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Hey heeeeeeyyyyyy!

So, we've had April showers, May flowers, June Blooms throughout the hours. And while the sky cannot hide July's pride, as rockets glare throughout the air; soon will be the season for reason. As the kids get out of the pool and gear up for back to school, We want to keep you cool, make sure you're no fool, as the sun spirals down the spool and falls in to a September to remember... it's quite the juke but don't get spooked, October fluked and left a trail of blood, led straight in to a dome of catacombs fit for a flood of masked angels covered as ghouls running through your streets and the halls of your schools. Fit for the dead or the living, the taking or the giving. But the real trick to the treat is to know when it's a win or just a defeat. Or is it how you choose your meat? Turkey or honey ham? November says it's whatever you can. Just be grateful and follow the plan. So thank you! But all these things and their circling keep coming around back to one thing... what's the nature in all of us and the nature we trust and the nature we must  call our home. 

Speaking of Mother Nature... her many creatures are all a chime, and if you stop to listen you'll find there's plenty to hear; for the  sounds are lush, if you don't rush and let the sun tickle the tops of your right ear, where so much as even a leaf cannot hush. 

Science has researched and, at recent, come to the remarkable conclusion that plants communicate with one another! They convey an assortment of information, regularly and in various ways. From alerting their neighbors of herbivorous gorgers, to menacing viruses, looming droughts, and they can even recognize kin! The transmitted information shared between plants helps them adapt and grow to their best potential. 

One way greenery's messages are conveyed is through airborne chemicals (VOCs) that trees and plants release in to the wind. They also talk through the ground via fibrous fungus that garnish their roots; purposively molecules are either transported from an outer liquid film, or passed from cell to cell within the roots! Any plant knows it takes a Fun-Gi(guy) to hear all the good gossip ;) It's even being suggested and further studied that plants may broadcast through ultrasonic sounds, singing songs to one another about ancestral heritage and folklore. lalala de da deda ¯\_( )_/¯
Wait! So Trees CAN talk! Well, we're just waiting to hear word so we can go ahead and repress some  If These Trees Could Talk  LPs... in the meantime, scope the store for a chance to buy the last personal and Daddy Distro copies of the S/T & Above The Earth, Below The Sky" 2xLPs, which is a TEEEEEEEST PREEEEEESSSS (*o*) ...hmmmm... wonder what the topic of discussion is when The Four Trees get to talking (maybe we'll find out more on that below)....

If These Trees Could Talk "S/T & Above The Earth, Below The Sky" 2xLP

Every tree has its roots and you can really feel the body of energy from the roots within these timeless records... and we hope to repress them sooooon!

A tree's roots not only send and receive signals but also happen to nourish one of the most grounded creatures on earth; the Cicada nymph.

It just so happens that while moving some large rocks around my grandma's house - to help with irrigation - stumbled upon a periodical cicada nymph. Cicadas have been a thing and have had multiple unique interactions with them and they even have felt like little reminders of Charlie. So, seeing one in it's nymph stage was unbearably fascinating. Created it's replicated environment and observed it for a time, but you should never really keep a nymph from its natural state unless you can truly dedicate the proper time to it. It seemed intrigued and unafraid of the interactions and it was a meaningful moment that was gratefully had. As a result, learned way too much about Cicadas... now you may learn some as well :)

So, American Cicadas are mainly summer arriving creatures; due to the temperature rise in the earths top soil. The most common is the "dog day" Cicada, who mark the arrival of the "Dog Days of Summer" and when the helical rising of the star Sirius combines with the Sun's light, thus rising heat waves... so too do the sound waves rise. 

Hot days turn to cool nights filled with roaring drones of the dog day cicada's chants. Take a listen HERE But it's not just the hymn of the Cicada that calms the parched.  As the days get hotter, equity makes the nights feel cooler...

The spiraling upswing of the star Sirius was appointed as the reason for the rise in temperature; via ancient superstition. They also associated the emerging star with a time/season of bad luck; probably because of droughts and failing crops. But, just as hotter days are balanced by cooler nights, the symbolic bad luck of Sirius is balanced by the Cicada's symbolism of protection from bad luck, and its symbolism for rebirth, and immortality.

But even the Cicada's vary within themselves and are categorized by differing 'Broods'.

Periodical cicada's far differ from the annual cicada, where as we hear the prayerful song of the annual cicada' each summer, some periodical cicadas remain below the surface for 13 to 17 YEARS. Cicadas only emerge to mate and the theory to why various  broods  emerge all at once and at different times from other  broods  is that they are trying to preserve their bloodlines. By differentiating the length of time each type of cicada brood takes to arrive above the surface, they are able to limit the chances of one brood of cicada breeding with another brood of cicada. But, brood VI remains burrowed in a womb of soil, down, clinging to roots, crawling on their bellies for much longer than any other brood. They remain below the surface for so long until some sort of a clue guides them in. They feel the changes coming; feel the outside turning in, and start digging through, to clear the way by stepping through the shadow of the world below and coming out the other side. They'll cling to the first tree they find where they'll cocoon themselves in a hardened shell; metamorphic wings just ahead of them. When the temperature is right, they'll soften their old armor, examine the tree they've been clinging to, shed their skin, wait for their new evolved form to harden in the sun, then they'll take flight in search for the one they'll mate with. 

Was that to blatant a 46n2 reference? ;)

Remaining below the surface for so long, Brood VI has another attribute that separates them from their 'dog day' cousins. As their metamorphosed bodies harden in the sun, they turn black, as apposed to the annual cicada's green outer shell. Also, probably from having a longer life in the dark, they developed very distinct red eyes, where the annuals have black eyes. It is these red eyes that clearly identifies them.

But, enough of the babble, the more relevant reason for the cicada subject are those red eyes...
...got us thinking about our own RedEye. So if you've been seeing red lately, chill out and shade those irritated peepers with a pair of Mylene Sheath sunglasses, because like the Cicada, a RedEye is a good thing around here... red specs = green checks :) aka, Redeye Distribution checks ;) haha - s o stream, download and buy the Sheath catalog constantly, please and thank you :*

Sooo, to show our appreciation to our distributor Redeye Worldwide, we had some cool new shades made in time for the elevated sun rays of summer and the RSD Summer Camp that happened last August in the Big Easy, n'awlns, Nola...
We kept some aside for y'all as well, so if any of you think the Sun has been overly prominent lately, here's some cool shades to keep you covered, just please don't drive in them. Seriously! Haha 

But yeah, we ain't throwing shade! Check it...
Kana from Waterloo Records in Austin, TX knows what's up! Get shaded!

So we hereby declare that every 10th order from now until Tuesday gets a free pair of Sheath shades! Or, if you spend over $100 you get some specs too. Because if you happen to spend $100 and aren't one of the 10th orders, c'mon, we obviously wouldn't letcha down :)

Furthermore, if you take a pic of yourself decked out in the shads and post it on instagram using hashtag #sheathshades - we'll enter you in a raffle to win some free jams from our store! 
Alright, lets keep moving... 

split 7" series!
Whawhawait!...What says you?! Heiress?! Preorder?!?! Yep! So the time to unleash the vinyl versions of the upcoming Heiress split 7" series is now upon us! We recently released for distribution a CD containing material from past albums plus all the Heiress material that radiates across three split 7"s that we now are making available for preordering direct from us. Investigate such by clicking HERE

Oh, and go on and bang one of the new tracks over at the Decibel Magazine website RIGHT HERE! These three 7" splits come housed in letterpressed jackets by Demian Johnston (the genius who also designed the Of Great Sorrow package and makes glorious noisey racket with his band Great Falls and has a 'lil bit of a history in other luminaries such as Undertow, Nineironspitfire, Kiss It Goodbye, Playing Enemy, Akimbo, et al.). They come wrapped in obi-strips and they are freaking gorgeous! Each obi-strip was assembled by hand, one by one, by Heiress' very own Wes Reed and each varied vinyl record was inserted to it's corresponding home in-house by the two of us... so every copy received will have already been touched with much mad love <3 Check 'em out...

Split 7" w/ Earth Control (Sheath060):

Split 7" w/ Great Falls (Sheath061):

Split 7" w/ GRVR (Sheath062):

Again, you can check out all of the details about this one RIGHT HERE! Go ahead and grab you some, these will be shipping very quickly! <3  

The Four Trees 2xLP
10th Anniversary Reissue

Four trees only wish they could resonate such a sonance as the apprized album The Four Trees. Whoa... it's hard to believe it has been 10 years since this badass mo'fuffa came out! It still doesn't sound as if it has aged a day, this 2xLP is about to get the special decade anniversary treatment :) We're going to switch back to the original LP artwork (sorry, classic purple CD cover... your day on vinyl is sure to come eventually) but have elements of it spot-glossed over a matte finish. Shiz gonna look epic! We thought about it, pictured it, and then wondered why the hell we hadn't thought of it at the onset. Ah, the benefits of wisdom. If you're wise, this album should be in your top ten, and you'll be even wiser if you snag this deluxe edition. As for the vinyl colors, we won't be disclosing them until the pre-order begins, but the most limited color was chosen by Matt Szymanski. He's probably got the most complete Caspian vinyl collection we've ever seen, so we asked him to pick a color - and he picked an awesome one!

Anywho, this will be coming up soon, stay tuned for more info (and that doesn't mean email us twice a day! But you can, if you want...)  <3

Vinyl Reissues

And while you're staying tuned, keep one's eye wide for this as well. Just wanted to let everyone know that these are  still happening. Just sorting artwork and waiting for the chaos of the Universe to sort itself out and open up the next trajectory. We receive emails about this all the time, so we just wanted to reiterate that these  will be happening as soon as it all becomes ready :) Keep the faith!

Once them stars align, you better be ready, cause the scope of the Universe will always prove to be far beyond anything you could try to perceive and thus too Jakob shall bestow upon you the splendors of the refrain :)

Cyber Monday Sale!

We'll be doing our annual Cyber Monday Sale again this year, so please check back on the site this Monday to catch some great deals and some rare & OOP goodies <3

Bandcamp Sale!
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So, that's going to do it for this long overdue newsletter. We would have hoped to have not come off as so absent lately, but life has its way of being life. But maybe if you allow its unfolding to take its own form you'll find it takes you where/how you're supposed to go; through a metamorphosis designed to turn you into what you are to become. The hard part is allowing it.

Like how finding a cicada nymph unfolded into a synergy between nature becoming music and music becoming nature. The heart becomes the soul and the soul becomes the heart.

Bless all of your hearts and souls as we journey through these various holiday seasons. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for continuing to follow the spiral with us.

Now, please enjoy this Black Friday night Heiress preorder RIGHT HERE! They turned out beautiful!

Love y'all, see you Cyber Monday!

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Lindsay & Joel