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Not Another Boom
by Marc Cheves, PS
Excitement is growing for the new year. Regardless of where you stand politically, there is new-found hope that progress with much needed infrastructure spending and the expansion of small business-friendly policies in Washington will support renewed vitality in the land surveying sector. These issues effect the lion's share of our readership. 

Some will call it pent-up demand, but I see it as a natural return to what made our country great: jobs. And while I have no evidence to back it up, one industry acquaintance told me he'd heard that an additional 30 percent of small businesses would have gone under if we had continued with the current administration's policies. 

Some are saying that surveying is dead. For sure, I think this is nonsense. Even if technology has reduced the number of surveyors needed, and opened up work that always required a surveyor to non-surveyors, the fact remains that if something is being built, a surveyor is generally required. If we have a decent construction economy, I firmly believe there will be a demand for surveyors.

Monthly USofAZ Meeting
This month's meeting was
Friday, November 18
at Bowman Consulting.

In addition to regular business, 
J. Keith Maxwell called in to lead us in a discussion about last month's feature article 'Why the Hell are you Surveying So Cheap?'

Missed this meeting?

Join us in January on Friday the 20th in person or via conference call, for a FUN and informative gathering!  

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HalfMoon Education Inc Presents
Boundaries and Easements

Presenter: Noel J. Hebets and 1 more
Seminar Date:
 January 12, 2017
Seminar Location:
 Phoenix, AZ

Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix North
2532 West Peoria Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85029 
Phone:  602-943-2341

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USofAZ would like to thank our friends and colleagues at Cooper Aerial for their generous sponsorship and wish them a HAPPY 50th Anniversary!
Wednesday, November 15th, members of USofAZ visited Top Golf in Scottsdale to enjoy some good company, food and drinks and even hit a few golf balls.

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December: Holiday Party at the Groh's

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