Our Common Bond
Why is it that Vets will talk to other Vets, but sometimes find it tough to relate to civilians? I suppose the reasons are many. For me, however, it simply comes down to service. Not the obligatory “thank you for your service” message we hear around Veterans Day, but the drive to serve. It’s the need for a higher purpose that unites Veterans.

On Veterans Day, I was invited to deliver the keynote address at the Great Lakes National Cemetery, the honor of which I did not feel worthy. I struggled with finding a message because so many of my military brothers and sisters did more than me, served longer, sacrificed more. But, then I thought about our Volunteer corps and the message became clear.
Kate with Senator Debbie Stabenow at the Great Lakes National Cemetery Veterans Day Ceremony
We were trained to serve our country, and that looked different for each of us. But, every one of us chooses to continue our service through the higher purpose of Buddy-to-Buddy. Whether you spent 5 minutes talking with a Veteran over coffee, or 5 months working with a Soldier in an Armory, your service continues. Whether you are certain your help set a Veteran back on the right path, or whether he never called again and you wonder if you made a difference, know that you did. Your service continues and what you do matters.

Welcome home, brothers and sisters, and thank you for continuing to be men and women of purpose, intent to continue in service to our military family.


Kate Melcher
Program Manager
Volunteer Veteran of the Month
Edwin Johnson was our Volunteer of the Month for October! A practicing attorney, Edwin has become a trusted resource and expert for Veterans seeking aid from the program for legal advice or assistance in the year that he’s been a Volunteer. He says, “The military saved my life. I know these kids come back from serving and are struggling, and if I can help them, that makes me feel good.” Read more about Edwin...
Month in Review | October 2017
Number of service members and veterans assisted from January 1 to October 31:

2017 : 738
2016 : 709

Top interaction log submitters in October:

Steve Alguire - 28
Mark Reynolds - 13
Jon Luker - 12
Carl Underhill - 11
Richie Roberts - 7

Most events attended and logged in October:

Alfonse VanHese - 3
Mark Reynolds - 3
Fred Turk - 3
Thank you for taking the time to submit your logs and using the website to communicate with us. These submissions are key in helping us continue to serve Michigan’s veterans.
This Month's Training Anniversaries
The following volunteers are celebrating their training anniversaries with the program this month: 

Five Years!
Craig Hannar
Bill Petraitis

Four Years
Steve Alguire
Paul Clement

Three Years
James Robinson
Brook Thompson

Thank you for your service! 
Tuesday Support Call Now "Office Hours"
Due to low attendance on our Tuesday, Noon-1 pm Weekly Support Calls, we are changing how we do things during that hour. Now, instead of dedicating that hour for a formal support call with guest speakers each Tuesday, one or more of our staff will be on the same conference line number used for the support calls, available to answer any and all questions you may have. Simply dial into our conference line, 641-715-3640, code 490260 , and ask staff for help with anything you may need.
You are, of course, always welcome and encouraged to call B2B staff members with questions you may have, whether it's during this newly designated "Office Hours" time period (Noon-1 pm every Tuesday) or not. Please note that our Weekly Support Calls every Monday from 5-6 pm will continue as usual.
Program Merchandise for Sale
As the weather starts to cool off and you switch to warmer clothes, don’t forget that we have men's and women's hoodies, vests, and long sleeve shirts for sale! If you’d like to look these items over, along with other merchandise items available for sale, visit Ivy Promotion’s website . If you’d like assistance placing your order, please call Jamie Majer here at B2B, (734) 998-5824, and she will complete the order form with you.
Save the Date for the 2018 Volunteer Recognition Event!
Mark your calendars! Our 2018 Volunteer Recognition Event will be held at the Yankee Air Museum in Belleville on Saturday, April 7 . We will send more information as the date gets closer. It will be an event not to be missed!
Interested in Representing Buddy-to-Buddy at an Event?
Would you like to represent Buddy-to-Buddy at a veteran-focused event in your community? Do you know of an event that you think someone from Buddy-to-Buddy should attend? If so, contact Outreach Coordinator Nathan Cross at crossna@umich.edu or (734) 998-5827. 
Buddy-to-Buddy Pics
Jon Luker, Richie Roberts, Nate Cross, Gabe Gallias, and Jerry Otten at Buddy's Pizza in Ann Arbor on Veterans Day
Bob Short with actress Ann-Margret in Washington D.C. at a ceremony honoring the Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer Maya Lin
Kate Melcher and Nate Cross with Fisher House Michigan Director Dan Patrick
Jamie Majer and Cassandra Parks at the University of Michigan Veterans Week Luncheon
Dennis Patrick and Ron Springer at the Lansing Veterans Day Tribute
Buddy-to-Buddy is part of Military Support Programs and Networks (M-SPAN), a portfolio of military mental health programs within the University of Michigan Depression Center.
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