Issue No. 88  November 2016
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Adrian Gaut shoots for Bombardier Aircraft
- produced by Madame Brown

The team at S1 packed a truck and sent it off to Montreal for this global campaign for Bombardier. This is the second time photographer Adrian Gaut and producer Louise Brown have worked together shooting aircraft for Bombardier. This most recent campaign was unveiled at the  2016 Farnborough International Airshow.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Electrical, Expendables, & Truck Services

Adrian Gaut Website
Madame Brown Website
Jesse Laitinen shoots Crista Cober for Marie Claire France November Issue

The production team from Westy Productions in LA were in TO with photographer Jesse Laitinen, to shoot veteran Canadian model Crista Cober for this month's issue of Marie Claire France. Check out all the stunning shots at the first link below.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Capture Service, Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals, Expendables, Winnebago, Van Services

Jesse Laitinen on Mink Management Website
Marie Claire France
Steven Pan shoots Drake's Manager Oliver El-Khatib for GQ

New York photographer Steven Pan came to Toronto to shoot Drake's manager and OVO founder, Oliver El-Khatib, for a story in GQ Magazine about how he helped put Drake and OVO on top.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Crew, Van Services

GQ Story
Steven Pan Website
By the Booth produces spot for Vineco Wine Kits

Garus Booth, of By the Booth Productions, produced this spot for Atmosphere, a new line of premium wine kits by St. Catharines based winemaker Vineco.

S1 Supplied: Video Van Package, Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals, Expendables

Watch here
By the Booth Website
Nathaniel Goldberg Shoots for Harper's Bazaar, produced by Plutino Group, styled by Linda Evangelista

Nathaniel Goldberg was in town to shoot this amazing spread for Harper's Bazaar, with none other than the stunning Linda Evangelista. Shot in the same St. Catharines, Ontario region where Linda grew up, the model turned stylist cast model Raquel Zimmerman as a young version of herself in this story of her early days in Canada. Produced by local agency Plutino Group.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Electrical, Production Rentals, Expendables, Van Services

Harper's Bazaar Story
Nathaniel Goldberg Website
Plutino Group
Steve Wilkie shoots the fall 2016 Ad campaign for CTV News

Toronto photographer, Steve Wilkie, was commissioned to shoot the Fall 2016 campaign for Toronto's CTV News. You've probably seen the posters around town. These great shots were taken throughout the GTA. 

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Grip, Grip, Production Rentals, Van Service

  Steve Wilkie Website
What Are Your Rights as a Documentary Filmmaker? A Primer on Permission

Knowing your rights as a documentary filmmaker-and having the right forms to back them up-is the armor you need to chase the biggest stories of our times.
Check out this article that aims to help you navigate your way through documentary rights.

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The Light

'THE LIGHT' is a short film exploring our connectedness in life and death, to not only the world around us, but ultimately to ourselves.

Experimenting with the use of light in new and abstract ways and combining revolutionary tools like the new Freefly MoVI PRO, RED Helium 8K and our custom built high powered LED drone lighting system. Cool new views.seeing  

Click here to watch 
Sebastião Salgado's Kuwait: A Desert on Fire Gets Limited Edition Release

In January and February 1991, as the United States-led coalition drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein's troops retaliated with an inferno. As the desperate efforts to contain and extinguish the conflagration progressed, Sebastião Salgado traveled to Kuwait to witness the crisis firsthand. The series was awarded the Oskar Barnack Award, recognising outstanding photography on the relationship between man and the environment.

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Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

A list for PDN Pulse of recent articles about Photography and Filmmaking.

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Affinity Photo, Finally a True Alternative to Photoshop for Windows

Affinity Photo was released over a year ago on Mac OS X. Its success on the App Store definitely shows how great the software truly is. It is also proof that people are looking at different options than the traditional Adobe workflow. Until now, one thing refrained many: Affinity Photo was available only on the Apple platform. But today is a new day and the software is now Windows compatible.

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Fujifilm launches 'Pro' tethered shooting plug-in for Lightroom

Fujifilm X-T2 owners will soon be able to shoot tethered to Adobe's Lightroom image manipulation software application using a new plug-in that will be sold through the  Adobe Add-ons website . Tether Shooting Plug-in Pro is an upgrade from the existing version of the company's Tether Shooting plug-in that is now compatible with the X-T2 as well as the X-T1.

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Immersed In Lytro Immerge Light-Field Camera

The camera system is built around capturing a 3D light-field volume that allows creators the freedom to manipulate and manage all aspects of their images in post-production rather than at the point of capture. It can also be used on professional virtual reality (VR) productions with technology allowing for a level of immersion that simply hasn't been possible from any other camera in existence. Light field points to a world in which we no longer enter production with a goal to shoot for post, but rather to shoot in post after the production is done.

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Dynacore 26V V-Mount Batteries for Kino Flo Select LEDs

New to Rentals, these 26 volt V-mount Lithium Ion batteries work with high current equipment like Kino Flo Select 20 & 30 LEDs and Arri Alexa cameras. When tested on a Kino Flo Select LED, a fully charged battery will run the light at full power for 1 hour and 50 minutes! Fully recharges in 2 hours from dead. Go cordless on your next Kino Flo Select rental!

Mount w/V-mount plate & 3-pin XLR cable
Dynacore 26V V-mount battery
Dynacore Charger for 26V batteries
Dynacore 26V 2 Battery kit
Dynacore 26V 4 battery kit
1500w Infrared Heater - heat objects not air

Winter is coming!  Stay warm on set! Unlike space heaters these infrared heaters only heat people and objects and does not waste energy heating the air, so can be used in windy environments with no loss of heat. Perfect for production. These heaters use a standard household electrical outlet. A 5/8" receiver is mounted on the back so the heater can be mounted onto a stand.

1500w IR Heater
Studio Carts C-Stand Utility Cart

The ultimate multipurpose cart to have on set. Able to carry 20 c-stands, 2 combo stands, a variety of grip in 4 milk crates and 3 steel troughs. A foot brake and straps to hold everything on ensures everything is safe. There's even a pullout writing board when you need a surface to jot your note down on! Rent it for your next production!

C-Stand Utility Cart
Studio Carts C-Stand Cart

A simple c-stand cart that holds up to 14 c-stands. 4 spigots on the rear hold extra grip arms, heads or mini booms. Rent it for your next production to make moving unruly c-stands easier!

C-Stand Cart
More Studio Carts Muscle Cart

These multipurpose carts can sure carry their weight on set! Great for moving around sandbags, AC cable, distro cabling, apple boxes, 12K light fixtures and whatever else you need! Locking handbrake for safety.

Muscle Cart
More Honda 7000w IS Generators

Need power on location? We've got you covered! These 7000w generators are great for providing all your power needs while out on location. Super quiet and efficient. Sound levels are equivalent to a human conversation. Try it out!

Honda 7000w Generator
More Film Air Dolly track

At S1, we've added more lengths of dolly track to suit the growing needs of our clients. More 4', 6' & 8' track length now available in house at S1.

Dolly Track
I Photographed Jesus Christ's Tomb

At 7pm on Wednesday, October 26, at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, scientists and photographers Oded Balilty and Dusan Vranic were among a team of about 30 people who saw the original surface considered to be the tomb of Jesus Christ. National Geographic spoke with Balilty about his experience.

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Favorite Focal Lengths of Famous Directors

From Orson Welles to Ridley Scott, great filmmakers have developed signature styles that we know and recognize. Let's look at the favorite focal lengths of famous directors and how they made them their own.

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Loved to Death: How Instagram Is Destroying Our Natural Wonders

"Geotagging technology shows us where we are, no matter the destination. But the more we discover (and the more photos we take), the more we ruin."
Check out this article by Molly McHugh about geotagging and Instagram and how they affect the natural world.

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