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As winter arrives, it's time to get comfortable in the studio and plan some get-aways to warmer climes. There are several new workshops planned for 2018. I look forward to seeing you in the coming year.
- Joe Paquet

New Work

Superior Mills, Duluth Hills   18" x 24"   $8,900   SOLD
Bordello with Elevator   8" x 12"   $3,400
Rust and Reflection      8" x 12"   $3,400   SOLD
"A" Mill with Brooding Sky      8" x 12"   $3,400
Industrial Plumage      8" x 12"   $3,400
There is so much talent out there today. With the profusion of studio schools & ateliers quality training opportunities abound. Yet so much of the work amounts to well executed but often-soulless picture making.  
Why is that?
Add to this the power of social media and popularity by committee.
The combined weight of others opinions and successes can overrule our own.
Add to this the impatience for result and acclaim.
So we try and fast track our journey by supplementing our own organic search by substituting the solutions of others. We cobble together a quasi- idea of ourselves by wearing the clothes of others.
The collected result of this can lead to short-term acclaim but degrades the concept of originality on an industrial scale. So, here's to self trust and courage in finding an authentic vision. 
Delacroix said, "The student should develop well and naturally like fruit on a vine." 
May your work be organic and in season.


Lake _ Rail Elevator _24_000
Lake & Rail Elevator     24" x 30"     $24,000
Americas Industrial landscape
Plein Air Painters of America
Tweed Museum of Art
University of Minnesota Duluth
Sept 19 - Nov 12, 2017
Finally a show tailor made for my obsession with American industry and all things rust.  I am excited to be part of this exhibition with friends from the Plein Air Painters of America.
Hope to see you there.

Ojibwe Sunrise     28" x 40"     $24,000
Fleeting Moments: Works en Plein Air
Nov 17 - Dec 15, 2017
American Legacy Fine Arts
Pasadena, CA

Wisconsin Primaries     28" x 40"     $24,000
Evening, Salinas Valley     18" x 24"     $8,900
Looking for Tom Joad     8" x 12"     $3,400
Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale
Red Carpet Reception: January 3, 2018
Show run: Jan 6-21, 2018


Northern Expanse     28" x 40"     $24,000
Western Art & Architecture Magazine
Article: A Record of Industry by Rose Frederick

Online Critique / Mentoring

For those of you who wish to improve your skills and fine-tune your personal vision this could be what you need to work toward your own brand of extraordinary. You can choose a single critique or 5-Hour Mentoring Block. If you need a boost in moving forward or a tune-up with a fresh perspective this is for you.

Workshops 2018

Catalina Island, California
5-Day Plein Air Workshop

Monday - Friday, January 15th - 19th, 2018   
This is truly the ideal destination workshop in the month of January.
Catalina Island offers an amazing array of subjects with ease of access. During this five-day workshop we will delve into the prismatic palette and how to capture the unique qualities of each day on canvas.
All levels are welcome.

You will be given a great deal of individual attention tailored to your level.
See you on the sand.

Cost: $875

Portland, Oregon
7-Day Studio Workshop:
The Big Idea
Creating a Large Painting in Studio

Saturday - Friday, February 17th - 23rd, 2018
Hours: 9am - 4pm (1-Hour Lunch) 
This will be my fourth time teaching this highly-effective class. You will have the opportunity to implement a workable strategy for approaching a large work successfully indoors. Daily lectures will take you from concept to finish while making sound, personal choices.

Oregon Society of Artisits
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon 97205
Hours: 9am-4pm (1-Hour Lunch)

Cost: $1,200

Grand Marais, Minnesota 
Grand Marais Art Colony
5-Day Indoor Workshop
Composition and Design

Monday - Friday, March 26th - 30th, 2018
Hours: 9am - 4pm (1-Hour Lunch) 
Lake Superior Taconite
Lake Superior Taconite    28" x 40"     SOLD
This five-day workshop is sequential and exercise-based.
Good Design & Composition can be learned.
Through the sequence of line, tone and color you will explore the benefits of Balance, Unity, Variety / Interest & Contrast.
At the end of the week you will have created your own textbook to take home.

23rd Annual St. Paul, Minnesota
3-Day Summer Plein Air Workshop

Friday, June 8th - Sunday, June 10th, 2018

This workshop is ideal for those who would like to be introduced to working with a prismatic palette from life or for those who want a refresher to start off their Summer painting.

Cost: $600

Madeline Island, Wisconsin Madeline Island School of the Arts
5-Day Plein Air Workshop

Monday - Friday, July 9th - 13th, 2018
Hours: 9am - 4pm (1-Hour Lunch) 
Splintered Hemlock    28" x 40"     $24,000
This will be my 5th year teaching on this lovely and unique Island.
This is a great destination workshop. There is plenty of variety to paint and Charles and the staff do an incredible job keeping you comfortable at the School. The facility is top notch.

This workshop will introduce you to the Prismatic Palette and its use in helping you capture the myriad light effects you are faced with when painting en plein air.  Correct use of the Prismatic Palette will help you judge values, using warm and cool tones to bring things forward and to push things back, and to depict light and shade, and to describe the type and time of day.

The first day, I will lecture and paint a demo explaining my process. The rest of the week will be spent outdoors painting my favorite Island locations. Students can expect to paint two images daily - one in the morning, and another in the afternoon.

Key factors such as rhythmic-connected drawing, underpainting, creating a profound sense of atmosphere and effectively using greens will be discussed.  I will work with you individually at your easel to address compositional and color issues, and will provide careful critique.

Note to students: Teaching is tailored to your level so all levels are welcome. My only requirement is that you enter the class humble to nature and open to new information.



Superior Mills, Duluth Hills    18" x 24" - SOLD
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