November 2018
Christine Steele
2018-2020 President GFWC Alabama
Save the Dates

11/1: Resolutions due to Resolutions Committee Chairman

12/1: AFWC Open House @ HQ

12/2: Central District Reporting Workshop
Notes from the President's Desk
Activities continue at a fast pace. As News & Notes is a monthly publication for brief articles to keep you up-to-date, I will hit highlights with more details saved for the Clubwoman. 

This officer has visited many more clubs and districts this fall. It is always fun to meet new and old friends. The big event for October was attending the GFWC Southern Region Conference held in Ridgeland, MS. Mississippi President Becky Wright and her team hosted a wonderful event which highlighted her project “Heart Beat” and Southern Region President Kay Chadwick’s project of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Senility (ADS). Alabama was represented well with 24 delegates attending. Much fun was had on the haunted tour of Vicksburg. 

BIG EVENT – Hope you have Saturday, December 1, 2018, marked on your calendar for the 2018 Holiday Open House at Headquarters. The hours are 11 am – 1 pm. Plan on coming to HQ then you could go shopping or check off several sites in the Alabama200 PastPort. 

A couple items of business for you:
Two documents - AFWC Bylaws & Standing Rules and AFWC Resolutions are available via download from the website. If you are wanting to submit any additions/deletions/ amendments to either of these documents, please send to the appropriate chairman by November 1 for review and consideration prior to the next AFWC Board meeting. 

I would like to again express my thanks to all who have supported the AFWC President’s Special Project: 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships . We are learning, or refreshing our minds, of the rich history that we are a part of and scholarships have always been an important project. 100% of your donations will be presented to deserving students during this administration. Please see Sherry Stutts’ article for more details. Earn a college degree and take part in graduation ceremonies in April 2020. 
GFWC Alabama's District "Saturdays Down South"
by Randy Matthews, President-Elect
“Many Unique Purse-onalities In Attendance at Each District Meeting”

GFWC Alabama’s District “Saturdays Down South” were a “W” for the Federation and all who attended Fall District meetings. From The kick-off of GFWC Alabama’s North District meeting led by District Director Gloria Stevens, to the GFWC Alabama South District meeting led by Mary Ann Baltzer, until the last meeting led by GFWC Alabama Central District Director, Cynthia Hopkins, all meetings scored a “W” for GFWC Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs. Each District meeting was well attended by unique and winning purse-onalities eager to gain information on the 2018-2020 Administration and ready to set into action winning club projects and programs.

Each meeting showcased unique venues decorated by clubwomen in accordance of the theme of the day. In grand GFWC Alabama style, each District attendee was warmly welcomed and genuinely made to feel at ease. Each District Director and her Board of Directors planned interesting and engaging programs which captivated the attention of everyone. Many of the programs were inspiring sparking enthusiasm in clubwomen and guests alike.

At each meeting, information regarding GFWC Alabama President Christine
Steele’s President’s Project was presented. Sherry Stutts, Co-Chairman, outlined how each Federated member in Alabama can contribute to President Steele’s Scholarship Project. Jane Brooks, Co-Chairman, gave an educational and engaging history using selected years of the 125 Years of AFWC History.

Although the 2018 Fall GFWC Alabama District Meetings are now a part of the next 125 Years of AFWC History, clubwomen can use the information gained throughout the Fall at these exceptional meetings and plan and implement award winning programs and projects which will make a difference to the lives of others in their communities and worldwide.

To facilitate a friendly competition a $125 cash prize will be given to the District who has the highest percentage of “purse-onalties” attending the GFWC Alabama “Saturdays Down South” this Spring. More information on the “Best District Purse-onality Award” can be found on the GFWC Alabama website and the GFWC Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs Facebook page.

The prize package for the 2018 fall meetings will be announced after all dues have been paid after November 15.

GFWC Alabama Saturdays Down South will resume in the spring on February 23, 2019, in Huntsville, hosted by GFWC du Midi Woman’s Club. GFWC Alabama clubwomen are enthusiastic for continuing the GFWC mission. Engaging and educational District meetings at a “Saturday Down South” prepares Federated members for a winning club year as GFWC Alabama continues serving communities by “Celebrating 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships.”
Treasury Notes
by Karol Kaputska, GFWC Alabama Treasurer
Club Presidents and Juniorette Advisors:

The Treasurer's Form completed with dues check must be postmarked no later than November 15th.   According to the by-laws: Clubs in arrears for dues after November 15 shall be delinquent and a penalty of twenty five dollars shall be added to the dues. Clubs and their members shall be ineligible for Federation and District awards and the Sue Shaw Juniorette Scholarship. Club members shall be ineligible to be nominated for all elective Offices. 

If you have any questions or need a copy of the Treasurer's form, please contact me at  or 256-797-0254. Checks are to be made out to AFWC and mailed to me at 14007 Green Way Park Circle SE, Huntsville, AL 35803.

Conservation Corner
by Ellen Clack , GFWC Alabama Conservation CSP Chairman
Greetings from your AFWC Conservation CSP Chairman!

I hope your club year is off to a great start! I’m looking forward to hearing about your conservation projects. If you have a unique idea you’d like for me to share with others in the state, please send me the information and any pictures you have. I’m still having fun searching the internet for conservation-related topics and resources that may be helpful to your club in planning conservation projects.

Alabama PALS (People Against a Littered State) is an organization dedicated to making our state more beautiful by sponsoring programs focused on cleaning up litter in Alabama’s streets, streams, campuses, and coastlines. Go to their website --- – and check out all the opportunities your club has for participating with this organization. You will also see pictures and information about projects on their Facebook page – Alabama PALS.

Some facts about litter:
1.      Nearly all litter ends up in the ocean.  There are currently 5.25 trillion pieces of plastics in the ocean right now.
2.      75% of Americans admit to littering within the last 5 years.
3.      Cigarette butts make about half of the total number of littered objects and can take as long as 10 years to decompose.
4.      Fast food wrappers are the most littered object.
5.      Studies show that littering can hamper the chance for economic growth. Businesses are less likely to establish themselves in highly populated areas and will instead choose to set up in cleaner communities. Also, these littered areas tend to have lower property values and greater levels of crime.
6.      Data shows that men are more likely to litter than women.
7.      One million birds and one hundred thousand sea animals are killed every year as a result of being trapped in or eating some litter item.
8.      Billions of taxpayer money is spent on cleaning up litter each year . Think about how else we could use that money to benefit our communities.
GFWC Alabama President's Project
by Sherry Stutts, Co-Chairman

Choose your donation level!

Associate Degree $25
Bachelor Degree $125
Masters Degree $525
Doctoral Degree $1,250

Make Checks out to  AFWC , designate  President’s Project
Mail to: Karol Kapustka,
AFWC Treasurer
14007 Green Way Park Circle, Huntsville, AL 35803
2018-2020 President's Project: Celebrating 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships
Raising funds for the existing AFWC Scholarships:
Past Presidents’
Sue Shaw Juniorette
Kitty Stone Graduate
Sue Hester Special Education
Jacksonville State Univ. International House
Miss Alabama
Distinguished Young Woman
Military Veteran
Jane Wright (Education)
Cynthia Geis (Counseling or Psychology)

~You be the Change as we Purse-sue Donations~

The 2018-2020 President's Pin (pictured above left) is available for $10, on the GFWC Alabama Marketplace .
The President’s Project “Celebrating 125 Years of Changing Lives Through Scholarships” is gaining donations as information spreads across the state. Co-Chairman Sherry Stutts shared information at North, South and Central District Fall meetings. There are now 7 Scholarships available for 2019 and an updated application has been sent to all club Presidents. The application is also available on the AFWC website - click here. Federated club members are asked to share Scholarship information with females, High School Seniors and older, that will be attending an Alabama school and any Alabama schools or colleges that you may have contact with. The deadline for applications is March 15, 2019. Scholarship money will be sent directly to the enrolled recipient’s school. We are especially interested in getting the application to female veterans who would like to further their career and AFWC be a part of the GFWC 7 Grand Initiatives. Thank you to the 27 AFWC Clubs that have already sent in the $2.50 per member for the President’s Project and to the 7 AFWC Clubs that have given additionally on a degree level. Your generosity will insure the availability of the 7 Scholarships and how much may be given to possibly a future Federated woman.
“Purses & Hats”
by Sherry Stutts
What FUN at South District meeting whose theme was “It’s all about our “PURSE-SONALITIES” and “HAT-TITUDES”. The Head Table was decorated with different personality styles of purses nestled in multi-colored ribbons. South District Director Mary Ann Baltzer led a live auction of the purses with the money designated to the President’s Project and other purses on the Silent Auction table were too. Small favor purses filled with chocolates were given to attendees and there were small purses frozen in the most awesome Ice Ring. September & October Birthdays were recognized and given gifts from, PURSES! Last in turn, Central District meeting’s theme was “Scholarships, Paving the Way to the Future for Young Women in Alabama”. Host, Maude Martin Study Club, had small Gold Purse Compacts bagged & tagged “Thank you for coming and bringing your unique PURSONALITY! President Christine was high bidder for the beautiful beaded Victorian Purse that had embroidered pansies on it and was earmarked for the President’s Project.
GFWC Alabama Club News
The Hueytown Study Club was honored to have Heather Simpson as the guest speaker at their October meeting. Heather is a kindergarten teacher at Hueytown Elementary School.
She is a recent recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science.
Heather shared with the club members her exciting visit to the White House and receiving this prestigious award. Penny Berry, president of the Hueytown Study Club and Ellie Duncan presented Heather with Dr. Seuss books to be placed in the Hueytown Elementary School library in her honor.

Pictured L to R are Penny Berry, Heather Simpson and Ellie Duncan
October 1 2018 Gulf Shores celebrated women and what they mean to us in our daily lives. GFWC South Baldwin Woman’s Club and the Gulf Shores Fire and Rescue sponsored a free barbecue for the community. Gulf Shores Goes Pink raised funds and awareness for the Guardians of the Ribbon: Pink Heals, Lower Alabama Chapter. Gulf Shores Mayor Robert Craft and the city council presented a proclamation to GFWC South Baldwin Woman’s Club proclaiming October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink Heals started in 2007 to help those battling cancer with a focus on women and what they mean to us. Since that time the program has evolved taking the theme of Pink Fire Trucks and Pink Police Cars to serve the community by putting people first instead of causes. Money raised stays in our communities helping those who need it the most. Club President Marsha Andrews presented a check for $1080 from Gulf Shoes Goes Pink to Deputy Chief Keith Martin. This money will be donated to the Guardians of the Ribbon to assist them with continuing their mission supporting women in the fight against cancer and other health issues. (Editor's Note: There were two great articles featuring this club that you can view here - great job on PR, ladies!)

Shirley Looney is heading our “Scarves for the Elderly”. She has been crocheting scarves for the last 4 months. Several of our members will be learning how to crochet or cut and tie scarves in the next few months.

We are collecting for our “Prom Closet” to be held in March. This is to benefit the young ladies of South Baldwin who would like to attend their prom but do not have the resources to purchase a dress. 
The support of our local schools this Veterans Day can help put a smile on many faces across our great country, which can last far beyond this one day. The objective of the program is to get classrooms to commit to decorating and signing Veterans Day cards. It can be as simple as putting their first name, grade and school in the card. The children are also welcome to write a short note and/or draw a picture. We hope to bring a little bit of extra joy to a local Veteran this year. We can use this to give our children a chance to thank those courageous veterans who serve and are serving our great nation.   Gulf Shores, Elberta, Foley and Magnolia Springs Elementary Schools and the Gulf Shores Fire & Rescue are signing Veteran’s Day cards to be sent to our veterans. Carol Zambrano, Public Issues Chairman, has 3,200 cards that will be mailed to our veterans. Carol has received a commitment from Hallmark to furnish 3000 cards each year. Edward Jones is also our sponsor for cards.
Spouses assist GFWC du Midi Woman's Club Members in preparation of the club's November placement of 600 Veteran's wreaths at the Huntsville Memory Garden Cemetery. Beverly Wills, Pat Riley, and Jean McIntosh are the chairmen and funding is by donation to the Public Issues CSP.
Canine Companions for Independence

Marsha Andrews, Home Life Chairman, shared an article from CCI about therapy dogs and their work with soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Click here to read the article.
   Kendra Penry representing Heifer International, (wearing green), was invited by Myra Wilson, AFWC International Outreach Chairman, to accompany her to meet with 9 members of GFWC du Midi Woman's Club of Huntsville. Following lunch, Kendra spoke about the Heifer Tanzania School Milk Project which, for a $72 donation from a club member, will provide pasteurized Milk for one year to a child. More information is available at www.Heifer.Org/GFWC,
    Those attending are past and present Heifer International Project Chairmen, past and present GFWC du Midi Woman's Club Presidents, AFWC and Club Executive Board members, and AFWC State President and GFWC du Midi Woman's Club Member Christine Steele.
The 2018-2020 GFWC Club Manual is here! Download your copy today from the GFWC website under
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