We thank our Valerius Elementary Fourth and Fifth Grade students for sharing their Encouraging Words and beautiful display of artwork. May these words serve as a reminder and inspiration for us all.

  • "You are stronger than your doubts."-Valerius 4th grade student
  • "Life is tough, but so are you!"-Valerius 4th grade student 
  • "Birds don't just fly, they fall down then get up."-Valerius 4th grade student 
  • "In a world filled with hate we must still dare to love"-Valerius 4th grade student
  • "You can do it! If anyone can, it's you. It happens today!"-Valerius 5th grade student
  • "You are important. You are loved."-Valerius 5th grade student
  • "Every day is an opportunity to be yourself. So be who you want to be and let nobody tell you who you have to be."-Valerius 5th grade student
  • "You are kind, you are unique, you are special, because you are YOU!"-Valerius 5th grade student
The vision of the Urbandale CSD is “teaching all and reaching all” which includes welcoming all students, supporting all students, and believing in all students. We do this knowing that no two students are exactly the same; each student has her/his own unique gifts, abilities, challenges, and talents. Ultimately, our role is to help students discover, define, and develop their natural aptitudes and passionate pursuits on their journey of lifelong learning. 

A significant part of a student’s academic growth is impacted by a student’s social and emotional well-being. All students move at their own pace along the continuum of mental health and well-being depending on events and circumstances in their lives. For students facing behavioral or emotional challenges, we provide additional support for them by helping students learn the content of their classes, improving students’ connections to school, incorporating family and community support in the educational process, and promoting students’ social/emotional growth.

Our Coordinator of Student Family and Community Services and our Facilitators of Family Outreach (FFOs) provide many of these services. We’d like to share more about the outstanding individuals in each of these important roles and welcome you to contact them. Continue Reading
Cybersecurity is a topic that is increasingly top-of-mind for businesses, organizations, families, and individuals. It’s not unusual for us to learn of a data breach or an email/social media phishing scam on a regular basis. As our collective use of technology continues to grow and expand, so too do the threats of cybercrime.

When faced with a topic such as cybersecurity that is dynamic, agile, and seemingly evolving by the hour, it’s not unusual to be uncertain where to start as the topic can feel overwhelming. This is why we’d like to share two resources for you to consider when ready to learn more about cybersecurity. While we share these two resources, please know that there are many valuable resources available and these are just two of many for your consideration.

Stay Safe Online by the National Cyber Security Alliance

Cybersecurity by U.S. Department of Homeland Security

  • District Calendars (1-page quick-view calendars; remember 'Late Start Wednesday' dates noted with blue boxes for grades K - 5; noted with * for grades 6 - 8)

  • Flyer Hub (flyers for community activities and events)
Educational Equity Statement
No student enrolled in the Urbandale Community School District shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in the District’s programs on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, religion, marital status (for program), ethnic background, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age (for employment) or socio-economic background (for program). The policy of the District shall be to provide educational programs and opportunities for students as needed on the basis of individual interests, values, abilities and potential. There is a grievance procedure for processing complaints of discrimination. If you have questions or a grievance related to this policy please contact the district office at 11152 Aurora Ave, Urbandale, IA or call 515-457-5000. The district’s Equity Coordinators are Dr. Keri Schlueter, Coordinator of Student Services, schlueterk@urbandaleschools.com , Mark Lane, Director of Human Resources, lanem@urbandaleschools.com and Crista Carlile, Director of Teaching and Learning, carlilec@urbandaleschools.com .