November Housekeeping

We're entering our last full month of this semester, and it's bound to be a busy one as you finish up your coursework, prepare for finals, and look forward to Thanksgiving. On top of all that, you also get to start thinking about next semester! 

On Monday, October 30th, the Spring 2018 course list was made available. There are two weeks between the arrival of the course list and the start of registration. Use this time to meet with your advisor to discuss the courses you are interested in taking next semester. Preparation is the key to beating the registration rush and getting into your classes early will ensure that you do not end up on the wait list. Registration opens on November 13th for degree-seeking students and November 20th for non-degree-seeking students.

You should also be filling out scholarship applications in your free time. Having too much money makes life at UAF a lot easier than having too little, so try to be financially prepared for next semester! Your advisor is a great resource for financial aid, as is the  Financial Aid Office !    

Important Dates and Deadlines
  • Oct. 30 - Spring 2018 course list available
  • Nov. 3 - Deadline for student- and faculty-initiated withdrawals
  • Nov. 13 - Degree-seeking students begin registration and fee payment for Spring 2018
  • Nov. 20 - Non-degree-seeking students begin registration and fee payment for Spring 2017
  • Nov. 23 and 24 - Rural Student Services will be closed for Thanksgiving!
Native Oratory Competition

Once again, Native Student Union is bringing the Native Oratory Competition to UAF! This competition is a chance to showcase your voice and win some great prizes, including a three-credit tuition wavier! It is also a great opportunity to listen to some very powerful students. 

Here are the categories:
  • Storytelling
  • Declamation
  • Poetry/Spoken Word 
The competition will take place in the RSS Gathering Room from 6:00-9:00pm on November 10th. If you'd like to compete, be sure to register before November 6th.

Positive Connection Night
Start off your weekend at RSS with a Positive Connection Night! You'll be surrounded by friends, activity, and good food!
We're hosting our monthly PCN on Friday, November 17th at 5:00pm in the Gathering Room. We'll be hosting a pot-luck style family dinner!

We Are CLA

Are you interested in the arts, humanities, languages, or social sciences? The College of Liberal Arts is hosting an open house for prospective students and those already majoring - everyone is welcome! During the event, 5 scholarships worth $500 each will be given out! 

This event will take place on Friday, November 17th from 3:00-5:00pm in the Wood Center Ballroom. 
College of Rural and Community Development Thanksgiving

Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community and Native Education Evon Peter invites all CRCD and CTC faculty, staff, and students to a  potluck luncheon on Tuesday, November 14th from 11:00am - 1:00pm in the RSS Gathering Room, 2nd floor Brooks Building. Family is welcome to attend!  Please consider joining us, and bring a dish if you can!

Thank you! Questions? Please contact Izzy at 474-5860,


PopCon 7 is this month! There will be a variety of events such as workshops, games, and a cosplay contest. There will also be vendors in the Wood Center mall during the events,  all taking place on Friday, November 10th and Saturday, November 11th. 

Click the image for an enlarged schedule with times and locations. 
Inu-Yupiaq Dance & We Breathe Again Film Screening

This month is American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month! To celebrate, the Nanook Diversity and Action Center and their affiliates will be hosting an Inu-Yupiaq Dance Performance and a film screening of We Breath Again. This event will be held in  Arctic Java from 6:00-8:00pm on November 15th! Attendance is free and open to everyone, so don't miss out on this amazing event!

Athabascan Fiddlers Festival

The 35th annual Athabascan Fiddle/Music Festival is here! Alaska Native musicians will be gathering at the David Salmon Tribal Hall on November 1st through November 4th. There will be door prizes, raffles, non alcoholic drinks, and food, all provided by the Young Native Fiddlers! 

Music will start at 7:00pm on November 1st, and 1:00pm on November 2-4. 

Frybread Sale

The Native Alaskan Business Leaders will be hosting a frybread fundraiser this Friday, November 3rd at 2:00pm! They will be selling frybread at the Brooks Building Gathering Room for $2 a piece, or $10 for six.  Come support the Native Alaskan Business Leaders and have some delicious frybread! 

Student Highlights

Michelle Quillin

Michelle Quillin is a student working on her Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. Being a student here at UAF has presented her with many opportunities to become more marketable and knowledgeable in the wildlife field through traveling and networking with other biologists. In the summers, she works as a biological science technician in Denali National Park, and during the semester she is a student assistant here at Rural Student Services! Not only does she work to support herself through college, but staying busy also helps her to stay focused, and manage her time wisely.

Aside from working and attending classes, she is currently putting together a youth program focusing on Alaska Native high school students - one goal of this program is to encourage students to go to college and hopefully become involved in the wildlife field. Michelle's advice to other students is that " life is not a straight line and it does take a while to get to where you want to be, but don't let that discourage you from following your dreams. The best view comes after the hardest climb."

Tutoring Services

We hope you're doing great in all of your classes! However, if you feel like you're falling behind or just need a little extra help, make sure you seek out a tutor.

We have tons of help on campus, at CTC, and even online! Whether you need to talk to someone about Math, English, Science, or a Foreign Language, you're covered. Visit our  tutor page  to figure out where and when tutors are available in your subject. 


Doyon Foundation 

Tanana Chiefs Conference  
The Aleut Foundation 
 Association of Village Council Presidents 
  • Must be an AVCP Region resident and have a tribal ID card or tribal verification form
  • Apply by December 1st 
  • Stop by Rural Student Services for their application!
Arctic Education Foundation (ASRC) 
  • Must be an ASRC shareholder or a direct lineal descendant of an ASRC shareholder
  • 2.0 GPA
  • Apply by December 1st
Caleb Scholars Program
  • Must be enrolled in a tribe located in Norton Sound, Northwest Arctic Borough, or Arctic Slope Borough
  • Already have completed 36 credit hours
  • Be a full-time student
  • Apply by Dec. 1st

Join a Club!

A big part of college life is getting involved in things that you're interested in. Not only do you get a chance to make a difference or submerge yourself into your hobbies, but you get to do it with other, like-minded people who have similar goals in mind. Those friendships that you create may be just the thing you need to forge ahead. Also, a ton of clubs provide free food, so there's that.

Here are some of the clubs we're involved with:

Aarigaa is a group for students to come together to learn about God, worship, and spend time with one another. 
Aarigaa Fairbanks Director: Tricia Ivanoff (907) 625-1622

Alaska Native Education Student Association (ANESA) 
ANESA is a student organization for students interested in becoming elementary or high school teachers. All students are welcome to join whether or not they are majoring or interested in this area. 
Staff Advisor:  Colleen Angaiak  (907) 474-7871

American Indian Sciences & Engineering Society (AISES) 
AISES is a student organization for students majoring or interested in the natural sciences, computer science, engineering, wildlife, mathematics, health fields, as well as students who intend to be math and/or science teachers.
Staff Advisor:  Olga Skinner (907) 474-7871

Alaska Native Social Workers Association (ANSWA)
ANSWA is a student organization for students majoring or interested in social work, sociology, psychology, human service technology.
Staff Advisor: Gabrielle Russell  (907) 474-7871
Faculty Advisor:  LaVerne Demientieff (Social Work Department)

Festival of Native Arts 
The Alaska Native Studies Department hosts the annual Festival of Native Arts in March. Volunteers are needed to assist the student-operated organization. Your energy and ideas will contribute to this successful event.
Contact Alaska Native Studies Dept, (907) 474-6889 or (907) 474-6528 

The Iñu-Yupiaq Dance Group is a student dance club that performs many Inupiaq and Yup'ik songs and dances. Everyone is invited to participate.
Staff Advisor: Minnie Naylor (907) 474-6616

Native American Business Leaders (NABL)
NABL is a student organization for students majoring or interested in accounting, applied accounting, applied business, business administration, economics, or rural development.
Faculty Advisor:  Sam Alexander (907) 474-5571

Native Games 
This is a group of students that get together to play Native games.
Staff Advisor: 
Gabrielle Russell (907) 474-7871 

Native Student Union of UAF
Group of students with intentions and ideas for a positive change in politics.  Everyone is invited to attend the meetings.
Faculty Advisor:  Charlene Stern (907) 474-5293 

Unangax̂ Language and Culture Club 
The Unangax̂ Language and Culture Club is a club focusing on the Unangax̂ (Aleut) culture to revitalize the language and share another Alaska Native culture with the UAF campus.
Student Coordinator: Jillian Bjornstad

Rural Student Services Office Hours

Fall 2017 Office Hours:
Monday through Friday - 8:00am-5:00pm

If you need to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please call (907) 474-7871 (locally) or (888) 478-1452 (toll free within Alaska).

You can also schedule online at:

Office location: Second Floor Brooks Buildling