November 2017 Newsletter
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Dates to Remember
Friday, Nov 10, 10am, Board Meeting, Cameron Park Bel Air Event Center - NOTE CHANGE OF PLACE

Sunday, Nov 19, 1:30pm, General Meeting, Placerville Senior Center

Linda Heath Clark
Cathy Keil
Debra Appleby
Pen Slade
Kaaren Poole
Kaaren Poole
Member Show
Julia Swain
Mother Lode Show
Gloria Vernon

The News
nov2017agiCongratulations, Agi! 

Agi Gillespie has nine of her large framed photos accepted into EDAC's "Art Partner" program.  They are currently on display in the hallway at the Placerville Senior Center and will remain there until December 8.  Then they will be at "Images of Hope"  at Marshall Resource Center in Cameron Park until February  9, 2018, and, finally, at the Placerville Board of Supervisors until April 13, 2018.  Congratulations, Agi!

nov2017partyParty Time

It's time to get your reservations in for this year's Annual Christmas "Gathering". Last year we had lunch at the Cameron Park Golf and Country Club and how fun was that? This year we are going to the Sierra Banquet Center in Camino just off Highway 50 in Apple Hill for a brunch. This is a really cool place done in the style of a log cabin. Please feel free to check out their web site: You may be surprised!
The brunch is guaranteed to be scrumptious so come hungry. 

Optional, of course, is the art gift exchange. We've had so much fun with this event in the last few years that we have decided to do this again. If you want to participate, simply bring a small, wrapped piece of original art.  We'll collect the wrapped pieces as you come in the door and give you a ticket in exchange.  During the brunch, those with tickets will participate in a drawing for the pieces.  So sharpen those paint brushes or whatever else you use and get busy.

The date is Sunday, December 10th @ 10:30 and the cost is $25 per person.  To send in your reservations, view the invitation  here, print it, fill it out, and mail it to the address on the invitation, along with your check.  The deadline for receiving your reservatiion is December 4.

Hope to see you there!

-Cathy Keil

nov2017communityCommunity Outreach
I can't believe that this year is already starting to wrap up and Membership renewals will be going out soon. I would like you to seriously consider making a donation to our Community Outreach program along with your Membership renewal. No amount is too little and, vice-versa, no amount is too great! Member donations help fund this program along with the sale of donated art books and supplies at our monthly meetings.

As you may remember, our Community Outreach Program connects us to the Placerville students. We have given, very generously, to all the local High School Art Departments as a way of encouraging art students to continue following their passion.

This year, we can't be so generous. Our funds are drying up. In the past we've given gifts of $1000 - $1500 to schools or individuals. Cameras, printers, kilns art supplies have all been purchased by our donation. This year, we can only make a gift of $500. A donation to PAA is tax deductible as we are a registered non-profit organization. Donating to our Community gives us a face, a presence in the Community. I ask you to consider making that donation with your membership renewal so that we can continue this tradition.
We thank all of you who have donated so generously to this Program. Please know that we DO make a difference! ` Cathy Keil

From the Editor
It's a cliche, but time is passing so quickly.  Here we are with the Christmas Brunch right around the corner.  As usual, although I've been eagerly anticipating the holidays - especially all those corny movies on Lifetime - I'm just beginning to think about planning for getting ready!

And one of the priority aspects of getting ready will be to make the little piece of art for the exchange at the brunch.  That's been so much fun!  So I'm contemplating what to make - there are so many possibilities! 

I'm really hoping that we'll have a good turn out.  I've never been to the new venue, but those who have rave about it.  It will be fun to try something new.  

Now, I'd better go get started on that secret project!

-Kaaren Poole
October Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm.
The Pledge of Allegiance and welcoming of guests and new members opened the meeting.
Fall Members Show:  Sorry Folk, we do not have a facility for the Fall Members Show this year.
Holiday Brunch: Our Holiday Brunch is scheduled for December 10th this year.  This year the Brunch will be held at the "Sierra Banquet Center" also known as "The Log Cabin Café". The location is Hwy. 50 and Camino. The Brunch cost is $25.00 per person.  The invitations will be sent out via email and will have a reservation form to fill out and return to PAA with a check. The Brunch starts at 10:30 am.
Paint-out: The next Paint-out will Tuesday, October 17th at Joyce Martins. Contact Vesla Greenwood for details.
PAA has open volunteer positions: Please consider volunteering for:
Membership Chair
Programs Chair
Publicity Chair
There is always help available to take on these positions and consider teamwork.
The Mother Lode Show: Gloria reports the show was a great success. The show layout and the judge all worked out well. Gloria is now planning the 2018 MLS. Donations are now being accepted in November and December for advertising the 2018 show.  New show hours will be from 10am to 4pm, we will be using "Online Entry" going forward. The Judge will be Frank Ordaz for 2018.  Ideas are being considered for the use of the side room during the show, and show sitters will be needed.  Contact Gloria if interested in helping with the 2018 MLS Show.
Donations are needed for the "Community Outreach Program" Contact Cathy Kiel.  Donated art supplies at each meeting and purchased by our members and guest are one way money is collected for the Outreach Program. If you have extra supplies, art books please consider donating them for this cause.
Our October Program featured guest was, Mike Bagdonas. Mike's demonstration was with oil, topic portraits.  
The meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm.
Debra Appleby
Placerville Art Association

November Program

Odds and Ends
Art Studio 360 currently has openings for several artists to join the co-op group.  Minimum wall space is 3" for $30 per month with an initial one-time member fee of $100.  
For additional information visit the Studio at 360 Main Street, Placerville, and/or call Joyce Bahnsen, owner, at (530) 626-3429.

Member News
Pen Slade is looking for an H-form easel with wheels and a used electric pencil sharpener.  If you have such items and are willing to part with them, either for free or at a good price, please contact Pen at

Kelly Ahola is teaching mosaic classes at her home studio.  For more information, contact Kelly at
Workshops and Shows to Enter

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