November 2016 - - 1821 B-6 Quarter Acquired, Plus Other Newps         
November 17, 2016
Baltimore Show Report and Exciting Newps
We had a very good show at Baltimore early this month.  We sold a decent number of coins, and we acquired some really great coins.  I want to thank my table assistants Bill Bugert and Dick Graham for their great work during the show.

Now, onto the newps!  Our most exciting newps are in Bust Quarters.  We acquired an 1821 B-6 (R7) in PCGS VF-30 that is the second finest of the 6 known examples of this rare variety.  We also acquired a wonderful 1820 B-5 (R5) in PCGS MS-62 and a very nice 1837 B-5 (R-5) in PCGS MS-62.  Other great newps are an 1865 dime in PCGS MS-62, an 1866 dime in PCGS XF-45, an 1807 B-2 quarter in PCGS VF-25, an 1823 Broken 3 half in PCGS AU-53, an 1862 Seated dollar in PCGS XF-45, and a very rare 1873-CC Seated dollar in PCGS XF-40!  Contact us at (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

Bust Half Dimes 1800 LM-4 R7 PCGS Genuine, bent, F det. 1,300
Bust Dimes 1814 Small Date PCGS F-15 450
Seated Dimes 1842 NGC AU-58 F-106 R2 285
Seated Dimes 1865 PCGS MS-62 F-101b R6 2,850
Seated Dimes 1866 PCGS XF-45 F-102b R6 2,500
Bust Quarters 1805 B-1 R4+ NGC G-6 650
Bust Quarters 1805 B-4 R4- PCGS VG-10 850
Bust Quarters 1807 B-2 R3 PCGS VF-25 2,600
Bust Quarters 1807 B-2 R3 PCGS VG-10 1,000
Bust Quarters 1807 B-2 R3 PCGS G-6 575
Bust Quarters 1818 B-9 R5 PCGS Genuine, VG details 350
Bust Quarters 1820 B-5 R5 PCGS MS-62 Pittman 17,000
Bust Quarters 1820 B-5 R5 F-15 1,600
Bust Quarters 1821 B-6 R7 PCGS VF-30 58,000
Bust Quarters 1825 B-3 PCGS G-4 terminal cud @ UNITED 925
Bust Quarters 1831 B-4 R1 PCGS XF-45 850
Bust Quarters 1831 B-6 R3 NGC AU-58 Reiver 1,850
Bust Quarters 1833 B-1 R2 ANACS MS-60 1,600
Bust Quarters 1834 B-2 R4 VF-20 180
Bust Quarters 1835 B-4 R4 NGC AU-50 Reiver 1,100
Bust Quarters 1835 B-8 R4+ PCGS VF-30 775
Bust Quarters 1837 B-5 R5 PCGS MS-62 6,500
Bust Halves 1801 O-101 R3 PCGS F-12 2,350
Bust Halves 1812 O-103 R1 PCGS AU-53, nice toning 2,250
Bust Halves 1823 Broken 3, O-101 R3 PCGS AU-53 3,450
Bust Halves 1827 O-120 R5 AU-50 675
Bust Halves 1828 O-120 PCGS AU-55 nice toning 1,695
Seated Halves 1845-O Footless 1 WB-109 PCGS AU-53 775
Seated Halves 1850-O Repunched MM WB-102 PCGS XF-40 875
Seated Dollars 1862 PCGS XF-45 4,800
Seated Dollars 1873-CC PCGS XF-40 35,750
Buying Gold?  Then Buy Gold
It seems that since the elections are now over, there are a lot of ads out there offering gold and silver bullion for sale.  A "gold bug" stopped by my table at a FUN show a few years ago.  He said that only gold was money and he wouldn't invest in anything else, and he certainly didn't believe in the value of paper money.  I said, if you believe in gold, then continue to buy it.  He said, yes, I will be buying more and I already have a lot of gold now, in fact, "I have the certificates to prove it!"

I'll let that sink in a little bit before I continue my story.  So I said, you said you were investing in gold, but it sounds like you are investing in certificates instead.  And, if you don't believe in the value of anything printed on paper, then what were the certificates printed on?  My point is, if you decide to invest in gold, or silver, the only safe way to invest in gold or silver is to take physical delivery of the gold or silver.  If you only get paper, how do you know that when you want to cash in, that your certificates will have any value?

Back when I lived in Pennsylvania, about 20 years ago, there was a big lawsuit filed by a doctor who had invested in gold, but let the seller hold onto the gold.  When he went to get his gold, it wasn't there.  A big lawsuit ensued, with a lot of time and money spent.  I calculated that with the amount of gold mentioned in the case, he could have taken delivery and with two safety deposit boxes costing $20 per year, he could have held onto his gold.

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                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich
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