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Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks. We are grateful for the wonderful harvest we've had this year, beautiful fruit with delicious flavors! We are looking forward to sharing our pears with so many pear fans this holiday season.
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The Pear Speaks:

Am thrilled to have found Subarashii Kudamono--my brother is recently returned from several years in Japan and is pining for good Asian pears. This will be a great gift (and one that I'm looking forward to sharing)! 

-  Luke, Washington DC

November 2016


Black Friday.

pear gift baskets
A trio of shopping holidays lay ahead: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday; all kicking off the spirit of giving for the holiday season.

What better way to say thanks - share fresh Asian Pears this holiday season. Take advantage of our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday shipping special! Use promo code ShopSmall when shopping at our online store to receive FREE UPS Ground shipping to any East Coast destination for our Fresh Pear Gift Boxes and any of our gourmet offerings. 

Sharing our pears with friends & family in Central US or on the West Coast? Our ShopSmall special, offers 50% off 3-Day shipping of our Fresh Pears and gourmet offerings to anywhere West of the Mississippi.

ShopSmall is valid Black Friday through Cyber Monday night.

Small Business Saturday.

small business saturday
Shop Small this Saturday and you'll be supporting local businesses in a big way.

Not only can you shop for small palm-sized pears on our site; but BIG pears as well. Visit our Artisan's Choice offering on our shop page of our website to order "jumbo" sized Asian Pears...or as we like to call them, the "family-sized" pear!

One of these sweet sumo's feeds a party of 6 to 8 people.

And remember, promo code ShopSmall for our Subarashii holiday shipping specials. Click here to learn more about Small Business Saturday.

Cyber Monday.

share pears
Give the most wonderful gift this holiday season!

Luscious boxes of our fresh, sweet, crispy & juicy Asian Pears. Hand-picked and hand-packed for you or your gift recipients.

Our many varieties of Asian Pears are the sweetest way to say "thank you" or "thinking of you this holiday season." Forklift not included.


Asian Pear Salad with Earl Grey Dressing
Since the holidays are often filled with comfy, rich and heavy dishes - this light, refreshing and beautiful salad featuring fresh, delicate Asian Pears whet our appetite.  Colorful and healthy, too!

Tempt yourself with this recipe from Bon Appetit: Earl Grey & Asian Pear Salad

Visit our recipes page for more Subarashii cuisine to create at home.

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