Farm Notes - November 2018
Call for Volunteers
Get involved with Friends of the Central Experimental Farm

Get involved in helping to protect one of Ottawa's most beloved heritage sites. The FCEF requires a  Director of Events to help plan and deliver a variety of fundraising events. Good communication and organizational skills are an asset. Please send your resume to:

FCEF is looking for an Editor/Writer to assist with our quarterly newsletter. Be a part of our team! Resumes can be sent to

Plant Emblems of Canada 
Free for members of the Friends

This beautifully illustrated book describes the official flowering plants and trees for Canada and each province.  Aimed at the non-scientific community, it reveals "funny, intriguing, gross facts about Canada's emblematic plants"  (Ottawa Citizen).

Authors of the book, entitled Official Plant Emblems of Canada: A Biodiversity Treasure are Ernie Small, Paul Catling and Brenda Brookes from Agiculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Members of the Friends of the Farm can obtain a free copy (in English or French) by emailing:

Les emblèmes floraux officiels du Canada
Gratuit pour les membres des Amis de la Ferme!

Ce livre, accompagné de jolies illustrations, présente une description des plantes et des arbres à fleurs officiels du Canada et de chacune des provinces. Il s'adresse à la collectivité non scientifique et révèle « des vérités drôles, fascinantes et fondamentales sur les emblèmes floraux du Canada ». (Ottawa Citizen)

Intitulé « Emblèmes floraux du Canada : un trésor de biodiversité », ce livre de 428 pages a été réalisé grâce à la contribution de ses trois auteurs, Ernest Small, Paul Catling et Brenda Brookes, d'Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada.

Les membres des Amis de la Ferme peuvent obtenir un exemplaire gratuit, en anglais ou en français, en faisant une demande par courriel et en indiquant leur adresse postale complète à :
Annual Non-dinner Event
Popular annual fundraiser ends December 31

Please join the Friends for our Annual Non-dinner Event happening right now. 
Not a single person will show up and we will be delighted!
You can help the Friends of the Farm just by staying at home.

By purchasing tickets to this fundraising event that will never take place, you will help the Friends sponsor numerous activities in support of the Ornamental Gardens and the Arboretum on the Central Experimental Farm. 
Individual seats $25.. Couples $50.. Family $100.. Table of Six $250.. Community $500

  Your support is greatly appreciated and your donation is tax deductible. 

You can contribute by using our new online fillable form for cheques or PayPal 
The fundraiser ends December 31, 2018.

New Selection of Greeting Cards
Featuring botanical artwork

The Friends have a new selection of 12 greeting cards with images from Blooms: An Illustrated History of the Ornamental Gardens at Ottawa's Central Experimental Farm featuring botanical and ornamental  artwork.  Six of the cards feature the botanical artwork of Faith Fyles and Arthur Kellett. Kellett's Kellett's painting of Isabella Preston's 'Gatineau' Siberian iris is shown here.  The other six cards feature photographs of the Ornamental Gardens.   The cards are $4 each or $20 for 6 and are only available to purchase at Bldg 72 Monday to Thursday from 9am to 2pm. 

English Country Gardens
Master Gardener Lecture

Every year the Friends partner with the Master Gardeners of Ottawa Carleton to offer timely and informative presentations.

November 6  History of English Country House Gardens with Heather Clemenson 

This presentation is from 7pm to 9pm in Building 72 just east of the Prince of Wales roundabout with free parking. Tickets can be purchased individually $12 members and $15 non-members. For more information, email or call 613-230-3276.

Volunteer Spotlight  
Over 10,000 hours donated each year

Did you know that Friends' volunteers donate over 10,000 hours every year  to support its mission and activities? Every month a different volunteer is highlighted on the Friends website. We invite you to read the stories of our volunteers such as  Rose Farley our Volunteer of the Month

Previous spotlights are also listed.  Each volunteer has an interesting story to tell and a unique connection and commitment to the Farm. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the entire community! Thank you.

Are You a Member? 
Join our mission to protect and preserve the Farm 

Join the Friends of the Farm to influence decision-makers to preserve the integrity of this cherished National Historic Site and its exceptional setting in the heart of Ottawa.

The future of the Farm as we know it is more important than ever. Over the past number of years, there has been continued pressure on research projects and jobs from budgetary constraints. While the core research areas remain, the Farm lands, Dominion Arboretum, Ornamental Gardens and historical buildings still need constant care and protection. If lost, this jewel can never be replaced.

Become a member today and support the Friends' mission  to bring the Arboretum and Ornamental Gardens to their full potential. Membership benefits include one adult member of a family free access to  the  Canada Agriculture and Food Museum,  quarterly newsletter, discounted events, and more.

 A Special Gift  

Friends of the Farm presents Blooms, a book about the Central Experimental Farm's Ornamental Gardens,  the heritage plants in the Gardens, and the fascinating stories behind their creation.

By local author, Richard Hinchcliff, this book makes a great gift for the lover of history and horticulture. Cost is $35 plus GST. Take a  peek inside for a preview. 

How do you get a copy?  Come to the Friends office in Building 72 weekdays Monday to Thursday from 9am to 2pm and purchase with cash, cheque, or credit and take it home!  Or purchase it online on our website with a credit card and pick up at the Friends' office in Building 72 or have it shipped to a location of your choice . For local booksellers, please see Blooms.

There are two other wonderful books available for purchase in the Boutique-For the Love of Trees and Ottawa's Farm.  Each is priced at $25 + GST. Need more information? Call 613-230-3276 or  e mail