November 2018 Newsletter

As we look to 2019, NA3RsC is planning to target the VEC. That is our Virtual Educational Community. Our goal is to make the VEC be the one stop shopping place for anything related to the 3R's.

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The VEC is under renovations. We will let you know when it is time to go in and benefit from all the resources.

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Monthly 3 minute - 3Rs podcast
Co-produced with LabAnimal & NC3Rs
October Podcast
  1. Generation of Tumor-Reactive T Cells by Co-culture of Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes and Tumor Organoids.
  2. Mymou: A low-cost, wireless touchscreen system for automated training of nonhuman primates. 
  3. Practical rat tickling: Determining an efficient and effective dosage of heterospecific play. 
WIKI 3Rs Definition
Take a look at the 3Rs definitions and history at the Free Dictionary Site, Wikipedia.
Recordings & Resources
mouse and test tubes
BETWEEN 3RS: Microsampling and the Eogrts

Two important safety assessment tools are microsampling and the extended one-generation repro tox study. Both are underutilized. Dr. Alan Hoberman, Executive Director, Global Development, Reproductive and Juvenile Toxicology at Charles River Laboratories, discusses why. 
Alan also sits on the board for the NA3RsC.

Introductory video on the 3Rs with definitions and case studies.

November Organization Highlight
The Scientists Center Animal Welfare (SCAW) is dedicated to balancing animal welfare and excellence in science through educational outreach.

Look for their regularly scheduled IACUC Training Workshops as well as their 2 day Annual Winter Conference. This year it is December 2-3. Details down below in the Upcoming Meetings Section.
Collaborative Coffee Chat (3C's)
Therioepistemology and the Reproducibility Crisis

November 28

11:00 - 12:30 pm EST
This Collaborative Coffee Chat will include a review of how knowledge is gained from animal research, as it relates to the reproducibility crisis . This is known therioepistemology.

Therioepistemology was introduced in a special issue of Lab Animal with a focus on reproducibility of animal experiments. The speakers will discuss

  • Attrition in drug discovery
  • Translation of animal studies to human outcomes
  • Patterns and principles that can help to identify models more or less likely to translate
  • The six questions that every scientist should ask when planning, interpreting, and publishing a study
  • How therioepistemology will guide biomedical research to more effective animal work.

Collaborators: Kathleen Pritchett-Corning, DVM, DACLAM (Harvard University), Brianna Gaskill, PhD (Purdue), Jamie Ahloy Delare, PhD (Universite Laval)

Look forward to future 3Cs!
All events will be recorded and posted
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Call for Officers
For 2019, we have two positions to fill:

  • Vice-President

  • Treasurer

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Upcoming Meetings
Predictive Toxicology for Healthy Children
NOVEMBER 14–16, 2018
Arlington, VA

2018 Primate Welfare Meeting
November 15, 2018
Central London

The meeting is free to attend and open to laboratory personnel working directly with non-human primates.

SCAW 2018 Annual Winter Conference
December 3-4, 2018
Menger Hotel
San Antonio, TX

The Society of Toxicology of Canada 50th Annual Symposium
DECEMBER 10 - 12, 2018
Toronto, CANADA

The GLOBAL 3RS Awards Program
The Global 3Rs Awards program, a collaboration between AAALAC International and the  IQ Consortium , recognizes individuals for their significant innovative contributions toward the 3Rs of animal research to advance ethical science in academia or industry in any area of biology. 

2018 International Award Winners

Dr. Esther Rodriguez-Villegas
Dr. Kelly Coleman
Dr. Gopu Sriram
Dr. Massimo Alberti
Dr. Yuri Dancik
Dr. Bo Wu
Dr. Ruige Wu
Dr. Srinivas Ramasamy
Dr. Mei Bigliardi-Qi
Dr. Zhiping Wang
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We would like to thank the following institutions for grants which support our website and the development of our virtual educational community.  

A big thank you go out to the following institutions who will be part of the 2019 Virtual Educational Community sharing resources within the Non-Profit Community Booth space:
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2018 Officers
President: Mary Ann Brannon-Vasbinder, GSK
Vice President: Natalie Bratcher, AbbVie
Secretary: Norman Peterson, MedImmune
Treasurer: Deborah Curry, Charles River

We currently have an opening for Vice President and Treasurer beginning in 2019.  Please send your nominations to
The North American 3R's Collaborative​
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