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Funding Your Business
Use Your IRA/401K
to Fund Your Business
If you have retirement funds that you have not yet paid taxes on, you can access those funds to capitalize a business. You can then use those funds to buy a business, for any business expense, and to pay salary!


You are in control, you decide how much of your retirement funds you wish to use for the business. When working with a company that specializes in this funding option, and follows all of the IRS guidelines, you are able to buy a business Debt Free and Equity Rich (from the rollover of your IRA/401K funds). Additionally, you'll have a new 401K/Profit Sharing Plan that you can begin to contribute Tax Deferred.
Click here to learn more about using your retirement account and other funding options that are available.
Fun Facts
Orange Julius started from a orange juice stand that opened in Los Angeles in 1926 by Julius Freed.

In 1987, Orange Julius chain was bought by International Dairy Queen. IDQ, and by inclusion since 1999, Berkshire Hathaway, owns the rights to all Orange Julius stores.

In 2012, Dairy Queen introduced the Orange Julius line in their restaurants.
The Fear Factor of Buying a Franchise




Author and Philosopher Bertrand Russell once said "To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."

Buying a franchise is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, so feeling fear is not only normal, it is entirely appropriate to the situation.

Who has fear? Everyone! Fear prevents us (most of us, anyway) from jumping out of a moving car or going over a waterfall in a barrel. Fear helps us make choices that are less likely to endanger our lives. Fear also prevents us from gambling our life's savings on a horse race or marrying someone we've known only a few days.
However, when we feel we have enough information about a subject, we can often get over fear and do things that were beyond our comfort zone.
If you are one of those people who has done your homework and found the franchise opportunity you've always dreamed of but can't seem to commit to a decision, then the final doubts you have are probably about your own abilities rather than the franchise itself.
This is where a qualified franchise consultant can help you. By assessing your interests, skills and experience, a consultant can guide you to a decision where risks are at an acceptable level and the benefits, while not certain, are well worth the effort.
The only problem with fear is when you allow it to stop you from doing something you know will make a positive difference in your life. Don't let fear stop you from reaching your goals! 
Buyer Checklist 
green checkmark

1. Work with a consultant, he/she already knows the answers to most of your questions.

2. Take your time.

3. Identify your financial goals.

4. Understand your marketplace. 

5. Compare several franchise options.

6. Attend the Discovery Day.

7.Validate information with current franchisees.

8. Consult with a franchise attorney prior to signing any documents.

9. Begin your journey as a successful business owner.

Did you know... 

One out of every 12 businesses operating today is a franchise.


What are some of the benefits to owning a franchise?

1. It's an established, successful brand.  
2. There are proven operating systems in place.  
3. Volume purchasing power. 
4. Shared experience with other franchisees. 
5. Formalized training and marketing programs to help ensure your success.

At Quest, we've helped many aspiring business owners realize their entrepreneurial dreams by matching them with their ideal Business or Franchise Opportunity.  If you're ready to take control of your future but need help finding just the right business, give us a call.  There is never a cost or obligation for our consulting services.  Below are just a few examples of the hundreds of business opportunities that we work with.

Our Business Is Helping You Find The Right Business
Flower Tent
Cash Needed: $30K
Total Investment: $70K
Total Locations: 87       
Flower Tent was founded by Tom Ansilio with the assistance and guidance of his father, Tom Sr. in 1992 with a single location in Wyoming, PA.  After having a profoundly successful Easter with the first Flower Tent location, he decided to open a second location in Kingston, PA for Mother's Day and the Spring season.  In a very short time, it was evident how much demand there was for Flower Tent.  Over the following year, Tom opened 11 locations.  In 1995, Tom's brother, Tim, joined Flower Tent and they continued to add locations every year.  By 2015, the Flower Tent had over 80 locations open in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, South Carolina and Georgia.

The objective of Flower Tent is to become the leader in the seasonal retail flower business throughout the United States.  They plan on doing this through:
  • Supplying their stores with the best quality flowers and plants at the fairest prices.
  • Helping their customers choose the best quality plants and flowers for their homes.
  • Helping their franchisees be successful in their business with training and mentoring in all aspects of their business.
  • Giving back to their communities, helping to make them a more beautiful place to live.
With Flower Tent's corporate guidance, their franchises will learn all the tools and steps necessary to become a successful part of the Flower Tent family.  At Flower Tent, "We don't just sell flowers, we sell happiness."

For more information, Click here  
Or call 800-401-9154
Cash Needed: $35K
Total Investment: $60K-$119K
Total Locations: 9                 

iDropped is a mobile device repair company that repairs damaged iPhones, iPads, iPods, Galaxy devices and laptop computers.  From charging ports and batteries to screens, a highly trained iDropped technician has you covered.  As technology advances, the company strives to adapt and continually learn, train and grow its repair centers.  iDropped is committed to providing the best service, maintain quality standards, and perform phone repairs in under one hour.  All parts also come with a one year parts and labor guarantee against any defects.

iDropped was founded in 2012 and is currently seeking franchise partners that are willing to grow with the industry.  With five company owned stores in Pennsylvania, four franchise locations and more on the way, iDropped's success is rapidly growing.

As a new iDropped franchisee, you will receive 7-10 days of pre-opening training that includes both classroom & on-the-job technical training and instruction at their corporate office, which includes their training facility that is located in Throop, PA.

Technology will forever progress forward and iDropped plans to change with the times and current trends to stay ahead of it.

For more information, Click here 
Or call 800-401-9154
Pelindaba Lavender
Cash Needed: $70K
Total Investment: $116K-$203K
Total Locations: 5     

Pelindaba (which means "Place of Great Gatherings" in Zulu)) Lavender is the nation's leading all-lavender specialty goods retail operation, with showcase stores providing a truly unique retail experience.  Fully vertically integrated, they market lavender-based personal care, therapeutic, culinary, decorative, household, pet care and gift products that it handcrafts itself, using the lavender flowers that they grow and the essential oil that they distill on their own organically-certified farm on San Juan Island, Washington.  Pelindaba Lavender has a 15 year retail history of steadily growing demand for their highly regarded and extraordinarily wide range of elegantly packaged products that are marketed to a wide range of retail audiences.

Pelindaba Lavender offers two retail models: stand alone or complimentary.  The stand alone retail model would be a 1,000-1,250 square feet store with good window exposure and high pedestrian traffic.  The complimentary retail model would be an add-on to such places like a cafĂ©, gathering place, or massage therapy location.

As a new Pelindaba Lavender franchisee, you will receive start-up support such as:
  • In-depth, hands-on training
  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiation
  • Store design & signage
  • Product display and set-up
  • Comprehensive Retail Store Operations Manual
  • Assistance with Grand Opening, special events, etc.
  • Active social media presence
With their continued refinement of their farming, distillation, production and retail operations,  Pelindaba Lavender is fully scaled up to broaden the availability of their product line and they are ready to share their experience with others wishing to enjoy the many rewards of bringing lavender in all its forms to a wider public.

For more information, Click here 
Or call 800-401-9154
Relax The Back
Cash Needed: $100K
Total Investment: $221K-$351K
Total Locations: 98                               
Started in 1984, Relax The Back Corporation is for people seeking relief and prevention of back and neck pain.  Relax The Back is the nation's largest specialty back care retailer, offering posture and back support products and self care solutions.  Their stores offer both excellent products and trained, knowledgeable associates who can educate you on how to get the most out of your ergonomic chairs, mattresses, zero gravity recliners, and more.  Their associates attend rigorous training programs on posture, ergonomics, and self care so that they can answer any question that you may have.

Since the beginning, Relax The Back has grown from a handful of stores offering a few products to a nationwide franchise, showcasing the best in ergonomic care.  As they have grown, so has their customer base and their commitment to them.  To meet their customers' needs, products are grouped into seven categories - Sleep, Office, Fitness & Therapy, Back & Lumbar Supports, Massage & Recliners.  Many of these products are exclusive to Relax The Back and its franchisees.

The health care industry response to Relax The Back has been overwhelming.  Over the years, they have formed a mutually beneficial partnership with countless doctors, nurses, and other medical care professionals.  It is this relationship with the medical community that has put Relax The Back in a unique position - that of specialty healthcare retailer.

The numbers on back and neck pain in America are staggering, and they demonstrate an incredible need in the health and wellness industry.  If you're ready to take advantage of the wealth of opportunity this need presents, now is the time to consider franchise ownership with Relax The Back.

When you choose Relax The Back's health and wellness franchise model, you tap into a huge market of people who have a pressing need to invest in solutions that work.  In addition to helping customers achieve pain-free lifestyles, you're building your own wealth and achieving your financial goals.   Relax The Back offers an opportunity for people to own and operate a successful business and help people live better lives.

For more information,  Click here 
Or call 800-401-9154
Firo Fire Kissed Pizza
Cash Needed: $250K
Total Investment: $461K-$1.5M
Total Locations: 1                                

Firo Fire Kissed Pizza offers a unique dining experience unlike anything else.  When you come in for a fire-kissed pizza and gelato made from the highest-quality, freshest ingredients, you get to experience their authentic Tuscan atmosphere, friendly service and great prices.  Unlike most pizza places, they don't skimp on the quality of their ingredients.  Their sauce is made from crushed tomatoes that are imported from the San Marzano Valley of Italy which have a naturally sweet flavor.  Their dough is made from scratch that was allowed to mature for 24 hours before turning it into the perfect pizza, and their gelato ice cream is made fresh everyday with the same recipes and ingredients that you would find in Italy's pizzerias.


The growing pizza restaurant industry is an incredible $39 billion in size offering some of the best franchise opportunities available.  Capitalizing on the trend in custom made pizzas made in hot-fired ovens with artisan ingredients, Firo decided it was time to improve upon the status quo: provide guests with the variety, taste, and quality that they crave, in a warm and welcoming environment that is different from the typical "pizza-factory" chains.

Firo Fire Kissed Pizza has set their sights on opening more locations and bringing a better pizza experience to everyone across the country and are  seeking savvy entrepreneurs to join in the growth.

For more information, Click here
Or call 800-401-9154
Master What is an Area Representative or Master License?
Some franchises have opportunities known as Area Representative or Master Franchise Licenses.  An Area Representative License involves the development of a geographic region that can be as small as a single city or as large as an entire state; while Master Franchise Licenses are normally reserved for the development of an entire country.  You purchase the right to develop a designated area and share in the franchise fees and royalties with the franchisor.  You work closely with commercial real estate agents, business brokers and consultants in the development of your area.  The investment needed to secure an Area Representative or Master Franchise opportunity can start as low as $150K depending the franchise, the size of the population and the geographic area.
For more information, Click here  
Or call 800-401-9154
Master This Month's Featured Resale
Mr. Appliance - Washington, UT      
Opened October 2011
2015 Gross Sales = $441,000

Most franchise systems offer resales.  To find out what's available in your area, send me an email with your city, state, and zip.
If you would like to learn more about this month's Featured Business Opportunities or have questions about business ownership, you may contact me directly by calling the number below. 

Dave Struck 

Dave Struck


Quest Franchise Advisory Group
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Our Business Is Helping You Find The Right Business


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Big $avings for  U.S. Veterans
As a way of saying "Thank you" to our Veterans, many franchise companies offer our Veterans discounts on franchise fees ranging from 10%-50%. Some also offer discounted royalty fees of up to 50% for your first year in business. Call us and we'll be happy
to match you with a participating franchise.