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November 2018
Bringing Disability to the Diversity Table
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In this article, writer and disability rights advocate Kenny Fries asks, "What's it going to take to include disability in our future debates about diversity?"
Fries points out that in our current culture, a building to which African-Americans or women or Jews were denied entrance would cause an uproar. A scenario which clearly places people with disabilities directly in a civil rights context. So why then, in discussions of civil rights are people with disabilities often excluded. Fries argues that disability is still seen, and portrayed, as an individual's issue rather than an element of our society.  
Follow this link to read the full article, The Stories We Tell About Disability. 
What it's Like to Grow Up with a Disability
The Truth About Growing Up Disabled | Dylan Alcott | TEDxYouth@Sydney 
Dylan Alcott is a Paralympic champion and an advocate for people with disabilities. Dylan was born with a tumor wrapped around his spinal cord. In this engaging and funny TED Talk, Dylan tells us what it was like for him growing up with a disability and what he wishes he had done differently as a kid to help others be more accepting of him. (May contain strong language) 
The Rise & Triumph of the  
Defiant Lives (TRAILER)

Disability Rights Movement 

An all new disability rights workshop! We will watch and discuss the new documentary film Defiant Lives. This film tells the story of the rise and triumph of the disability rights movement with exclusive interviews with activists who have lead the movement over the past five decades. More details coming soon!
Origin of the term "Handicapped" 
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The term "handicapped" is no longer an acceptable term -- it has given way to "disabled" or "accessible" depending on how it's used. As part of our disability history, it's interesting to know how some terms developed. Many of us were told the story of people with disabilities being turned out from society and being beggars with their "cap in hand" . . . hence "handicapped." This article, and a couple others we found, tell a different story of the origins of "handicapped" which is rooted in a means of creating equality when bartering or placing a bet. Follow this link to read about the origin of handicapped.  
Do's & Don'ts: Assistance Animals  
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There is a lot of confusion about what qualifies as a Service Animal and how they differ from Emotional Support Animals. There are specific laws regarding what type of assistance animals are allowed in different places and whether an establishment can deny access to an assistance animal. Attend this workshop to learn the difference between Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals.

Thursday, November 29 | 9-10:30 AM
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