Volume 11  |  November 4, 2016
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Hope and Purpose Ministries has been very busy these past few months with events, television appearances for Deacon Oney, our International Outreach programs, and our Urban Evangelization work.  Below are some of the highlights.
For Hope and Purpose Ministries evangelization does not stop at our borders but goes beyond the United States of America to the four corners of the world.  Currently, we are working on three International Outreach programs.

1.  We are currently raising funds to build the Hope and Purpose Center in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. 

This initiative is to offer support to the local East African community, and to the Sudanese women and children who are fleeing their homes in South Sudan that is in the middle of a civil war.  Most of these women are widows with children who have nothing–they had to leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs to save their children from the devastation that was happening all around them. 

This will be a place of refreshment and short-term relief for those in need; especially those from the South Sudan who have come to Uganda—85% of whom are women and children. 

We have seven trained team members in Kampala, Uganda working at this time.  In February 2017, we will be traveling to Uganda to begin work on the permanent structure for the Hope and Purpose Center; a place that will offer hope and support to the community with assistance for the basic necessities like fresh water and food; as well as, a place for spiritual refreshment. 

2.  Our second International Outreach program is in Fort Portal, Uganda.  In the field of education, we support 400 children; some of whom are suffering from AIDS, at a local school by providing school supplies and assistance with school fees as there is no public school system in Uganda.  We are working to try to provide some basic playground equipment for the children because this is non-existent there.  Many of the children have no parents as HIV/AIDS has devastated many families in this community.

3.  Hope and Purpose Ministries is also working with the Kumba Diocese in Cameroon, Africa.  We are purchasing 20 acres of land to grow palms as a way to create jobs and create entrepreneurism to bring money into the economy.  The acres will be divided and the workers will become entrepreneurs and have a way to support their families.

If you feel called to support our International Outreach efforts or our other domestic outreach missions, please consider donating to our ministry.  To learn more about how you can donate, please visit our website.

The 2016 National Leaders’ and Ministries’ Conference will be held November 4-6, 2016 at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel.  The theme of this year’s conference is Mission Mercy.  Deacon Larry Oney will be one of the speakers at this year’s national conference for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal National Service Committee.  

Revival at the Historic Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Baltimore, Maryland December 1st to 3rd. 
As part of our Urban Evangelization efforts, Deacon Oney will be leading a revival and we invite all to join us.  During this time of upheaval and tensions in our inner cities, Hope and Purpose Ministries is committed to bringing Hope and Purpose to parishes and helping to build strong Spirit-filled communities.    One of the main intentions of Hope and Purpose Ministries is to provide hope to the urban population.  This group is often marginalized and forgotten by the world–underappreciated for the gifts that they bring to the Christian table.  In an effort to offer encouragement and to help heal the broken-hearted in our urban communities, Hope and Purpose Ministries serves through offering anointed teaching and preaching and holding revivals to being these communities together to try to heal the wounds of years of strife and neglect. 
EWTN's Franciscan Presents
Deacon Larry Oney will be appearing on EWTN’s Franciscan Presents with Michael Hernon, Dr. Regis Martin, and Dr. Scott Hahn.  Deacon Oney’s episode will be a discussion on his latest book:  Preaching Jesus in the Time of the New Evangelization.  This episode will air:

Sunday, November 6th at 9 PM CT
Thursday, November 10th at 4 AM CT
Saturday, November 12th at 3 PM CT  

EWTN's Bookmark
Deacon Larry Oney will appear on EWTN’s Bookmark with Doug Keck, president and COO of EWTN.  During this episode of Bookmark, Deacon Oney and Doug discuss Deacon Oney’s book, Amazing Grace Overcoming Race.  Deacon Oney shares his faith journey with the viewers and talks about how God’s grace changed his life.  Race relations in the United States is a topic that is difficult to discuss; however, through his book, Deacon Oney is sharing how God’s grace can and does change lives and helps to build bridges between communities.  This episode will air:

Sunday, November 6th at 8:30 AM CT
Monday, November 7th at 4 AM ET & 4:30 PM CT Saturday, November 12th at 12:30 PM CT

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