C o m m o n   C o n v e r s a t i o n s
November brings a mix of emotions for both students and families. As final exams are around the corner, students begin to feel the academic pressure of course completion. It is important for your student to know FAU has the resources to assist in the completion of their Fall coursework. Encourage your student to seek tutoring assistance, participate in stress less programs, and plan a study schedule in advance. Before they know it, winter break will be here and they will have a few short study weeks to refresh before the spring semester.  

Office of Parent and Family Programs
Dean of Student's Office, Division of Student Affairs
Parent and Family Helpline: 1-888-328-8411
H o u s i n g   R e - c o n t r a c t i n g
Room Selection and Re-contracting for 2018-2019 is Nov. 1 - Dec. 1

Housing and Residential Life offers priority room selection to residents and current students who complete their Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 housing contract between November 1 and December 1.  During this time, students can select their own space and roommate. If your student has not completed their contract and selected their room for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 it's not too late, they can apply online .  For additional information about on-campus living, please contact the main housing office at 561-297-2880, visit the housing website or email
P a r e n t   I n v o l v e m e n t
The Owl Parent Association will be hosting Spring Fling Weekend, Feb. 2-3, 2018. 
T h i n g s   t o   C o n s i d e r   i n    N o v e m b e r

Does your student enjoy football games? Encourage them to show some school spirit and come watch the FAU Owls play against the FIU Golden Panthers.

Is your student an international student searching for career advice? Encourage your student to come down to the Same-day Career Advising for International Students. The event is every Monday and Thursday in the month of November from Noon to 4 p.m. and is free for FAU students. Your student will meet with a career consultant for a career advising session. It's an excellent opportunity for your student to receive help with their resume, cover letter, interview skills, and other job tools.

It is never too early for your student to learn about graduate programs. Encourage them to attend the Preparing for Graduate School Workshop on November 15 from 10 - 11 a.m. in General Classroom South.

Does your student sometimes forget to refuel between study sessions? Encourage your student to attend the Study Break Breakfast at the S. E. Wimberly Library. This event will provide a free breakfast to all students who attend on December 5 from 9 - 11 a.m.

Sometimes the end of the semester can bring stress. Is your student feeling stressed over finals and could use additional stress management tools? Encourage them to visit the Relaxation Station provided by Owls Care Health Promotion on December 5 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

U n i v e r s i t y   A d v i s i n g   O w l s o m e   C o r n e r
University Advising Services (UAS) helps your student develop and implement an academic plan for success at FAU.  Our advising program is based on the Appreciative Advising model, which is the intentional practice of asking positive, open-ended questions that help students optimize their educational experience and achieve their DREAMS, DESIGN a plan to achieve those dreams, and make necessary changes to ACHIEVE their goals.  The advisee and advisor are partners, and below are a few tips on how you can be an APPRECIATIVE PARTNER with your FAU student.

Advance Registration for Spring 2018 began on October 30! 

Suggestions for Being a Parent/Family Partner In November
  • DesignBe aware of FAU important dates and reinforce the opportunities to make a connection to academic advisors and coaches.  
Success Network Resources  |   |   561-297-3064
 Marsha Saddler  |  |  UAS liaison to  Parent and Family Programs
I m p o r t a n t   D a t e s 
Nov. 13: Winter break housing contract is available
Nov. 17: Last day to drop or withdraw a course without receiving an F
Nov. 18: FAU vs. FIU Golden Panthers
Nov. 23-26: Thanksgiving recess
Dec. 4: Deadline to complete winter break housing contract
Dec. 6: Last day of classes
Dec. 7-13: Final exams
Dec. 14: Housing move out for Fall 2017, except for graduating students, who move out by Dec. 15
K n o w i n g   Y o u r   S t u d e n t
First-Year Student
  • You may notice that your rather carefree student has recently changed their attitude to stress and worry. With final exams around the corner, first time in college students begin to face the academic pressure of college curriculum. Remind your student that the University is here to support them as they learn and grow. Encourage them to stop by the CLASS (Center for Learning And Student Success) Office to learn about tutoring options. Encourage them to speak to the CAPS (Counseling And Psychological Services) Office is the pressure if hard to handle alone. 
Second-Year Student
  • Winter break is only a month away, and your second-year student may have different expectations for break plans. Begin to discuss expectations whether your student remains in Boca Raton or returns home to stay with family. 
Third-Year Student
  • As graduation pressures continue to increase in the third year, many students are hesitant to discuss future plans with their families. Encourage open conversations that welcome a balance of optimism and realism. Remember that students who are passionate about their major and area of interest typically excel in coursework and find satisfying work. 
Fourth-Year Student
  • Throughout this semester, your student has been focused on planning for the future, and may have been for a while. This may be their final winter break before commencement. Encourage your student to spend their break learning about career opportunities in their desired geographical location. Begin to educate yourself on the realities of your students career interests so that you can be as supportive as possible.   

Johnson, H. E., & Schelhas-Miller, C. (2011). Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parent Guide To The College Years (2nd ed.). New York: St. Martin's Griffin.
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