Students can benefit from the medical, dental, and behavioral health services offered in full service school based health centers.  This issue features the Tooth Fairies of the Hartford Public Schools, and the policy work needed to keep oral health at the forefront of health discussions.  Schools are now required to display posters with resources to help youth access the DCF Careline for abuse and neglect.  Read about the problems teens face when they stay up late, and why schools should measure chronic absenteeism rates.


School based health centers are on the front-lines of children's health, and as we approach the start of the legislative session CASBHC will be advocating with you and for you.  Save the Date for 2 events: SBHC Advocacy Day at the State Capitol on April 26th and the CASBHC Statewide SBHC Conference at the Heritage Hotel in Southbury on May 5th. 

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The Tooth Fairies of Hartford Public Schools 
"Since 1960, Hartford Public Schools has run a full-service dental clinic. It now reaches 17 Hartford Public Schools, via school-based clinics and a much loved mobile health van dubbed the Molar Express. Helping to coordinate the clinics are two tooth fairies: Jill Quast and Donna Patane."  Read More>>>
Oral Health Update 
"Much has been written about the importance of good oral health on overall health and well-being; yet, oral health has not always been at the forefront of health policy discussions." 
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Abuse - Neglect Posters Required in Schools
Approximately 7,651 children are abused or neglected each year in Connecticut and many children suffer in silence. PA 16-188 (effective 7/1/16) mandates posting of the DCF Careline number in schools so children and youth know about the available assistance. Schools must post the information in a conspicuous location and in various languages that are appropriate to the school's population.
School based health centers help protect vulnerable children to ensure their safety.  You can access and print copies of the posters here.

Teen Night Owls Struggle To Learn And Control Emotions At School 

"Researchers wanted to know more about the associations between the amount of sleep students get, how sleepy they are in the daytime and a brain function known as self-regulation - the ability to control emotions, cognitive functions and behavior."  Read More>>>
5 Reasons Schools Should Measure Chronic Absence 
"How do you judge how good a school is? Test scores? Culture? Attendance?"
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