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Club Officer Training
Did you get elected to a CLUB OFFICER position? Congratulations!

Whether you are a returning club officer or a new officer, this training will help you learn the duties of the different officer positions in a fun, engaging workshop! We will focus on the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer positions, but other jobs will be covered too.

Club Officer Trainings are....
Monday, November 26th from 6-7:30 pm
Saturday, December 1st from 9-10:30 am
Tuesday, December 4th from 6-7:30pm

Please RSVP to Meghan by November 25th!
ACTION: Future of 4-H
4-H'ers Act Now!!!!
Dutchess County Chief Executive Molinaro commissioned a study to find out what Dutchess County Youth need to succeed!

Future county funding will be impacted by what the consulting group reports.



Sign up now!!!!!
or text your age, name and hometown to o (845) 554-5936.
Then email Jane and we can meet either at the FHC or at the summit to get our message across.
Public Presentation Activities
Public Presentation Workshops:
Nervous about doing a Public Presentation?
Hoping to polish your presenting skills?
First time presenter?
Join us for some fun, hands-on learning at the public presentation workshops being offered on Thursday, December 6th and Thursday January 3rd from 6-7:30pm at CCEDC.
Public Presentations Registration:  
It is never too early to start thinking about when you want to do your public presentation! Registration is now open for public presentation events. There are 3 opportunities for currently enrolled 4-H members to complete a public presentation; January 10th, February 14th and March 9th. All events will be at CCEDC. More information can be found here .
NEW Public Presentation Event!
This spring will feature the first SPRING FOOD FEST on Saturday, April 13th ! Look for more information soon!

New Public Presentation Opportunity
"Spring Food Festival"
This spring will feature the first SPRING FOOD FESTIVAL on
Saturday, April 13th ! Look for more information soon!
Dutchess County Teen Ambassadors - Join Us!
Next Meeting: Sunday 13th January, 4:00pm at FHC
Teens - be part of this youth leadership group. Learn lots and have fun while promoting your 4-H program and supporting the community.
Leaders - please encourage the teens in your club to sign up. 
Contact Faith for more information
Winter Wonderland Party
Hosted by the
DC Teen Ambassadors
Give a toy and have a blast!
Saturday December 8th, 6-9pm
Farm and Home Center
Everyone: 4-H'ers, family and friends
Singing, karaoke, team games, competitions, snacks, Santa and more!

So help rock the FHC and give a child a wonderful Christmas -

About Toys for Tots - and toys for older kids too!
Alison is a 12 year old who has been donating to Toys for Tots for 7 years. The toys we donate are given to local families. But, there is a problem. Many of the families had children 8 years old and older, and there just weren’t enough toys for them. There were even fewer toys available for children 12 and older. This happened for boys and girls. This year she really want to change that.

So Alison has joined forces with the DC Teen Ambassadors to host the Winter Wonderland Party and provide a fun-filled way to donate. They hope all of the 4H clubs in Dutchess County will participate. Drop toys off at CCEDC, or even better, come to the Winter Wonderland party!!!!  And bring friends.

NOTE: Toys for Tots requests new, unwrapped toys, and they do not allow Nerf guns, other toy weapons, candy or food.
If your club would like to participate, or if you have any questions, please contact Alison at tgnash99@verizon.net
Tractor Safety Course
If you are interested in participating in this course, please let Meghan know for planning purposes.
More information will follow for registration and deadlines!
Dutchess County 4-H will be hosting a National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program (NSTMOP) course
this Spring!
Youth ages 14 and up will receive a training certificate; allowing them to hold jobs on farms and legally allow them to use farm equipment. Youth ages 8-13 are welcome to participate in the classroom portion of the training (with help from a parent where needed) however they are ineligible for certification.
Veterinary Science Training for DC 4-H'ers
Interested in Medical Science?
Own and Love Animals?
Planning to Work with Animals?

Starting early spring 2019 CCEDC will be offering 4-H'ers an in-depth educational program to learn about modern veterinary/medical science. The focus of the program will be on technologies used for diagnostic and treatment purposes.
Places are limited. Youth must be 13 or older and active 4-H members in good standing.
Applicants will be shortlisted and interviewed.
Contact Jane for further details and application paperwork.
This will be a 30-hour programs where participants will get to work with veterinary practitioners and experts in the field of medical science to learn about many difference technologies in lab and field settings. It will include a real-world research project and career guidance.
The cost of this program will be approximately $90 per student to cover materials. This program is generously funded by the Dorr Foundation
Dutchess County 4-H Social Media
For Your Calendar...
Monday 26        Club Officer Training 6-7:30 pm at FHC
Thursday 1          Path to Promise Conference, 9am-1.30pm DCC
Thursday 1        Club Officer Training 9-10:30 am at FHC
Tuesday 4          Club Officer Training 6-7:30pm at FHC
Thursday 6         Public Presentation Activities 6:00-7:30pm at FHC
Thursday 3          Public Presentation Activities 6:00-7:30pm at FHC
Saturday 5          DC 4-H Horse Bowl at FHC
Thursday 10        Public Presentation Event#1, 5-8pm at FHC 
Saturday 2          DC 4-H Horse Communications at FHC
Saturday 9        Fair Review and Discussion with Liz 9-10:30am
Thursday 14        Public Presentation Event #2, 5-8pm at FHC 
Saturday 23        Regional Horse Bowl (Snow Date: 2/24)
t.b.d.                   4-H Veterinary Science program commences
Saturday 9         Public Presentation Event #3, 9am-2:30pm at FHC 
t.b.d.                  Tractor Safety Course commences
Saturday 6       Regional Horse Communication
Saturday 13       Spring Food Festival
We STILL Need More Responses!
Voluntary Confidential Survey
to collect data on 4-H family demographics.
Should you be willing to complete this survey, we will use the data to leverage funding for our programs!

To be completed by the 'head' of each household
Takes no more than 5 minutes
All information is 100% confidential
Huge potential benefits to you and the program

Rhinebeck Farmers Market 2019
Promote Your Club
The Rhinebeck Farmers' Market (RFM) is booking their community booth for 2019 dates. Please contact Andrea Bartolomeo via email at info@rhinebeckfarmersmarket.com .   The RFM offers non-profit and community groups a space in the market free of charge for one date per season, schedule permitting. The booth is to be used to inform the public about your organization and about upcoming events. Raffles and sales are prohibited, however you may provide information and direct people to where they may purchase items related to your organization. A donation box is also allowed.
And just one more final thought...
Don't forget that all 4-H club meeting minutes, advisory minutes, and independent member reports are due by the 10th of the following month. If you've fallen behind since the new year started, get your minutes in this month! And as always, please send photos and be sure to let the 4-H Office know what awesome things your club is up to!
Contact Jane Rodd             Contact Meghan                         Contact Angela
jr825@cornell.edu                   met222@cornell.edu                          acs26@cornell.edu
(845) 677-8223, ext. 105              ext. 108                                    ext. 114