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November 2017
A Note from The FILCO Executive Team:
November and December are the two busiest months of the year for the employee benefits broker and the past few years have seen this time of the year exponentially become busier in the tri-state region.  ACA, carrier withdrawls, redefinition of small group, and so much more has created numerous changes in our marketplace.  All of these changes and carrier withdrawals leads to employers needing answers to questions and strategies for their employee benefits package and this means opportunities for the prepared broker.  FILCO has expanded our broker resources to provide you with all the materials you need to grow your benefits book of business.  In addition to the white glove service our team delivers, we redesigned our website, compliance library, industry calendar & blog, and also launched new technology for our brokers.  
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Please note FILCO offices will be closed on Thursday November 23rd and Friday 24th. 
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2018 Small Group Medical Plan Overview

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One in 10 Americans have diabetes - that's
more than 30 million people. And another 84
million adults in the United States are at high
risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Discover Your Risk in 5-minutes!

Carrier Highlights 

Do not forget to get appointed with Oscar, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to sell one of the hottest new products. 

Plan Spotlight: Gold EPO plan with a "Platinum feel"
·       $0 deductible
·       0% coinsurance
·       National PPO BlueCard
·       $25 PCP
·       $10 telemedicine
·       $50 specialist, acupuncture or chiro
·       $75 urgent care
·       $300 ER and ambulance  
·       No charge for lab-work done within office or freestanding (contracted w/both LabCorp and Quest)
·       No charge for X-ray performed at office and only $50 at freestanding
·       No charge for DME
Special Enrollment/re-write: Empire is allowing groups to enroll December for one month and then a term/rewrite into a new 12 month January 2018 policy. Follow the guidelines outlined below.  This will allow groups to take advantage of the new 2018 plans!
  • Enroll the December policy via SALES portal as usual (all tax docs, etc.)
  • Separately, send your Sales Account Executive 2 things in an email:
    • A new signed quote for the January enrollment (via SALES portal)
    •  A one-page doc or PDF (signed by either the group or broker) stating:
    •  Group's name and EIN
    •  Summary of the desired plan changes (incl. contract codes)
    • Date of communication and new renewal date
    • Email subject header should say: "[GROUP NAME] [GROUP EIN] [DEC/JAN PLAN CHANGE]"

N ow available Horizon NJ Rates for both Horizon POS Platinum and HMO Platinum 1st quarter 2018.

Year-end sales promotions! Take a look at these great benefits for both your clients (reduce fees) and broker referral bonuses.

Over the next few weeks discontinuance notices will be sent out to employer groups and policyholders.  Remaining groups will receive their discontinuance notifications on a rolling basis.

PEO Update

Please be on the lookout for amazing new updates, Broker bonuses and critical information you need to know about PEOs in our upcoming PEO blast next week!
Contact Colleen Visconti FILCO's  knowledgeable PEO Sales Manager (732)-704-5079
Specialty Department Update 

Nippon Dental plans 

List of some of the features of Nippon Dental Plans:
* Aetna Dental® Administrators Network: Access in 50+ states 169,000 available dentist
* High-end plan designs: NEW! 100/100/100 In & Out-of-Network with 90th UCR
* Implants covered (10+)
* Composite (white) Fillings covered on posterior/anterior teeth
* Rollover Included
Click Here for Rates

Nippon now offers Eye Med Vision

Eyemed vision plans are now available to groups with 2 or more eligible employees and can be offered as a standalone product starting at 5 enrolled. With one of the largest networks in the country your clients will have no problems finding a chain or private practice in their area.

Click here for more information 

 Contact FILCO's specialty team discuss opportunities and strategies for your clients and prospects 
New Business: Andrew Guarini, direct line (732)-704-5073
Existing Business: Christa Wilson, direct line (732)-704-5074

Senior Care Update 

Medicare Open Enrollment Ends on December 7th!

Medicare's Annual Election Period to change, switch or drop your current Medicare Advantage or Part D Prescription plan ends next month, however it's not the last chance to make a change. Medicare Advantage members also have another chance to drop their plan and go back to original Medicare. Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period starts on January 1st and runs through February 14th. Members can terminate their Advantage plan at this time and then purchase a Medicare Supplement and/or a Part D Standalone Prescription plan.  

Donut hole shrinking for Part D Prescription Drug Plans.
In 2018 Medicare Part D recipients will enter the coverage gap stage of their prescription plan if the full cost of their drugs reaches $3,750. At that time the member enters the coverage gap or "donut hole" and pays 35% of the plan's cost for covered brand name drugs and 44% for generics until their total costs reach $5,000. At that point, they enter the catastrophic stage and pay a small copay or 5% of the cost of the drug. This is down from 2017 when brand name drugs in the "donut hole" cost 40% and generics cost 51%. While this is good news, your clients may still be eligible for further help based on their income. Click here for the NY EPIC 2018 State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program guidelines to find out who is eligible.
Reach out to your FILCO Senior Care Representative to learn more about selling Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription plans. We look forward to hearing from you!

FILCO Senior Care Team
Cheryl Dickscheid:(646) 658-6921 |Michael Friedman:(347) 738-6846 | Howard Roth:(646) 658-6915

NAHU Update

On Friday, November 3 the House approved 5 more years of financing for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Due to provisions in the bill that cut funding for the ACA's Public Health Fund, increase Medicare Part B and D premiums and repeal an ACA 3 month grace period for non-payment of premiums, it is likely that this bill will be held up in the Senate. If the Senate does not accept this version of the bill, then a committee will be formed to work on the differences.
On Thursday, November 2nd the House Republicans released their Tax Reform proposal. It did not include any changes to the employer exclusion of health insurance nor does it repeal the ACA's individual mandate as originally suggested.
On Tuesday, October 31st the IRS published Notice 2017-67 which provides guidance to employers on the requirements for providing Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA). The notice covers a wide range of issues surrounding implementation and compliance as well as tax rules that impact both the employer and employee. The IRS will be accepting comments on this notice until January 19, 2018.
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