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Pex vs. Copper Pipes
What to consider:
Copper has long been the standard in residential pipe systems, but Pex pipes are growing in popularity, and for good reason. Pex pipes are flexible, hold up extremely well to constant water use and are  more resistant to freezing or bursting.  Pex pipes can be installed quickly with fewer connections and fittings. It uses a manifold system up in the attic, or a utility closet, so to repair a leak simply shut off the water to that area of the house - no need to shut down the entire house. Pex pipes cannot be used outside, but can be used with metal or PVC piping.
Copper has natural attributes that make it a great choice for plumbing. It is resistant to bacterial growth, resists corrosion and can be used outside. Copper is safer in a natural disaster or fire and is recyclable. 
But, one of the biggest advantages Pex has over copper is price - copper can cost 3 times as much as Pex.
And speaking of cost...
What about PVC?
Jim really likes PVC. Many think that their inexpensive price means they  won't last that long, but that really isn't the case. He wouldn't have a problem having his house plumbed with PVC pipe.

To Rake or Not To Rake...
One of Autumn's more dreaded tasks is raking all those leaves. We asked Certified Arborist Matt Latham with US Tree Care - do we really need get those cleaned up?
"Yes, y ou should rake up the leaves in your yard. Leaves are blowing from everywhere into your yard, flower beds, pools, hot tubs and lodge wherever they can. Many trees have fungus and parasites on them, and although they may not be from your trees, these pesky buggers can cause problems with your yard, pets and flower beds. The perfect place to put them is a compost pile so that you can have extra good soil for your next planting project."

Your Questions - 
Jim's Answers

Leaking Outdoor Faucet
David's hose bibs are dripping and Jim has a couple of fixes to try before he attempts to replace them.

Replacing Wood Floor Planks
Bonnie's wood floor has damage in certain areas. Jim explains the process of replacing individual planks.

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