November 15 , 2017

HRSW 2016
Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems has been quite busy this summer and fall. We are excited to report that we are "getting out and about" a lot more, doing a great deal of hands-on work with clients to help them create a culture of health, train wellness champions, and take well-being to the next level (#projectnextlevel).This newsletter has a lot of information so be patient and please give us a couple of reads.

COMING JANUARY 2017! SPECIAL PREVIEW ANNOUNCEMENT: OWLS will be conducting a training-of-trainers in collaboration with a new certificate from National Wellness Institute (various CEUs available). 
Now you can become a competency-based trainer in  "Resilience & Thriving: The Secret Power of Stress." Training starts January 31st. Stay tuned.

More clients are using OWLS to "build a healthy culture from the inside out."

Since 1994, we have used a process consultation model of "Discover > Design > Implement" with all our clients. In 2004, we started bringing more evidence-based tools into this consultation. To find out how we can help you, please contact Dr. Brittany Linde:


After months of development and testing, OWLS is ready to provide demonstrations of iLinkWell™ to prospective clients. 

iLinkWell™ uses evidence-based assessment tools, integrating them in a gamified environment for well-being campaigns. Customize assessments and resources for stress, mood, substance use, diet, and other topics to engage employees. Watch this demo video and contact Dr. Brittany Linde for more information:


More organizations are using Rx Prevention! 

In these past few months, we have trained trainers in different health agencies in our Resilience and Health Consciousness model in Reno, Nevada; Richmond, Indiana; and Derry, New Hampshire. Access recent interviews and tools here.

Dr. Bennett's keynote address to the National Wellness Conference (June, 2017) co-presented with like-minded professionals who shared their own story about wholeness; introduced a new wellness tool, and described the evolution of the wellness field. Access the program, tools, and more here.

In October, we presented at the HRSW Conference in their "Risk Management" track. We reviewed national surveys pertaining to increased mental health risks, described ways to better promote EAP and related services, and identified competencies that allows HR to maintain needed neutrality, resourcefulness, and compassion.  To receive a copy of this presentation, contact Dr. Linde at

In collaboration with the American Council of Engineering Companies, OWLS has written about the importance of in-house (local) activities for wellness champions. We also presented this slide deck to the 2017 Health Enhance Research Organization Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Brittany Linde and Dr. Joel Bennett presented to a standing room only session at the  It's Time Texas Health Summit (November, 2017), as part of the conference track on "Teaching Healthier Every Step of the Way." We shared workshop tools to help lead a more balanced and healthy lifestyle that is not burdened by time pressure. To learn more, receive a demo, contact Dr. Linde at

Dr. Gale Lucas was lead author of "Reporting Mental Health Symptoms: Breaking Down Barriers to Care with Virtual Human Interviewers" published in   Frontiers in Robotics and AI, this past month. This paper describes 2 studies supporting the conclusion that virtual human interviewers can increase service members' disclosure of mental health symptoms.

Dr. Brittany Linde and colleague's paper "Dissemination of the Brief Alcohol Intervention in the United States Air Force: Study Rationale, Design and Methods" was accepted for publication by   Military Behavioral Health, a research journal. The paper describes a universally implemented Brief Alcohol Intervention (BAI) administered across four major United States Air Force Technical Training sites for the past six years.


OWLS attended this ground-breaking conference in June (Fort Worth) that covered a variety of topics: SBIRT, Integrated Care, State System Innovations in Addressing the Opioid Problem, Multi-Cultural Standards, Suicide Prevention, and Trauma Care. Download many presentations here .


Dr. Bennett will be presenting on "When Wellness Hits the Wall: How to Address Stress, Depression and Substance Misuse." Download the brochure here.

Dr. Bennett will be keynoting on resilience, mindfulness, and related topics.   Register here  or email

6th Annual Wellness Conference sponsored by the Tampa Bay Healthcare Collaborative and Wellness Council of Tampa Bay. 
Dr. Bennett will be keynoting and providing a workshop on Opioid Use in the Workplace and Health Consciousness. More information coming soon.


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