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Surviving the College Application Process


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November, 2018

Seniors, congratulations on submitting your first round of applications!   We've put together some tips for what do after you submit.


Application: Follow Up 


What should you do to make sure that your applications are all complete and submitted?

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Become an Application Stalker

After you submit your application, you should receive a student ID from the schools to which you applied or an e-mail confirming your submission.  Be sure to follow up and make sure that all of the pieces of your application have been received.   


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A Tale of Two Interviews

Some colleges an universities require interviews during the application process. What are some tips you should know before you interview?


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Harvard Admissions in the News

Get a glimpse into Harvard's application review process as documents from the recent discrimination trial are made public.

Financial Aid for ED/EA Applicants

We are sharing this information again this month as it is critically important to stay on top of deadlines! 
Requirements vary, and it is very important that you check and follow the policy set by each individual school. Some colleges require that you file the FAFSA and CSS/PROFILE as early as the application deadline. 


If you cannot find the information on the school website (Admissions page, Tuition and Fees, or Financial Aid page), call the Financial Aid office directly.


You are doing a great job, just keep up the momentum until all applications are submitted.



Please schedule your college needs assessment meeting so we can begin working on your preliminary list of schools. 


Sophomores and Freshmen:

Keep up your grades and decide which activities you want to delve deeper in.






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