November 2016
Election Day is Almost Here!
Voting in Wind Point for the Fall General Election will take place next Tuesday, November 8 at The Prairie School between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Remember to bring a valid Photo ID. If you prefer to vote early, absentee voting is still available at the Village Office through this Friday, November 4.  For more information on voter registration, absentee voting and more, click here.
Wind Point Halloween Magic Show Recap

The Wind Point Halloween Magic Show took place on Saturday at the Shoop Park Clubhouse. Attendees decorated pumpkins, made crafts, enjoyed food from Danny's Meats and Catering as well as fresh apple cider from Mocha Lisa Coffeehouse. Kids and families had their photos captured in an interactive photo booth by Eventual Image with an autumn theme with several props.

Everyone was entertained by the live magic of Magician Anthony who concluded with a spectacular levitation trick! It was a fantastic afternoon of free neighborly fun and interaction. The event was organized by Wind Point Living Magazine.
Final Yard Waste & Branch Collection Dates

Yard waste collection continues every Monday through November 28. Set yard waste out in brown yard waste bags with a yard waste sticker on each bag. Stickers can be purchased at the Village Office for $1.00 each. Yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings, yard and garden debris and brush including clean woody vegetative material no greater than 4 inches in diameter; it does not include stumps, roots or shrubs with intact root balls. 

The final  branch collection date of the year is Tuesday, November 8. Branches do not need to be cut into shorter pieces but they should be no greater than 4 inches in diameter. Please pile branches in reasonably uniform piles with the the cut end facing the road.

Branch and yard waste piles should be set in the right-of-way no earlier than three days before collection date. Thank you for your cooperation and for helping to keep Wind Point nice!
Revaluation Project is Complete!

We are pleased to announce that the revaluation project has concluded and the 2016 assessment roll is complete! Thank you to residents for your cooperation with the process, and to the staff from Associated Appraisal who conducted inspections, crunched all the numbers and met with property owners.

The purpose of the revaluation was to establish new assessments for all properties to ensure they are assessed at 100% market value in a uniform and equitable fashion. It was the first revaluation in Wind Point involving both interior and exterior property inspections since 1981. As a result of the revaluation, the total assessed value of the Village decreased 7.7% compared to 2015, bringing the assessed value very close to the equalized ("fair market value") set by the state.  You can look up 2016 property assessments from Associated Appraisal's website by clicking here.

There were a total of four assessment appeals heard by the Board of Review on October 12. After reviewing evidence from each objector and the assessor, the Board upheld the assessor's valuations.

Impact on Property Taxes. Many residents have asked how the new assessment will impact their property tax bill this December. The answer depends on how much your assessment changed in relation to other properties in the Village. As mentioned above, assessments village-wide decreased 7.7%. If your property's assessment increased or decreased less than 7.7%, then your share of taxes will likely increase compared to 2015. If your property's assessment decreased by more than 7.7%, then you will likely see a decrease in your share of taxes.

Keep in mind that the amount of taxes collected will also depend on how much is levied by the various taxing jurisdictions (Racine Unified School District, Racine County, Gateway Technical College, State of Wisconsin and Village of Wind Point).

Proposed 2017 Village Budget

At the Village Board meeting on October 10, the Board reviewed the draft 2017 Village budget and recommended its approval at the upcoming meeting on November 13. The budget was prepared by staff with direction from the Personnel, Finance and Insurance Committee over the course of two budget workshops held on September 2 and September 30. The budget reflects the Village’s ongoing mission to provide high-quality municipal services at the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

Following are highlights from the proposed 2017 budget:

  • An increase of 0.7%, or $7,214, to the total Village tax levy.
  • 0% change to fees for contracted fire/EMS, garbage/recycling collection, household hazardous waste collection and public health.
  • $385,145 budgeted for renovations at Village Green Park, including playground equipment, perimeter path, open-air shelter and landscaping.
  • $122,691 for green infrastructure improvements at Wind Point Lighthouse Beach funded by EPA grant.
  • $100,400 for replacement of large plow truck (Ford F-750) with plow, box and spreader equipment.
  • No road construction projects planned for 2017; $88,798 budgeted for road maintenance work.
  • $9,475 for Imagecast voting machine as part of County-wide effort to update voting equipment.
  • 3.0% increase budgeted to staff wages; actual individual wage rates to be set by resolution of the Village Board.
  • $3,550 total increase to elected officials’ wages approved in 2015 and taking effect with new terms.
  • $30,000 increase in fines and forfeiture income and $2,500 increase to tax intercept program income for unpaid citations.
  • 3.0% increase to water utility rates.

A public hearing for the budget will be held at the beginning of the meeting on November 13. The budget will be considered for adoption that evening. To view the proposed budget, click here.

Water Rates Expected to Increase 3%

The Wind Point Water Utility has filed a simplified rate case application with the Public Service Commission that would result in a 3% increase to water rates. If approved, the increase would take effect on December 15, 2016 and would be reflected in the first quarter water bills mailed out around March 15, 2017.

The average residential customer with a 5/8" meter that consumes 1,500 cubic feet of water in a quarter would see an increase from $68.24 to $70.33 per quarter. A large residential customer with a 3/4" meter that consumes 2,400 cubic feet of water in a quarter would see an increase from $100.46 to $103.54 per quarter.

The rate increase is necessary to help the utility keep up with the costs of maintenance and regular testing. The simplified rate case is considered an inflationary type increase that helps utilities maintain rate continuity so that customers benefit from smaller, more frequent rate increases.

ACH Automatic Payments. Just a reminder that an ACH automatic payment method is available for quarterly water bills. Residents who sign up will continue to receive the quarterly postcard in the mail with information about quarterly consumption and the bill amount. The postcard will have a notation: “Do Not Pay – ACH Withdrawal” stamped on the bill. The deduction from the bank account will take place on the 15th of the month the bill is due (April, July, October, January). To sign up, complete the ACH Authorization Form and submit it to the Village Office along with a voided check (for checking accounts). Click here to download the form.

Outdoor Boat, RV and Trailer Storage

According to Village ordinance, boats, trailers, RV's and other recreational vehicles are not permitted to be kept outside on residential properties, except for during the months of April through October when they may be kept behind the house and at least 10 feet from the rear property lines. Snowmobiles are allowed to be stored behind the house between December 15 and March 15.

If you will need to temporarily keep a boat, trailer or recreational vehicle in the driveway or on your property, you may request temporary outdoor storage permission from the Wind Point Police for a period of 5 days or less. To request the outdoor storage permission, contact Wind Point Police at 639-3022 and leave a message if no one is in the office at the time of your call.

Pedestrian Safety: Be Seen! 

This Saturday night we will all set our clocks back and it be dark outside even earlier. If you are heading out for a walk or bike ride later in the day, please remember to wear reflective gear or carry a flashlight. As a matter of safety, pedestrians need to be visible to vehicles and to other pedestrians. A variety of clothing items are available with lights or reflective fabric, such as jackets, vests, wristbands, dog collars, shoes and belts. Many stores also carry reflective tape - and pick something up for Lassie while you are at it!

If no sidewalks exist on the road, it is recommended to walk facing oncoming traffic on the same side of the road as the oncoming traffic. Also, you should get as far to the side of the road as possible to provide additional space between you and oncoming cars. When bicycling, you will want to ride on the right (going in the same direction as automobile traffic).

Village Board Updates
The Village Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on October 13, 2016. The following actions took place at the meeting:
  • Approved a request from Wind Meadows to share in the cost of installing patches on Woodfield Ct. where the public and private sections meet.
  • Approved the purchase of a snow blower attachment for the tractor from Mid-State Equipment in the amount of $4,138.34.
  • Reviewed a draft of the 2017 budget and instructed staff to prepare the final budget and public hearing notice.
  • Approved the 2017 animal control/sheltering services agreement with Wisconsin Humane Society in the amount of $820.48.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 10 at 5:30 p.m. at the Village Hall (lighthouse).

Village of Wind Point, Wisconsin
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