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And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.
                                     ~ William Shakespeare

The winter holiday season is sprinting towards us, and though we promise not to put up decorations until Thanksgiving, we thought you'd like a sneak peek at how we can help make the grey days bright!

Our best gift to you this season? Great booksellers and an inventory full of fabulous and diverse books! Start at our staff picks or best sellers, but don't be shy about approaching a bookseller - the best algorithm you'll ever meet. Do you have a teen who loves science fiction and fantasy? Ask for Jo. Wonder what to give to a nature lover? Victoria has some ideas. Something for the eager young reader? Alison can walk you around the block in our kids section. In the mood for a good mystery? Talk to Susan. John and Ann love to discuss literary fiction. Tim devours history. And Jane, Brendie, Caitlin, Andrew, Rodie, and our newest booksellers, Jim and Rose, all bring something different to the table. Of course we all cross genres, too!

Indies First/Small Business Saturday will take place Nov. 25, and we'll have authors as booksellers in our store who will knock your socks off with great suggestions. 

We will also have plenty of ways to save this season. When the Pacific Northwest Bookseller Association Holiday Catalog arrives later this month, you'll find great book ideas, as well as a way to save 20% percent on an entire purchase. Our store wide Holiday Sale will take place all day December 7. We will continue to offer two Cyber Monday sales in December, on the 4th and the 11th, with 20% off for those who like to shop online -- you can pay and have the items shipped, or choose the option to pay and pick up in the store. And this year we will add a Cyber Tuesday on December 26, so you can use those gift cards you received during the holidays. Gift wrapping is always complimentary, so let us do the work for you!

Author Events and Readings
Thursday, Nov. 2, 7:00pm
Seattle author  Robin Gainey will launch her second novel,  Light of the Northern Dancers, and discuss the pleasures and perils of taking a novel to screen (The book has been optioned for a limited television series). 

"Light of the Northern Dancers is a powerful novel of a woman's journey, thought-provoking and unsettling in its authenticity and unflinching honesty. This story underscores the power of endurance to heal and inspire hope. An unforgettable read that will live in your heart long after the final page is turned."  ~  Susan Wiggs, NYT Bestselling Author
Saturday, Nov. 4, 3:00 pm
It has been nearly a year since prodigious writer  Brian Doyle came to Eagle Harbor Book Company for what would become his last public reading It was a magical evening of passion, humor, and inspiring words. Just days later Doyle received a diagnosis of brain cancer, and he died at his home in Portland, OR, in May of 2017.  But his legacy lives on, and we're bringing our community together to celebrate his life and his works. In addition, two posthumous books of essays were recently released that many of our customers will want to see, Hoop, A Basketball Life in Ninety-Five Essays, and Eight Whopping Lies, and Other Stories of Bruised Grace
We will share stories, read from our favorite passages, and encourage all to take part in this tribute to his enormous gift to the world.
Sunday, Nov. 5, 3:00pm
Join us in welcoming 10 dynamic authors from Kitsap and the Olympic Peninsula who have published short stories, poetry, and essays in a literary anthology, In the Words of Olympic Peninsula Authors

The writers will join us on Sunday, Nov. 5, at 3pm. Each will offer a reading, and all will answer questions about their stories, writing, and publishing.

Sunday, Nov. 12, 3:00pm
Arctic explorer and geologist Ernest Leffingwell did groundbreaking research in the far north in the early 1900s, and many of his discoveries still inform scientists and scholars today. In what is now known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), he pioneered research, with substantial assistance from his Inupiat neighbors, in ground ice (permafrost), determined the edge of the continental shelf, observed and collected wildlife specimens. His story is fascinating and still relevant in an age of climate change. Join us when Janet R. Collins gives a presentation on her new book, On the Arctic Frontier: Ernest Leffingwell's Polar Expeditions and Legacy  
Sunday, Nov. 19, 3:00pm
From the Pacific Northwest forests to the rugged coastal shores of California,  Dawn Again   is a remarkable memoir of exploration and survival. As a young girl, Doniga Markegard was thrown from her horse and knocked unconscious. She remembers an out-of-body experience that revealed to her the great mystery at the heart of life. Through many adventures, Doniga seeks a vision and discovers her purpose, only to find herself on a cattle ranch, falling in love and starting a family while finding new ways to use all she has learned about the wilderness and what it has to teach us.
Thursday, Nov. 30, 6:30pm
We are delighted to welcome back Vashon Island farm-to-table pioneer and chef Kurt Timmermeister and hear about his new project, Farm Food, Volume 1: Fall and Winter. 
Farm Food  is the beginning of a series, and contains photographs, recipes, and essays on life at Kurtwood Farms, Timmermeister's base of operation on Vashon. The sumptuous pictures and thoughtful musings make a rich treat for readers and fans.

Indies First/Small Business Saturday
Saturday, November 25, 2017 -  10:00am  to  7:00pm

Start the holiday season off with great fun on  Small Business Saturday/Indies First Day Saturday! We'll have authors in the store throughout the day ready to help you select some great holiday gifts or to sign their own books for you. With our partner  Libro.fm, we will be offering special digital audio book deals to every customer. And there will be hot cider, goodies, and prizes throughout the day! 

Please join us and other Island businesses on Small Business Saturday. Because buying local is good for our whole community!


May we recommend...

The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits
by Mihaela Noroc
In a world that bombards us with ideals of beauty through the media, photographer Noroc has rehabilitated that term. All women struggle with societal standards, whether they be pressures to be modest and cover up, or the reverse, to "pretty up." Noroc's portraits of women from around the globe -- from young girls to matrons, mothers and sisters; from Guatemala to North Korea-allow us to reevaluate the term by considering their lives. Each photo comes with a unique caption; making the biggest impression on me was a son's proud comment on his mother (Nepal) at the bottom of page 239. This book is gorgeous and inspiring. ~ Caitlin

Hero of the Empire: the Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill,  by Candice Millard 
Sometimes, it seems, all that's necessary to recommend a book is mentioning the author. Such is the case with Millard, who wrote Destiny of the Republic about President Garfield's assassination, and River of Doubt about Teddy Roosevelt's trip to the Amazon. In this instance, Millard recounts Winston Churchill's determination to fight in the Boer War and his subsequent capture, escape, and harrowing flight to safety.  It's an exciting account, meticulously told and, once again, a Candice Millard triumph. ~ Ann

The Grouchy Historian: An Old-time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-wing Hypocrites and Nutjobs
by Ed Asner, with Ed Weinberger 
Ed Asner does not mince words. He is unapologetic about being "An Old-Time Lefty," and he's not happy with those on the right who cite the Constitution both as God-given and as the bedrock of their beliefs. Asner examines and explains not only the original fifty-five framers of the Constitution but also the Constitution itself, the Bill of Rights, and for good measure a variety of other targets. It's a lively work since Asner presents his biases front and center, and, in chapters that are both instructive and entertaining, he makes his case. ~ Ann

Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam,  by Mark Bowden 
We all have some sense of the Vietnam War, most of us viewing it as one of our major military failures. This granular coverage of a battle that U.S. forces ended up winning in the technical sense, but losing in every other way, is riveting for its lucid play by play coverage of how our soldiers fought against a motivated enemy. It also reminds us that our military and political leaders, in nearly every sense, were in denial of the forces against us and unwilling to respond to the needs of the front-line soldiers. I hope our current military leaders will read this book . ~ Dave

Reservoir 13, by Jon McGregor   
A young girl disappears from an English village. A massive search is mounted, but the girl is never found. Seasons come and go, villagers' lives change, but all events are colored by Rebecca's disappearance. It is a simple and familiar story, but McGregor's lyrical writing adds so very much, totally drawing the reader into the lives of the villagers as the years pass. I was absolutely captivated by this story and left nearly breathless at its end. This slender novel is utterly captivating. ~ Susan

Rosie Revere, Engineer, by Andrea Beaty
Illustrated by David Roberts 
A young girl named Rosie Revere dreams of being an engineer, and with that the reader is off on a lyrical adventure following our young dreamer. Beaty's picture book, almost musical when read aloud and full of humorous misadventures, reinforces a positive message for young girls about overcoming failure and following one's passion. Beaty also features historical women related to the field of aviation, some well know and others not: Elisabth Thible and E. Lillian Todd stand side-by-side with Amelia Earhart and of course the book's namesake, Rosie the Riveter, a cultural icon of WWII. If you like this book, try the equally great follow up, Ada Twist, Scientist. Ages 5-7 ~ Caitlin

New in Hardcover Fiction
The Good People
by Hannah Kent

The Last Ballad
by Wiley Cash

by Rodrigo Hasbun
The Twelve-Mile Straight
by Eleanor Henderson
by Molly Patterson

The Locals
by Jonathan Dee
New in Hardcover Non-fiction

Code Girls
by Liza Mundy
Wild Horse Country
by David Philipps
Texas Blood
by Roger D. Hodge
by Jaime Lowe
A Force So Swft
by Kevin Peraino
Red Famine 
by Anne Applebaum
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New in Paperback Fiction
Wolf Season
by Helen Benedict
Nightmare in Berlin
by Hans Fallada
by Jess Kidd
Dogs at the Perimeter
by Madeleine Thien
To Capture What We Cannot Keep
by Beatrice Colin
Perfect Little World
by Kevin Wilson
New in Paperback Non-fiction
The Glass Universe
by Dava Sobel
The Rise of Athens
by Anthony Everitt
The Story of the Jews
by Simon Schama

Run For Something
by Amanda Litman
Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life
by Ruth Franklin
Victoria, the Queen
by Julia Baird
New Books for Kids
Small Walt
by Elizabeth Verdick
A Small Blue Whale
by Beth Ferry
The Koala Who Could
by Rachel Bright
Spirit Riding Free: L ucky and the Mustangs of Miradero 
by Suzanne Selfors
The Whiz Mob and the Grenadine Kid
by Colin Meloy
My Journey to the Stars
by Scott Kelly
New Books for Young Adults
Beasts Made of Night
by Tochi Onyebuchi
by Jay Asher and Jessica Freeburg
by Marissa Meyer
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