November 2018
Good luck to everyone currently e njoying the competition  at  Spooky Nook Sports (love that timely name!) in Lancaster. It runs through November 4, so there is still time to collect those precious golds. For details, click the link under Lancaster Regional, below.

District 4 Officers  
small margin
Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Contact your District 4 board members.

Meyer Kotkin

Dave Kresge
Bill Bauer

Pat Civale  

Joann Glasson 
President's Message

I am on my way to the Lancaster Regional at Spooky Nook. It is still not too late to 
come and join in the fun and exceptional hospitality, especially the first ever 
Lancaster Dupli-Swiss on Sun. The full District 4 (D4) board will meet this Friday night 
in Lancaster, so if there are any issues you want the board to hear contact your 
Unit representatives or one of the D4 Board members.

Congratulations, and well done, to the 10 pairs who recently qualified to represent D4 
in the North American Pairs Championships (NAP) in Memphis starting March 19, 
2019. The NAP is a true "grassroots" competition as players first have to qualify at 
club games from June through August in order to play in the D4 NAP finals for the 
coveted right to represent D4 in the National Finals and pick up a nice stipend on the 
way. The four-session Flight A (no Masterpoint [MP] limit) final was held on 
Oct 13 -14; the two session Flight C (less than 500MP) final was held on Oct 13; and the two  session Flight B (less than 2500) final was held on Oct 27.

Flight A
Flight B
Flight C
First Place
Jay Apfelbaum (U141)
Meyer Kotkin (U141)
$1,400 Stipend
Thomas Salter (U141)
Kenneth Salter (U141)
$1,400 Stipend
John Ferranti (U168)
Malin Castronuovo (U168)
$1,400 Stipend
Second Place
Martin de Bruin (U141)
David Hoffner (U141)
$600 Stipend
Holli Mast (U112)
Stephen Mast (U112)
$600 Stipend
Rich Godshall (U141)
Kay Garrity (U141)
$600 Stipend
Third Place
Ken Chatzinoff (U141)
Bharat Rao (U141)
$400 Stipend
Larry Plotkin (U141)
Steve White (U141)
$400 Stipend
Jack Thorp (U168)
Jacqueline Granite (U168)
$400 Stipend
Fourth Place
Only top 3 finishers qualify for National final
Andrew Rosenberg (U141)
Wayne Rosenberger (U141)
$200 Stipend
Holli Mast (U112)
Angie Sykes (U217)
$200 Stipend
A special shout out to Holli Mast (U112) who qualified for both the Flight B and Flight 
C finals. Outstanding, Holli. Unfortunately, the ACBL will only allow Holli to play in 
one of those finals and as soon as I know what she decides, I will let you know.

Special thanks to D4 NAP Coordinator John Dickenson (U141), who did an excellent job coordinating all the stages of play involved in the three flights of the NAP. John thinks he has some time to rest, but after a couple of glasses of the finest sugar free lemonade money can buy, I need to put him to work on the NAP's sister event, the Grand National Teams (GNT). Start forming your teams now for the D4 GNT finals (which has four flights) in April 2019 for a chance to win a whopping $2,000+ stipend for the winning teams. You can find more info, including exact dates, here.

In 1954, President Dwight David "IKE" Eisenhower, who loved to play bridge, signed a bill to celebrate Veterans Day on November 11. Previously known as Armistice Day, November 11 is a day to thank, honor and applaud our country's Veterans who fought to preserve our freedom, liberty and inalienable rights. The words of his proclamation are as true today as they were in 1954 when IKE wrote:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, President of the United States of America, do hereby call upon all of our citizens to observe Thursday, November 11, 1954, as Veterans Day.  On that day let us solemnly remember the sacrifices of all those who fought so valiantly, on the seas, in the air, and on foreign shores, to preserve our heritage of freedom, and let us reconsecrate ourselves to the task of promoting and enduring peace so that their efforts shall not have been in vain. 

If you are a Veteran and meet me at the bridge table or see me in the halls of a tournament (or local pub), please introduce yourself so I can thank you personally from the bottom of my heart for your service. Until then, on behalf of myself and D4, let me use this article to say thank you, thank you.

Without a doubt, one of the most important rights we have as American citizens is the right to vote. Our soldiers fought and died to protect that right and the right to vote should never, never, be taken for granted. I am not advocating a voting choice or what stand to take on any public referendums but I am asking you to participate by voting. It is a no-lose play to vote your conscience.

During the last couple of weeks, our country has seen bombs sent to political leaders as well as racial, ethnic and religious hatred culminating in a mass shooting at a house of worship. I have no insights or solutions but I can tell by my correspondence with D4 players and my interactions in other groups that I belong to, that the level of fear of the average citizen is higher than any time since September 11, 2001. Whether you are religious, an atheist or an agnostic, I think we can all agree that we can join together both as bridge players and as members of all our other communities, to hope for the fulfillment of the vision of the prophet Micah that "each person shall sit under their vine and under their fig tree and no one shall make them afraid."

As always, I welcome all comments and suggestions on any D4 matters and issues. 
s and my cell is 856.986.5109.
From the District Director 
joann glasson

When you get this report, I will be playing in the Lancaster Regional at Spooky Nook. I hope to see you all there, competing and enjoying all that Lancaster County has to offer.
When I was a young player with small children, going to the Lancaster Regional was my very special bridge vacation for the year. I have many fond memories of this tournament and wouldn't miss the opportunity to attend.

The tournament has changed over the years. It was at the Host farm for a very long time before moving to it's new location at Spooky Nook, but the wonderful hospitality of the Lancaster tournament committee has never wavered.

2018 will be the first Lancaster tournament run by our new tournament chairs, Jeanne Gehret and Tom Coxey. They are filling the big shoes left by Deb and John Klinger, who were chairs of this tournament for more than twenty-five years.

Deb and John will still be at the tournament, serving as partnership chairs. District 4 owes them a great deal of thanks for all their years of service to our players.  Jeanne and Tom will provide the same wonderful Lancaster hospitality that we all look forward to - from breakfast treats to wonderful lunches - Lancaster is a very special bridge tournament.

In last May's Bridge Bulletin, then CEO Robert Hartman said: "There may be no better place to spend Halloween than Spooky Nook, where your entry fee includes a spectacular lunch onsite."

Hope to see you there!

District 4 Schedule
October 29-November 4

Honolulu, HI
November 22-Dec 2

Bala Country Club
November 19
November 12-18 
December 10-16 
Lancaster Regional
The Lancaster Regional started on October 29 and runs through November 4. There is still  time to enjoy this tournament. There's free morning coffee/pastries and lunch every day, and NEW! Dupli-Swiss on Sunday. For all the information, click here for the website.

Congrats to the NAP Winners!

Getting there wasn't as simple as ABC, but here are those who made it -- We are sure they will do our district proud in Memphis!

NAP Flight A Winners
Meyer Kotkin  Jay Apfelbaum

NAP Flight B Winners
Ken and Tom Salter

NAP Flight C Winners
Malin Castronuovo  John Ferranti

You will find a full list of winners in District 4 here and here and here.

Our Monthly Feature

The 4Spot features fantastic contributors, on a regular rotation:

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  Larry's Learning Center  by Larry Cohen:
  January, April, July, October

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For Novices Only by Marti Ronemus:
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The ABC of Bridge by Dave Wachsman:
  March, June, September, December

This month we get our tips from Marti Ronemus in For Novices Only.

Dear New Player:

            I overheard you complaining in the restaurant at the last big tournament about your trials and tribulations. You were relating how badly you played a few hands, how your partner wouldn't know what to lead if it were outlined in neon, and that someone called the Bridge Police (aka Director) on you. You were fussing that North-South got all the cards, and that these darn computer hands were awful.
            I'm sorry but I just can't work up any sympathy. If you want to hear about a REALLY bad day, read on.
            This is a True Story from the Las Vegas Nationals, many years ago. Gary and I were still under 20 MPs, but we were hooked, and all vacations were now planned around tournament locations.
            We were playing in our third session of the day. Now, I have a confession to make. I can barely get through two sessions, even now. Two-thirds of the way through the second session, I begin to lose all interest and focus. I want a snack, some gossip, a place to put my feet up, some shopping. Can you imagine how bad I am by the  third session?
            So, anyway, here we were in our third session of the day, Gary alert, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, me having an out-of-body experience. I played a hand in notrump, forgetting I was in diamonds. I passed out of turn. I spilled water on the opponents. The director was so nice. Then I pulled the wrong card out of my hand. "Director!" The director was still kind as could be, explained all the various options, and left. He should have just parked a chair at our table. Not two tricks later, didn't I do the same thing? "Director!" Same director, same kindness, perhaps the teensiest bit strained.
            I was so tired, I was having trouble seeing, and two hands later, I did it again. Everyone at the table was looking in disgust. After all, how hard is it to detach the right card from your hand and play it? This time, the call was loud and angry, and even the wonderful director had a hard edge to his voice.
            I burst into tears, left the table in the middle of the round and ran into the nearest ladies' room, crying hard. My plan was to hide in a cubicle, sneak out under cover of dark, dye my hair and skulk home. Gary would know I was gone when he saw the missing suitcase.
            Next thing I hear is my husband inside the ladies' room, calling for me. "Come out of there, Marti. Don't try to hide; I know your shoes!"
            "No! I'm  quitting this game. Everyone is laughing at me. The director was upset. Those people were smirking! I give up!"
            I heard a woman say, "Must be one of those bridge players." I heard the ladies' room attendant encouraging my husband to leave. "Marti, come out now or we'll have to forfeit! Listen, people survive parachute jumps when the chute doesn't open."
Forfeit? I did not know that was an option. It sounded pretty good to me. "I'm too embarrassed to ever leave this bathroom. Bring me food and a double scotch. Maybe I'll come out then."
            "If you don't come out right now, I'm going to rip the door off." My husband is a very powerful man. This was a real possibility. "Besides," he encouraged, "You'll never see these people again." Well, that made sense. I came out, sat down and played the next hand like a good girl. The game eventually ended, we went to the bar, I had a sandwich and a drink.
            Then we went to play in a Midnight Speedball game where we got our first red points.
            P.S. What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. The news of my misadventures beat me home. Sheesh.
Master Solvers Club

Moderator: Nick Straguzzi

While we take a look at the penultimate problem of the year, keep in mind that the 2018 finale (and the one that will likely decide the winners of the D4MSC Panelists & Solvers Challenge) is on the website, and it's a nasty bid-pass-double-lead one. 

First, click here to read the analysis of this month's problem.
Then visit the MSC website to read next month's problem and submit your answers online:
News from Around the Units 
four corners
Unit 112: Central New York
Pat Stadelmaier

Unit 112 Sectional (Waterloo)
Unit 112 Congratulates their Advancing Players!
Junior Masters
Janet Bakel, Bonita Springs, FL
Patricia Gray, Rochester
Lynn G Holter, Fishers
Carmen L Masur, Webster
Shirley Negus, Massena
Nancy Pulvino, Rochester
Dr Aaron Satloff, Pittsford
Kathryn H Wissler, Pittsford
Club Masters
Andrew Gilbert, Potsdam
Cathie Gunselman, Big Flats
Lynda Olmstead, Utica
David Peterson, Rochester
Judith Peterson, Rochester
Peter Powers, Cleveland, NY
Diane Terry, Oneonta
Sectional Masters
Pamela Cuda, Utica
Susan Lang, Ithaca
Dr Susan Manning, Hector
Janet McLoughlin, Fayetteville
Shawna Saunders, E. Rochester
Gay Williams, Sterling
Regional Masters
Mary Griffith, Rochester
Richard Griffith, Rochester
Tara Holter, Rochester
Laura Iorio, Manlius
Dr Daniel Konowalow, Lansing
David Latart, Rochester
Nicholas Nelson, Rochester
Dorothy Vents, Dewitt
NABC Masters
James Ertel, Canandaigua
Lawrence Holmes, Webster
Nancy Koch, Pittsford
Alice LeRoy, Watertown
Xiang Long, Ithaca
Gloria Rothschild, Watertown
Ann Schissel, Ithaca
Donald Yarborough, Oneonta
NABC Masters
Thomas Rusling, Pittsford
Susan Barocas, Rochester
Douglas Bradley, Pittsford
Marlene Green, Sarasota, FL
Daniel Ragland, Corning
Bronze Life Masters
Douglas Bradley, Pittsford
Rev Jan Egger, Rochester
Gary Gottermeier, Fairport
Thomas Mulgrew, Rochester
Douglas Spiker, Henrietta            
Silver Life Masters
Richard Folwell, Rochester
Jill Miller, Rochester
Lawrence Waful, Liverpool
Note to players - when you advance your rank check your email from our secretary (sandjack) for a free play!
Ruby Life Master
Everett Weiermiller, Elmira
Gold Life Master
Richard Briggs, Pittsford
Emerald Life Master
Mary Poplawski, Vestal
Join us for our last sectional of the year -
Finger Lakes Sectional
Health & Senior Services Bldg - 2465 Bonadent Drive, Suite 4
Waterloo, New York    13165
Tournament Information - Mary Miller - 585-746-9478
Jim Carroll - 315-406-1711
Saturday - November 10th - Open Pairs Two Session Event     10:30
                       299er Stratified Pairs 10:30 and 2:45
Sunday - November 11th - Stratified Open Swiss Teams     10:30 Play Through
Stratified by Average - A 1500+ B 500-1500 C 0 - 500
Stratified 299er Swiss Teams One Session 10:30
Congratulations to our October Sectional Winners -
Utica Fall Sectional Winners
AM Open Pairs 9 tables / Based on 17 tables
         Flight A           1 st Harry Nuckols - Mary Poplawski -Vestal           61.57%              
   Flight B & C   1 st John Nelson - Marc Wetmore - Rochester          60.65%
   Flight C           2 nd Debra Statton - Ornit Grossman, Ithaca              56.48%                              
PM Open Pairs 10 tables / Based on 16 Tables
         Flight A & B  1 st Kamal Gupta - Alka Gupta - Latham                                 63.66%                Flight A          2 nd Thomas Andres, Utica - Donald Dalpe, Fort Myers, FL   60.42%
         Flight B          2nd Rosemarie Mancuso - Judith Elliott, Utica                        56.25%
         Flight C          1st Pat Stadelmaier, Pine City - Angela Sykes, Endicott         54.40%                                      2 nd Debra Statton - Ornit Grossman, Ithaca                            54.17%
299er Pairs Sat Morning - 8 tables
         Flight A          1 st Debbie Carpenter - Xiang Long, Ithaca                                68.63%  
         Flight B & C  1st Joseph King, Manllius - William Le Beau, Jamesville         64.80%
         Flight B & C  2nd Doris Ernest - Angela Van Derhoof - New Hartford          64.84%
299er Pairs Sat Afternoon - 4 tables
         Flight A & B   1 st Jon Davidson, Cazenovia - Dee Derosa, Syracuse               63.75%
                                 2nd Diane Redfield - William Redfield - Utica                         56.67%
          Flight C          1st Doris Ernest - Angela Van Derhoof - New Hartford           55.42%
Sunday Open Swiss Teams - 13 Tables
          Flight A & B      Richard Hartz, Utica - Betty Youmans, Whitesboro
                                     Richard Evans, Rome - Richard Hartz Jr, Deerfield
          Flight C             Stephen Mast - Holli Mast - Corning
                                      Xiang Long - Debbie Carpenter - Ithaca
          Rochester Sectional Winners
Open Pairs - 2 sessions 17 tables / Based on 29 tables
          Flight A        1 st Daniel Boye, E. Syracuse - Douglas Ross, Pittsford           62.01%                                      2 nd Lois Sanders, Fairport - Richard Briggs, Pittsford             61.71%
          Flight B        1st Kathleen Landon, Pittsford - Sandra Stockton, Rochester  60.08%
                               2nd Dick Tuttle, Cazenovia - Tom Aridgides, Manlius            56.91%
          Flight C        1st John Nelson, Rochester - James Ertel, Canandaigua          52.48%
                               2nd Padmanabh Kamath - Edmund Reppert - Rochester          49.72%                    
  299er Pairs - 10 tables
         Flight A          1 st Coby Valensa, Fairport - Robert Valensa, Webster              62.92%  
         Flight B          1st Elizabeth Patton - James Patton - Pittsford                          59.56%
                                2nd Dee DeRosa, Syracuse - Jon Davidson, Cazenovia           58.10%
         Flight C          1st Tara Holter, Rochester - Reid Holter, fishers                       55.33%
                                 2nd Nancy Jones, Rochester - Carmen Masur, Webster           54.71%
Sunday Open Swiss Teams - 20 Tables
  Flight A & B      Bruce Toder - Diane Phillips, Fairport
                                    Barry Rudner- Barbara White, Rochester
         Flight A             2nd Jerome Weiss, Penfield - Roger Woodin, Rochester
                                   Guy Arie, Rochester - Michael Carney, Pittsford
         Flight B             2nd James Carroll, Lyons - William Port, Geneva
                                   James Ineich, Honolulu,HI - Dick Tuttle, Cazenovia
         Flight C             Elizabeth Patton - James Patton, Pittsford
                                   John Nelson, Rochester - James Ertel, Canandaigua
                                   2nd Janet Flanagan, Webster - Nancy Jones, Rochester
                                   Craig Duncan - Marilyn Mulgrew,  Rochester
Sunday 299er Swiss Teams - 6 Tables
        F light A & B & C    Andrew Tomash, Kanata, ON - Shawna Saunders, E Rochester
                                          Xiang Long - Debbie Carpenter, Ithaca
          Flight A                  2nd Susan Randall, Chocton - Toni Conaway, Perry
                                         Mary Seeman - Mary Kay Adams, Pittsford
Endwell Sectional Winners
AM Open Pairs 10 Tables
         Flight A         1 st Harry Nuckols - Mary Poplawski, Vestal                             64.35% 
         Flight B         1st Robert Sincavage, Endicott - Edward Szymanski, Endwell   62.50%
                               2nd Michael Putnam, Garner, NC - Mary Jo Whitehead, Lisle    56.25%
         Flight C         1st Gregory Liebner - Joseph Nicholson, Endwell                       49.07%
                               2nd Medardo Gutierrez, Morris - Kurt Shoenhard, Coopertown 48.38%
PM Open Pairs 10.5 Tables
         Flight A          1 st Harry Nuckols - Mary Poplawski -Vestal                               63.85%
         Flight B          1st Michael Putnam, Garner, NC - Mary Jo Whitehead, Lisle     62.54%
         Flight B          2nd Medardo Gutierrez, Morris-Donald Yarborough, Oneonta   59.87%            Flight C          1 st Jon Davidson, Cazenovia - Dee Derosa, Syracuse                 53.71%
                                2nd Richard Pille - Nancy Pille - Binghamton                             52.61%
299er Pairs Sat Morning - 5 tables
        Flight A, B & C  1 st Anne Field, Horseheads - Cathie Gunselman, Big Flats   63.75%  
         Flight A, B & C   2nd Richard Pille - Nancy Pille - Binghamton                       55.63%
Sunday Open Swiss Teams - 9 Tables
   Flight A           Daniel Boye, Syracuse - Barry Passer, Newfield
                            Roselyn Teukulsky - Saul Teukulsky, Ithaca
                            2nd Eleanor O'Connor - Richard Hurd - Freeville
                             Courtenay Footman - Lawrence Kidder - Ithaca
   Flight B & C    Patricia Jardin, Burlington, ON - Ray Noonan, Binghamton
                             Eileen Schuchman, Chenango Bridge - Alexander Jardin, Burlington, ON
    Flight B           2nd Stephen Pope - Ornit Grossman - Ithaca
                            Ellen Ryan - Edythe Krauss - Ithaca
Now that our sectionals are winding down and snowbirds are leaving to warmer climates, check out our website and visit some local games in your area! Closer games may be across state borders!
Good Luck to all of our players going to the Regional in Lancaster
Unit 120: Northeastern Pennsylvania 
Fay Pacchioli

Unit 120 is getting an update to our website.  It will be easier to read and navigate with direct links to every club¹s current month ACBL results page. Direct links to ACBL tournaments calendar and Unit calendar displaying every club¹s games and times and a web page for each club.

Bill Burns is the new Website Administer.  Bill hopes to have it up and running before the end of the year. 

Unit 120 has had a website for as long as I can remember and George Marcy kept it up and running for 20 years or more.  There are so many Unit members who have worked hard to keep Unit 120 running and keeping up with the times and most of you are unaware the job they are doing and most of the time - on a volunteer basis.  George Marcy is one of them. George not only kept the website running, but he contributed immensely to keeping Unit 120 moving ahead. When I first became a club manager and I had a question, ­I called George Marcy. If I had a problem with the ACBL site or needed an answer to an ACBL question. I called George Marcy.  If we needed a Director, I called George Marcy. And if George was not home, he always called me back to solve the problem. George gave his all to Unit 120. ­He served on the Board of Directors for many years, ­directed at Unit Party games for years and I am sure he did many other jobs for Unit 120 that I do not even know about. Even today, George is still setting up hands for clubs when preset hands are required. George stepped down from the website this year, but we all owe him a great deal of thanks for the wonderful job he did for Unit 120 and for all the work he did for its members for many years.  THANK YOU GEORGE!!!!!!!!! 

The 4Spot will have a new columnist as of the December issue. Doreese Torrey has taken on the job so please forward all your news and info to Doreese at Doreese you will remember as the former Secretary for Unit 120. I hope she enjoys doing the news as much as I did. I went from Dogs, Cats and Horses to Bridge and will miss turning out the monthly news. I am feeling just fine. Just need a bit more time off. You all can still send me your questions as I hope to keep up with what is going on in the Unit.                  


Masterpoint winners for the NEPA Fall Sectional in Wilkes-Barre October 5-7.


Friday Morning open pairs -      First in A,B&C-Barbara Berk & Lois Fuini
                                                   Second in C -  Mary Zabresky & Elle Preece

Friday Morning NLM Pairs -     First in A ­ Mary Ann Davies & Bernadine Luksic
                                                    First in B - Harold Koehler & Rita Groves

Friday Afternoon Open Pairs-    First in A/B­Larry Kemmerer & Gary Hillenbrand

                                                    First in C - Lynn Gonchar & Anne Pelak

Friday Afternoon NLM Pairs -   First in A ­Mary Ellen Petcavage & Victoria  Tarleton
                                                    First in B ­ Gerald Arcuri & Kathleen Arcuri   

 Saturday Morning Open Pairs-  First in A ­ John Schwartz & Judy Ste

                                                    First in B ­ Zachery Madden & Zachery Sch

                          First in C ­ Betsy Cutler & Elizabeth Abram
                                Second in C ­ David Forth & Gillian Chase

Saturday Morning NLM Pairs - First in A- Roseann Tedesco & Anne Pelak


Saturday Afternoon Open Pairs- First in A -Barry Gorski & Andie Shaffer

                                              First in B- Zachery Madden & Zachery Scherr

                                 Second in B ­Ruth & Bill Orth

Sunday Swiss Team  -  First in A ­ Judy Argento, Al Shrive, David Kresge &  Walter Bell
                  First in B - Walter Mitchell, Ellen Preece, Ruth & Bill  Orth
                                     First in C ­ Tom Henson, John Lute, Stephen & Holly  Mast                               
Judy Stein was the top winner in masterpoints with 16.45.


Points  awarded as follows:

16.45  Judy Stein

13.37  John Schwartz
13.22  Judy Argento
10.26  Al Shrive
 9.57  Tom Henson
 9.57  Gary Hillenbrand  
 7.00  Gene Waltz
 6.35  Marlene Meyer
 6.35  Dave Meyer
 5.10  Ruth Orth
 5.10  Bill Orth
 4.95  Ellen Preece
 4.38  Anne Pelak
 4.30  Jeanne Fainberg
 4.01  Martha O¹Connor
 4.01  Carole McCallum
 3.12  Steve Tillman
 2.96  Judy Null
 2.90  William Buchin
 2.86  Walter Mitchell
 2.70  Victoria Tarleton
 2.63  David Forth
 2.63  Gillian Chase
 2.46  Roseann Tedesco
 2.19  Lynn Gonchar
 1.90  George Mansour
 1.88  Bill Burns
 1.88  JoAnn  Mauger
 1.68  Kathryn Shumaker
 1.60  Mary Ann Davies
 1.60  Bernadine Luksic
 1.59  Mary Zabresky
 1.49  Donald Hull
 1.44  Rita Groves
 1.44  Mary Ellen Petcavage
 1.44  Harold Koehler
 1.26  Dolores Barry
 1.19  Steve Mansour
  .81   Mary Ellen McCormick
  .81   Joann Freeman
  .71   Marie Lewis
  .67   Doreese Torrey
  .66  Karen Wessell
  .66  Dave Wessell
  .58  Joan Winters
  .56  Fay Pacchioli
  .35  Marianne Higgins
  .35  Janet Morganthau
  .35  Cecily Myers
  .23  George Marcy
  .23  Fran Hofherr


We have a new transfer into our unit so make Jeremy Adelman, Clarks Summit, feel welcome. ­


JUNIOR MASTER ­ Micki Zack, Thompson, Lawrence Hudson, Matamoras

CLUB MASTER ­ Rosemary Schwartz, Stuart, Fl

BRONZE LIFE MASTER ­ Allan Trynz, Lords Valley

RUBY LIFE MASTER ­ Peggy Yeager, Naples, Fl


We lost one of our true ladies of Bridge on October 17th. Margaret (Peggy)  Watters passed away at the age of 89. Peggy was born in Wilkes-Barre and  raised in East End. A Silver Life Master, she was also a supervisor of  Bridge at the Wilkes-Barre CYC for several years. Until Peggy retired to  the Nursing Home at Wesley Village, she was always at our Sectionals and Unit  Parties. She will always be missed. 

Judy Hofbauer, one of our summer players who ventured from Florida up to the  Honesdale Club every year, passed away in September. Judy was a devoted  Bridge player and appeared in her wheelchair during her last few years of  playing. Players in Unit 120 will remember her as the lady who knitted  while playing bridge. She partnered with Ann Gordon. 

2018-2019  CALENDAR - December 10 ­ Honesdale Holiday Party ­ STAC Game

                 April 6   ­       NLM Sectional
                 April 7   ­       Pro-Am Swiss
                 June 7-9  ­     Wilkes-Barre Sectional
                 August 5 -­11 ­ Wilkes-Barre Regional
                 September 8 ­ Architzel Memorial Game, ­ Beach Lake
                 October 4­ - 6 ­ Wilkes-Barre Sectional


Unit 121: Berks Montgomery 
Brian C Snyder 

December 21

The Hawley Quier Memorial Unit Game was held on Tuesday October 23 at Sacred Heart Villa with a Halloween theme. Sue Wessner and Albert Bingaman came in first overall with a 66.44% game. Jana Estep won a prize for the best costume.

Our next 0-500 Sectional Tournament will be held Friday December 21 at Sacred Heart Villa.   More information can be found  HERE .

Sue Wessner is hosting a bridge cruise May 9-18, 2019.  CLICK HERE  for more information.

Congratulations to the following for advancing in the ACBL ranks:

Ms. Laura K. McCann - Junior Master
Judy Sager - Sectional Master
Linda Snyder - Sectional Master
Thomas R. Kimmel - NABC Master
Elizabeth C. Kunkleman - Bronze Life Master
Maxine G. Hornberger - Silver Life Master

Link to the unit website
Unit 133: Lehigh Valley 
Deepak Khanna
Check back next month for a Unit 133 report.
Unit 141: Philadelphia 
Joan Warren
499er Swiss Team

Unit 141 congratulates its New Life Masters and all those who reached new designation levels. 

New Life Masters
William Cohen
Bruce Gorman
Fred Kurz
Claire Schrager
Donna Zebley

Emerald Life Master
Barbara Kepple

Sapphire Life Master
Frank Lipniski

Silver Life Master
Harold Singleton III

Bronze Life Master  
Charlotte Garber
Salvatore Marcello

Join us at the next Unit 141 Sectional. We will be back at Bala Golf Club on January 11-13, 2019.  Come play, eat and see your friends after the holidays.

Unit 168: Central Pennsylvania 
Jeanne Gehret
News From Harrisburg:
  • Monthly evening Open Pairs Wine and Cheese game - November 7 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Our next Mixer Swiss game is Thursday, November 8. Teams will be randomly drawn to pair more experienced players with players who are relatively new to the game. Advance registration is required.
  • No Brunch and Bridge this month, due to the Lancaster Regional
  • Continental Breakfast and Bridge game - November 24. Game time 11 a.m., food served at 10:30 a.m.
  • Monthly Swiss Team dinner game - Wednesday, November 28. Dinner time is 5:45 p.m., game time is 6 p.m. Please register your teams (Open and 0-1000) in advance by e-mailing
The HBC Annual Meeting, with election of board members and officers, will take place on Saturday,  December 8. Meeting time is 11 a.m., to be followed by a catered luncheon and an open pairs game.

Our full schedule is available on the HBC website,
News From Lancaster:
  • November 12th & 14th are Bruce MacHatton Memorial Club Championships in Lancaster! Extra points but no extra cost!
News From York:

November Special Events at the Bridge Boardroom:
  • Thursday 11/8 - All games $1 Extra for Unit Games
  • Tuesday 11/13, 9:30-11:30 am - workshop on Killer Opening Leads
  • Wednesday 11/14, 9:30 am - Mentor Game
  • Saturday 11/17, 6:00 pm - Saturday Night Special
  • We will be CLOSED Wednesday evening 11/21, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday
  • Tuesday 11/27, 9:30-11:30 am - workshop on Finesses
  • Wednesday 11/28, 9:30 am - Mentor Game
CONGRATULATIONS to these Unit 168 members on their new masterpoint rank achievements:

Life Master: Jeffrey Stead
Ruby Life Master: Jeremy Lynch

Wacky Hands & Gadgets - by Dave Bort

Misunderstanding 2/1
In a recent club game, Board 26 was red-on-red, and our opponents held:
West: K9 742 T5 KQ9874       East: Q8765 T3 8643 T2
while partner's and my hands were:
North: JT43 K9 AKQJ72 6     South: A2 AQJ865 9 AJ53  

Playing 2/1, the bidding went (opponents silent throughout, including East's initial pass):
North (me)  South
2D        3H
4H       All Pass
Result: Making 7! What happened?! Well, unfortunately, South's jump to 3H, after a 2/1 game-forcing auction  had already been established, was confusing to partner, who at that point, could only think to bid 4H to show  their Heart support. Then, after South's pass, it's all over but the moaning (and gnashing of teeth)! The  problem with South's bid is, given that a 2H bid by South would also show 6 cards, South's 3H jump should  really be a "picture bid," usually considered to be showing a solid suit, and requesting partner to describe their  hand further, probably with an eye towards slam. Since North was looking at the Heart King, they didn't know  how to proceed. So, what would have been better for this hand? How about (hands repeated for  convenience)...

North: JT43 K9 AKQJ72 6 South: A2 AQJ865 9 AJ53
Playing 2/1, the bidding could have proceeded (opponents silent throughout, included East's initial pass):
North(me) South
2D(1)    2H(2)
3H(3)    3S(4)
4C(5)    4N(6)
5H(7)    5N(8)
6D(9)    7H!(10)
All Pass
(1) 2/1 game force
(2) Implying 6 Hearts
(3) Implying Heart tolerance (where "tolerance" means at least 2 cards)
(4) Italian Cue, implying first or second round control of Spades, after partner's Heart agreement (i.e., an A, K, singleton, or void)
(5) Italian Cue in Clubs, implying an A, K, singleton, or void
(6) Roman Keycard Blackwood (whether 0314 or 1430, by partnership agreement)
(7) Showing 2 keycards in Hearts, without the Queen of Hearts (by whichever method)
(8) King-Ask, confirming all the keycards and the Queen of trump
(9) Showing either the King of Diamonds (if playing Specific Kings) or 1 King (if playing number of Kings), by partnership agreement
(10) Looks like you can cover my Spade loser and Club losers with the King and long Diamonds (after I possibly ruff one), partner, so Let's Do This!
Comments: If South simply takes it slow, he and his partner have time to more effectively describe their hands.

(1) 25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know, Chapter 20, for Italian Cuebids. Along with its companion book, 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know, these two books quickly became the de facto introductory standards for modern bidding, upon their publication - you do, of course, have them already (if only to inform your partners)!
(2) Roman Keycard Blackwood, the Final Word, 5th Edition, by Eddie Kantar (a required reference for all the complexities of upper-level slam bidding - all serious partnerships need this book for their library!)

Responder's Reverse, Redwood, and a Third-Round Control Ask!
From the trenches of the exciting Hagerstown Sectional last month, Board 12 on Saturday afternoon was red-on-white; our auction proceeded (with our opponents silent throughout, including West's initial Pass):
North(me) South
1C               1D
2C               2S
3N         All Pass
Result: Making 7! Uh oh, that's too bad; I had just bid 3N thinking it would likely be safe enough, and would  score well enough (which turned out to be true enough, since we tied for second on the board), but it appears  that, perhaps, after 2S (Responder's reverse being game-forcing), we might bid more effectively, eh? Let's see.

Our opponents held:
West: K4 KQJ72 543 975 East: T8752 T865 82 J3,
while our hands were:
North: 963 A9 A7 KQT864 South: AQJ 43 KQJT96 A2
The bidding COULD have proceeded (after West's initial Pass):
North(me) South
1C          1D(1)
2C(2)     2S(3)
2N(4)     4D(5)
4S(6)     4N(7)
5N(8)    6D(9)
7C!(10) Pass(11)
All Pass
(1) Implying Diamonds is a predominant feature of their hand (by partnership agreement), with either 6 Diamonds or 5 good ones (this is why people check the "Frequently bypass 4+" Diamonds checkbox in the Minor Opening section of their convention card)
(2) Implying 6 cards, not implying extra strength
(3) Responder's reverse, game-forcing (meaning forcing to at least 3N or 4 of a minor, if no major suit fit is found and NT seems unsafe)
(4) Implying willingness to play in NT (and implying a Heart stopper, since all other suits have been bid)
(5) Redwood (or Kickback), 1430 (or 0314, by partnership agreement) for Clubs - normally, I couldn't make this bid with two little Hearts, but since you showed a Heart stopper, partner, I'm going to see if we have a slam.
Yes, I'm taking a risk by bypassing 3N, but hey, let's live a little! Cue the mantras: "It's only a game!" and "It's supposed to be fun!"
(6) Two steps up, showing 0 or 3 keycards in Clubs (from among the four Aces and the King of trumps)
(7) Next step up, the Queen-Ask, in Clubs
(8) Yes, I have the Queen, but no side-suit Kings. However, I do have a third-round control (a Queen or a doubleton, or even a singleton) somewhere, if that might interest you
(9) Is your third-round control in Diamonds? If so, bid a grand slam in Clubs!
(10) Yes! So, here we go, whee!
(11) I'm going to opt for the possible extra safety of a suit contract, rather than convert to NT. Worst-case should be that we tie for second, instead of taking a cold top on the board. But, it's probably plenty good enough just to reach a minor-suit grand!

Follow-up: At the actual tournament, only one pair even managed to bid 6N, so 7C woulda/coulda been a top.
No, I didn't say "shoulda", because that would be practicing being unhappy, and the problem with that approach is: if you do it long enough, you might get good at it!

1) R oman Keycard Blackwood, The Final Word (5th Edition), by Eddie Kantar (as above). Buy it! Study it!

Stay tuned next month, for more wacky hands & gadgets.

Unit 190: Delaware 
Ala Hamilton-Day  

Alan Horowitz, past DSBA President, and my pd on
The A Team, passed away from esophageal cancer on October 25 , 2018.

The Bridge Studio has MOVED
To Building 1407, first floor, Room 102.
Located just across the parking lot from where you used to park, easiest entry is from the Foulkstone complex central parking spaces. Come and check it out!

Dusted once.  It came back.  Not falling for that again.

CLUB MASTER Marcella Jackson and Ann Liarakos
NABC MASTER Roberta R. Stonesifer
ADVANCED NABC MASTER Nancy D. Ferguson, Donald Pyne and Karin Schwenk
LIFE MASTER : Lee B. Davis
GOLD LIFE MASTER : Mark G. Henderson and Cynthia Morris

Ocean View 299er - Top Masterpoint Winners
  1   2.78 Mike Vogel, Millville DE
   2   2.78 Jonathan Lawlor, Lewes DE
   3   2.09 Michael Barry, Bel Air MD
   4   2.09 Joann Holback, Baldwin MD
   5   1.56 Roslyn Berkovitz, Dover DE
   6   1.56 Deborah Flayhart, Dover DE
   7   1.26 Francine Calton, New Smyrna Bch FL
   8   1.26 Chuck Marginot, Bethany Beach DE
   9   0.93 Ruth Bender, Rehoboth Beach DE
  10   0.93 George Dellinger, Lewes DE
  11   0.67 Mike Tasevoli, Dagsboro DE
  12   0.67 Barbara Tasevoli, Dagsboro DE

For news and results from around Unit 190, check out the Unit 190 website and click on the links below:
Unit 217: Susquehanna  
Jim McKeown
Check back next month for a Unit 217 report.
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