November 2016

Volume 19, Issue 4

Each day at Peace Learning Center, we have four to six programs running at Eagle Creek Park and throughout schools, businesses and community organizations across Indianapolis. Here are some great things happening:
Our professional development training for teachers and program outreach to students is growing.  Just this month, we were able to hold workshops for the entire staff of 10 schools. Youth from many IPS schools including James Garfield and Harshman were with us for a two day peer mediation and restorative circle training.
We now have 12 restorative practices volunteers who've attended two intensive training sessions. The volunteers represent many local faith and community groups who serve in our One Indy schools leading circles.
The Indiana Public Defender's office sent a team of volunteers to facilitate a day of peace education for local schools. How about bringing your group or business to learn simple peace education lessons and lead groups of kids through them as volunteers?
Mark your calendar for January 14, 11am to 3pm for our 19th Annual Peace Learning Center Martin Luther King Festival at Christian Theological Seminary 1000 West 42nd Street in Indy. Our keynote speaker, Leah Gunning Francis, recently wrote a book on her experiences with clergy during Ferguson Missouri's strife.  This year's theme is Past, Present, Future: A Journey of Racial Justice. Freetown Village singers will be performing. Power of Peace award nominations are being accepted. Check out for more information.
Remember - the only thing controlled by you is what you say and what you do. Be the change!

- Tim Nation, Executive Director


The Public Defender's Office is our Volunteer Group of the Month. Public Defender staff spent a full Friday working with youth from a local elementary school. After being trained in peace education lessons, the volunteers mentored students as they went through rotations. The volunteers were welcoming and friendly. It was clear that they cared about the youth and were happy to be spending their time with them. Many of the volunteers said they couldn't wait to come back!

To the Public Defender's Office, thank you for everything you have done for our organization. We are very grateful to have you on our team! 
As always, PLC volunteers are busy making a difference every day! Thanks to all of you who have helped support our mission to educate, inspire and empower people to build peaceful communities this past month.

To learn about other volunteer opportunities, contact Jay Horan or visit our website to complete an online volunteer application. 

Having post-election conversations with your children: A list of resources
 Lori Byrd-McDevitt - 

Each day at The Children's Museum, we're reminded of the power of children to make a difference-from the history-making impact of Ryan White, Ruby Bridges, and Anne Frank, to the inspiring efforts of dozens of Power of Children Award winners over the past decade.

The Children's Museum is a place where all children and families, no matter our differences, can learn together and from one another. Now, more than ever, is a time to build understanding and unity. If you have been challenged to find ways to discuss recent current events with the children in your life, we offer this list of resources as a starting point for discussion.

PBS Learning Media provides an article listing the " 5 Habits to Heal the Heart of Democracy," by educator Parker Palmer, reiterating the importance of our country's tradition of a peaceful transfer of power. These five habits include: 
  • An understanding that we are all in this together.
  • An appreciation for valuing our differences.
  • An understanding that disagreements can be channeled productively.
  • A sense of personal voice and ability to take action.
  • A capacity to create community.
The Peace Learning Center in Indianapolis has these suggestions for moving forward:
  • Start from a place of empathy. Show your child how to build empathy with these 7 tips.
  • Remind your child that they have many potential choices. This infographic can help. 
  • Learn how to talk to your child about being an upstander, not a bystander. Being brave and finding your voice is a good place to start.
  • Help children find ways to handle their own emotions. 
    • Show your child this video of kindergarteners describing how to cope with emotion through breathing and meditation.
    • Help children discover a peaceful place within themselves by creating mind bottles.
    • Adults and children can print and color an anti-stress mandala.
    • Practice mindfulness as a family through pebble meditation.


What: This year's theme is Past, Present, Future: A Journey of Racial Justice. Join us for music, art-making, poetry, peace games, performances by Freetown Village, the annual Power of Peace Award Ceremony and more!

When:  January 14, 2017 from 11 a.m. 3 p.m.

Where: Christian Theological Seminary
1000 W. 42nd St. Indianapolis, IN 

To learn more click here.