.
Sunday, November 8
9:30-12:00     Child care available
10:15-11:30   RE
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8:  Fall Young Religious Unitarian Universalists of the Pacific (YRUUP) Conference CONundrum at the UU Fellowship of Redwood City
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8:  Fall Middle School (MUUGs) Retreat held here at UUSS; youth from around the district will join us for the Sunday service!
Sunday, November 15
9:30-12:00     Child care available
10:15-11:30   RE
Sunday, November 22
9:30-12:00     Child care available
10:15-11:30   Service for all ages. No RE scheduled.
11:45-1:45     Coming of Age meeting
Sunday, November 29
10:15-12:00   Child care available
10:15-11:30   RE

Regular Office Hours and Holidays for November

The normal office hours are Monday 

thru Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. 

The office will be closed on November 11 for Veteran's Day, November 26 and 27 for Thanksgiving.


See Roger and Lucy's articles about their office hours.

Forum on Foster Parenting
Sunday, December 6, 12:00 to 12:45 at UUSS
Learn what it's really like to care for a youth in your home.  Join UUSS member Evan Correale (and a foster parent of teens) and Christina Cagle from Stanford Youth Solutions for a conversation dispelling the myths and fears of foster parenting.  Learn how we find joy and other rewards in helping today's youth.  This may be what you need to hear to make a difference.  If you have ever considered foster parenting, or if you have done it, come to this open dialogue!
Nicholas Dold in Recital:  Piano Works of Prokofiev, Faure & others
A benefit concert at UUSS, Saturday, December 5, 3:00 PM.

Tickets:  $10, $5 for students 25 and younger.
In 2013 and 3014, Nicholas Dold played our piano at several Sunday services and Bob Cornwell's memorial service, giving us much beauty, pleasure and comfort through music.  

He was the accompanist for three years at the UU Church of Bloomington, Indiana. In 2013 he received his master's degree in piano at Indiana University and moved to the Bay Area. He is now on staff at San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the faculties of the Duxbury Music Festival and Crowden Music Center

Nicholas is eager to see the new UUSS Sanctuary and to take his upcoming recital on the road for friends like us!  He has offered to dedicate all proceeds to the UUSS Building Fund as a gift.  All ticket sales (and freewill donations at the end of the concert) will shrink the mortgage debt for our building renovation project!
Let's Visit the Philippine UU Churches in February
Join with a few other UUs on a pilgrimage to city and village churches of the UU Church of the Philippines (UUCP).  Make friends, learn history, relax, hike, and see the hilltop ocean views on Negros Island.  Reflect on what UU values mean to Filipinos and North Americans.
On Negros Island, a young preacher discovered the loving and radical message of Universalism in 1954.  He spread it around Negros Island on horseback with his guitar and boundless energy.  The UUCP joined the UUA in 1988.  Today, young leaders there are eager to grow Unitarian Universalism in their land.
Itinerary:   Start in a Manila hotel with sightseeing, learning history, and visiting the UU Church in Manila's Bicutan neighborhood.  Fly to Negros to visit UUCP headquarters in Dumaguete, the City of Gentle People.  Learn the story, feel the love, enjoy the hot weather, and take in the scenery. 
We ride to several of the coastal and hilltop village churches and stay in nearby hotels.  In 2011, I met one lovely congregation which has yet to be matched with a foreign UU church.  They would love for UUSS to be their partner congregation.  Let's check it out!
Dates:   February 11 to 23, 2016.  Cost:  $1,400 for meals, in-country flight and comfortable van transit, and hotels with A/C.  Flights between USA and Manila are up to you.  Rev. Roger will plan to attend if at least four UUSS adults or youth will go.  But even without him, this trip is guided by experienced lay and clergy leaders from the USA and the Philippines.  Deadline is December 1.  Learn more and sign up here.
Stay Connected!
Do you know our Communications Coordinator sends out the biweekly Minister Message e-mail, with updates as well as my personal note?  Also our Religious Education Coordinator sends out a biweekly RE Outreach e-mail, to families and volunteers? 
They post updates on our UUSS Facebook page, and many groups can post UUSS updates on the home page at .
The printed weekly Blue Sheet and printed Unigram are available.  For church members, don't miss the glossy UU World denominational magazine-plenty of food for heart and mind.  If you still have questions, call the office.  There is a friendly voice and helpful spirit on the line.
Serving Our Congregation
          Linda Clear, President                      Linda Klein, Vice-President
          Denis Edgren, Treasurer                  Gordon Gerwig, Secretary
          Carl Gardner                                      Shirley Hines                                      
          Carol Jacobs                                        Janet Lopes                                                         Dennis Pottenger                               Skylar Primavera, Youth Trustee                      
Contact Board members by email:
           JoAnn Anglin                                       Lisa Derthick                                                        Deirdre Downes (Chairperson)       Patricia Johnson
           Linda Roth                                           Carol Jacobs, Board Liaison                                 
     Contact Program Council members by email:
Rev. Roger Jones, Senior Minister
Rev. Lucy Bunch, Assistant Minister
Stanton Vedell, Communications and Facilities Coordinator
Michele Ebler, Bookkeeper
Elaine Cooper, Receptionist
Miranda Massa, Religious Education Coordinator
Keith Atwater, Music Director
Annie Green, Krystal Gollaher, Childcare Providers
Aaron Molina, Sunday thru Thursday Custodian 
Miguel Neri Friday, Saturday and Sunday Custodian