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Springfield, MO 65806
Phone: 417-883-3277
Fax: 417-883-3393
Toll Free: 800-241-9759

Visit our website at: www.ciusgf.com 
Including (but not limited to):   
-General Contractors (residential or commercial)
-Metal Erectors
-HVAC Contractors
-Custom Home Builders
-Cell Tower (erection, service and repair)
-Swimming Pool Contractors

-Beauty Products
-Beverages (incl. alcohol) 
-Electrical Parts
-Gun Accessories (holsters, scopes, etc.)
-Machinery or Machinery Parts
-Die Casting
-Metal Goods
-Auto, Bus or Truck Parts
-Cable or Wires
-Conveyor Belts
-Plastic or Rubber Goods

Send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today for a quick and competitive quote!
We can help!  "Rumor has it" several preferred markets are withdrawing from this class, but we love hotels!  

Be it a " Dude Ranch," Motor Inn, Resort, Tourist Cabins, or any other form of lodging establishment (regardless of the amenities being offered), we want to be your "go to" on this class! 

We can consider hotels of all shapes and sizes! 

Call your underwriter today for an app,  or send your completed submissions to  newbusiness@ciusgf.com. 
Why CIU for Personal Lines?
Even though our name is Commercial Insurance Underwriters, we DO want you to think of us for your hard to place Personal Li nes risks!!   
We understand that we are not your first thought for nice risks that fit your standard markets.  (And actually, if we receive a submission that is too clean, we wonder why it is coming to us!)  But sometimes losses occur, and when they do we realize some of your valued customers may no longer be acceptable to your standard carriers.       

And that's when we  can help!!  Our underwriting philosophy is to offer higher deductibles and/or rates (when warranted based on the loss history, and/or other factors).  And we never intend to keep a risk more than a year or two... our goal is to help them "get healthy" (avoiding additional claims) for a few terms, and then you can place them back with your standard markets.     

Send your applications to personallines@ciusgf.com  and let us  provide a quote for the difficult personal lines business on your desk today!

Although often overlooked, this is an important coverage that can offer your clients for an extra "layer" of protection.  

Appetites are broadening and prices are falling on this product all the time; so be sure to ask us for an Excess quote to offer your customers!  
We can offer Excess on endless classes of business... everything from Contractors to Homeowners; Lessors Risk accounts to Technology Professionals; and much, MUCH more!  
Send your Excess and/or Umbrella submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com for a quote today!
We have a NEW market for your Auto Dealers & Auto Service/Repair Risks!
If you have not tried us on this class in awhile, you may want to give us another shot!

We have several markets for this sort of risk, but our newest market has
very competitive rates, and no minimum rating units (for dealers).

We can include: 
-Garage Liability 
-Scheduled Auto Liability
-Fire Legal Liability      
-Uninsured Motorist/
Underinsured Motorist
-Personal Injury Protection    
-Medical Payments
-Dealers Physical Damage
-Auto Physical Damage for scheduled units
-Garage Property
...and more!

Call 800-241-9759 today to discuss your specific risk(s); or send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com
"Notable Dates" for the month of Nov:
Happy Birthday to:
Andrea Mitchell (on Nov 22nd)
(We are thankful for YOU!!)
Commercial Lines:  
Directional Boring Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $2,500 dedt); $350k Prop TIV (w/ $2,500 dedt) $1mil Excess (over GL and AL); and $1mil Inland Marine (w/ 1%, subject to $5k minimum dedt).  $200,000 annual payroll. $36,540
For-Hire Trucker- $1mil CSL AL, $100k UM/UIM, $1k Med Pay; $25k Cargo ($1k dedt); $36k Auto Physical Damage ($1k dedt). 500 mile radius.  1 power unit & 1 trailer.  Hauling grain & other agricultural commodities.  $10,840
Fitness Center- $1mil/$2mil GL. $275k Prop TIV.  $40,000 gross receipts. $2,690
Construciton Project Manager- $288k Inland Marine. $5k dedt. $3,085
Manufacturer/Distributor of alarm/monitoring system for sump pumps, septic pumps, and ponds- $2mil/$2mil GL (w/ $2,500 dedt); $80k BPP.  $450k gross receipts. $9,970
Commercial Property Owner- 6 locations (either tenant occupied LRO or vacant).  $6.2mil TIV (w/ $5k aop/$10k wind/hail dedts). $26,035
Commercial and Residential General Contractor- $1mil$2mil GL (w/ $5k dedt); $15mil gross receipts. $29,000
Subcontractor for the US Government that specializes in clerical support- $1mil/$2mil GL (incl H&NO Auto). $1mil Excess (over GL/H&NO Auto).  $12mil payroll. $46,500
For-Hire Trucker- $1mil CSL AL (incl H&NO Auto); $100k UM/UIM; $100k MTC (w/ $1k dedt); $259k Auto Physical Damage (w/ $1k dedt).  500 mile radius. 11 power units & 43 trailers. Hauling non-alcoholic beverages, food products, lumber and misc. construction materials. $54,720
Renovation Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $1k dedt). $900k cost to insured subs; $110k payroll. $14,360
Personal Lines:  
DP1- Tenant Occupied.  $550k TIV.  Prior mold loss. $4,730
Monoline Flood- Owner Occupied.  $78k TIV. $500
HO3- Primary Dwelling.  $279k TIV. Prior large fire loss.  PC 10.   $2,460
HO3- Primary Dwelling.  $371k TIV.  4 losses in the last 3 years. $2,704
HO3- Primary Dwelling.  $355k TIV.  PC 10. $4,160
HO3- Primary Dwelling.  $315k TIV.  Multiple large losses.   $2,091