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National Council for Aging Care Guide to Seasonal Flu for Seniors

Vaccinate Your Family
A Program of Every Child By Two

 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Vaccine Safety references

CIC's Favs:  Everything you need to know about school immunization requirements in California

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Our Mission

The California Immunization Coalition is a public-private partnership dedicated to achieving and maintaining full immunization protection for all Californians to promote health and prevent serious illness. 
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California Immunization Coalition 
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Save The Date for the   
2019 California Immunization Coalition Sum mit!
2019 California Immunization Coalition Summit  
Today's Vision, Tomorrow's Reality 
April 8-9, 2019 
Riverside, CA
Mission Inn Hotel & Spa
The California Immunization Coalition is pleased to announce the dates and location for the 2019 California Immunization Coalition Summit. You won't want to miss the 2019 Summit, always one of the most useful and interesting immunization public health events of the year. We will be returning to the beautiful Mission Inn in Riverside for a two-day meeting on April 8-9, 2019 for a program that will bring together local and national immunization advocates, health professionals and community leaders. General sessions and workshop sessions will cover effective communication strategies, outreach efforts, immunization registry updates, and successful coalition programs and partnerships.  
Watch for a 'Save The Date' announcement in your mailbox next week.  Then start planning to join immunization supporters throughout California and beyond to connect, learn, and share. Registration information along with call for abstract submissions, agenda, hotel and other important information, visit the CIC website   

Nominate An Immunization Champion
As public health advocates in California, we are fortunate to work with some of the greatest leaders and advocates in the nation. We have immunization champions working among us every day. The CIC Board of Directors encourages all Coalition partners to consider nominating your state or local champion for a CIC Immunization Champion Award. Each year CIC presents two very special awards, one to a community member and the other to a provider at our annual CIC Summit (see above)
The Natalie J. Smith Award is presented to an individual, group, or organization in California that has made an outstanding contribution in the immunization arena. Dr. Smith was Deputy Director of the National Immunization Program at the CDC; former Chief of the Immunization Branch, CA Dept. of Health Services (1994-2002); and a founder of the California Coalition for Childhood Immunizations, a precursor to the California Immunization Coalition. 
The Ronald P. Bangasser Award is presented to a practicing clinician who exemplifies the leadership, professionalism, and commitment that Dr. Bangasser brought to his work in promoting immunizations. Dr. Bangasser was a leader in the state's immunization community and instrumental in the development of the California Adult Immunization Coalition, a precursor to the California Immunization Coalition. 
For nomination forms and details, visit the CIC website.

"How to Talk about Vaccines" 
An Interactive Webinar with Dr. Paul Offit
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 
12:00pm Noon (PST)

Please see the 
webinar flyer  for more information.   

National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW)
 December 2-8, 2018 
The National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW) is a national awareness week focused on highlighting the importance of influenza vaccination.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) flu vaccination coverage estimates from past seasons have shown that few people get vaccinated against influenza after the end of November. 

CDC and its partners choose early December for NIVW to remind people that  even though the holiday season has begun, it is not too late to get a flu vaccine.  Vaccination efforts should continue through the holiday season and beyond.

Our partners at the CDC have developed a number of tools and materials for organizations across the country to aid their vaccination efforts during NIVW 2018:

We hope you will join us this year as we encourage everyone to protect themselves and their loved ones from flu this season. 

Please visit the NIVW webpage to learn more about National Influenza Week 2018 and it's related activities and tools. You can also learn more about  how to fight the flu.
Save the Date!
Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy: 
Intervening to Increase HPV Vaccine Uptake
T uesday, December 11, 2018
12 noon PT/ 3:00 pm ET 
Join the American Cancer Society and the California Immunization Coalition for a special co-hosted webinar presentation in December. 
We know that HPV vaccination is cancer prevention and we have a tremendous opportunity to save lives by improving the uptake of vaccines in adolescents.  Working together, we can make it happen.  
One of the important ways of ensuring that patients and parents have the best information about vaccines is by communicating with their physician or other health care provider. Jennifer Sienko, Director of the National HPV Roundtable will share communication strategies and tips to effectively manage questions and concerns.

Jennifer Sienko, MPH
Director, National HPV Roundtable, Communication and  Public Engagement
Voices For Vaccines
Facebook Discussion Forum & Podcast
Voices For Vaccines invites folks in coalitions to join their Discussion Forum on Facebook. Connect with them at
Did you know Voices For Vaccines has a 'Vax Talk' podcast? You can follow on their website or from your tablet or phone! For more info, check out this fun instructional video:
New Podcast on Kids' Health:
Two Peds in a Pod

'Two Peds In A Pod' is a new podcast on child health topics in plain, non-medical language. The two 'peds' are CIC's very own Advisory Council member, pediatrician Dr. Dean Blumberg and pediatrician Dr. Lena Rothstein of UC Davis Children's Hospital in Sacramento. 

Dr. Blumberg and Dr. Rothstein provide accurate information on current health issues, like teen sleep and tattoos, and explain current recommendations and policies. While the podcasts are intended for parents, healthcare providers -- and kids -- will find the discussions helpful and entertaining. Subscribe today!

Preteen Vaccine Week (PVW) 2019 
 March 3-9, 2019   

Preteen Vaccine Week (PVW) is a California observance held each winter. The goals are to promote the preteen doctor visit and to raise awareness about routinely-recommended immunizations for preteens.
Additional information can be found  here.

PVW 2019 will be observed March 3-9, coinciding with International HPV Awareness Day on March 4. PVW works best when our partners, such as schools, providers, and local coalitions, help promote it as well. Whether you're planning your first PVW or your 10th, you're welcome to participate in the statewide planning calls. The first will be Tuesday, December 4. Contact for more information.

2019 National Conference for IZ Coalitions and Partnerships in Honolulu, HI

Save the date! The Hawaii Immunization Coalition and the Hawaii Public Health Institute are pleased to announce that they will be co-hosting the 2019 National Conference for Immunization Coalitions and Partnerships to be held at the Ala Moana Hotel from November 13-15, 2019. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with immunization partners from across the country.
Watch for updates on the Hawaii IZ Coalition's website and social media sites (@immunizehawaii on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Vaccine Safety: 
& Helpful Answers

The medical and public health community strongly support the safety of vaccines. Despite the science, some people still believe rumors, hoaxes, and celebrities. Here are the questions we've been hearing, our answers, and some great resources. If you have other talking points and suggestions, we'd love to hear from you! 

Are vaccines safe?
Yes, vaccines are safe. Vaccines are given to millions of healthy people, including infants, each year and are held to very high safety standards.

What about "new" vaccines?
Every vaccine goes through years - 15 years or more -- of thorough testing before it is licensed and approved for use.

Do vaccines cause autism?
No, vaccines do not cause autism. More than a dozen studies conducted around the world on millions of children have failed to find a connection between childhood vaccines and autism.

Who monitors vaccine safety?
Several agencies and monitoring systems ensure the safety of vaccines. Once a vaccine is licensed and recommended, it is continually monitored for safety and efficacy by the FDA, the CDC, and other agencies. 
In addition, systems like   VAERS ,   VERP , and the Vaccine Safety Datalink monitor vaccine safety and conduct studies. 

For more information, visits these sites:
Vaccinate Your Family (the next generation of Every Child By Two)

New CA School IZ Regulations 
Effective 7/1/2019  - REPEAT

Changes to the California school immunization requirement regulations will become effective starting July 1, 2019.
Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, the changes include but are not limited to:
  • Requiring 2 (rather than 1) doses of varicella vaccine at Kindergarten entry, 7th grade advancement, K-12 admission or transfer;
  • Requiring 2 MMR doses and 3 hepatitis B vaccine doses at admission or transfer throughout K-12 (age restrictions are removed);
  • Medical exemptions for new admissions may be signed only by a California-licensed MD/DO; and
  • Each temporary medical exemption may be issued for no more than 12 months.
Schools can start preparing now by:
  • Recording all chickenpox vaccine doses for admission on the Blue Card or school information system; and
  • Compiling lists of (at least) current 5th grade students with no record of a 2nd dose of varicella vaccine.
The revised regulations are posted. For a version showing edits, visit Proposed Regulations - DPH-11-004 Pre-kindergarten and School Immunization Requirements.
Please check for updates.

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