The B e TER L e TTER
November, 2018
Volume 14, Issue 6
Director's Letter

From All of us at the BTER Foundation . . . we wish you a peaceful, joyous Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is an American Holiday - perhaps the most commonly celebrated American holiday.

It is not unique as a holiday for expressing gratitude; we have holidays to remember and express our thankfulness to veterans, laborers, parents, etc. Thanksgiving is not even uniquely American; many other nations take time out to express gratitude.

I think what makes Thanksgiving unique among the holidays is that it gives us the encouragement and opportunity to feel gratitude for everything else and everyone else (not just our selves and our history). It is not a holiday limited to a political or religious person or event; it is not a holiday limited to "us" or "our history." The beauty of Thanksgiving is that we are encouraged to feel, and hopefully express, gratitude for all that we have (whatever that may be), and gratitude for the "others" in our lives. There are few other holidays that celebrate the "little stuff," like food, water, shelter, health, friendships, peace.

At the BTER Fuondation, we are grateful everyday for the people who volunteer with us, the people who support us, and the people who come to us for assistance. We are grateful to those who simply read our newsletters, watch our webinars, or attend our courses in an effort to learn about biotherapy. On Thanksgiving, though, we are reminded to say so. On Thanksgiving, we are reminded to take the opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation. So let me do exactly that:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With Best Wishes, Always,
R Sherman (signature)
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