A message from the President & Co-Founder, Lauren Genkinger

I am often asked "what makes AGA different from other rescues?"  That's easy for me to answer, first and foremost, it's our volunteers - their integrity, passion and loyalty to our mission - and it's the quality of our dogs and frankly our dogs are a reflection of our volunteers and the hands on care they give them from the first minute each golden enters the AGA program.  It starts with our financial supporters so that we can afford the best medical care and the best training.  There has never been a time in our 15 year history where money dictated our decision of what to do for a dog, NEVER.  If we don't have the money we'll raise it. 

Many of you know me personally and I have never been too proud to beg for dollars when I ask you for help.  It really means I need you to open your heart and wallet.  You know it goes to help give an abandoned golden a new life in a family who will be changed forever for the better.  Ask every family who has shared their lives with a golden retriever whether or not that golden made their family complete, yes that's what they do, complete families.  Every volunteer, regardless what their role is, knows it is their responsibility to make sure each golden who comes into AGA will have a better life than it did before AGA.
Quality volunteers make quality dogs - our volunteers know it and our adopters know it.  We are proud that we set the standard for golden retriever rescues - and the bar is high.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Every day I get to wear the AGA logo somewhere on me or my car which means I get to meet an AGA dog and make a difference in his or her life.  I also get to work with great people who care as much as I do.

  I am pleased to welcome Lark O'Neal
back to AGA, the organization she helped me start in 2003.  Yes, 15 years ago, Lark and I had been serving on the board of Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta, when we both envisioned a different kind of rescue for abandoned golden retrievers.  Lark had served as President for GRRA and it was there we both discovered we had the same passion for golden retrievers and wanted to make a difference in saving this magnificent breed.  I can not tell you how excited I am to have Lark by my side again.  Lark will be in charge of all dog operations at AGA (which includes Intake, Medical, Dog Training, Transportation & Boarding, Applications, Fosters and Dog Placement).  This will allow me to focus on the growth of AGA as we become more important in the world of dog rescue.

I came here all the way from Turkey with my sister Borek and we can't believe how  
lucky we are!!  It was a long trip but now we are going to each find new homes and be
American dogs. I can't believe it is real! I am a boy dog and about 8 months old and
already medium size even though I expect I will be growing more. My new doctor  
says I'm healthy and I'm ready to be adopted and find my new family here in America!
Read more about me here.

Adoption Day
Sunday, November 4, 12 noon - 2 p.m. at 
4958 Lower Roswell Rd #124, Marietta, GA 30068

Upcoming AGA Events

"Kendra Gives Back"
Kendra Scott - Avalon Location
Thursday, November 8th
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Holiday Shopping Event Benefiting AGA

Adopt a Golden Atlanta will be participating
in the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta 2018  
Christmas Parade again this year.   
Date:  December 1, 2018
Time:  10:30 am to Noon
 Each participant needs to fill out

If anyone has any questions, please feel
free to email Julie Houston at

Duke Still Needs Your Help!

Update on Duke: I'm halfway there! My special doctor fixed one of my hips and after
I rest for a few weeks he will fix the other one. Everything went well and all I had
to do was sleep while he did all the work! I'm sending my thanks to everyone who
donated to help pay my bill but I still need more help to get finished with the
next operation.  
Duke came to AGA by way of Mississippi.  He's only 9 months old and has hip dysplasia
and needs surgery to fix BOTH hips.  AGA will always help
every dog they can and
we're asking everyone to help Duke.
Read Duke's story here and please help any way you can to get Duke well so   
he can find his forever home.  Thank you from the bottom of Duke's heart! 


 Is Turkey Bad for Dogs?  

It's tempting to slip Fido a piece of
Thanksgiving turkey or a cold cut from
the lunch meat, but could turkey be harming
your dog? 



Food aggression in dogs is a form of  
resource guarding in which the animal
is abnormally protective of edible items. Some dogs even go so far as to "guard" their humans' food. 

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Congratulations to all of our pups who found their forever homes in
September & October.

      Dog                       Foster Family                   Adoption Family         
Waffles                        Katie Winter/Amanda Thompson                  Julie & Tully Hazell
Jellybean TD7                 Pam Anderson/Jenny Dubois                   Jeff & Karen Williams
Charlie Pup                            Kathy & John Cyran                              Scott & Molly Reid
Lena TDFV15                Heather Duncan/Carol Swenson                    Kitty & Glenn Bosio
Hope Pup                                Permanent Foster                               Lester & Diana Aradi
Lacey               Pam Gonyaw/Lana Kollross/Ralph Fruchtman            Chuck & Cheri Gerlach
Huck                                        Trace Walsh                                  John & Jennifer Blackmon
Fendi                                      Andrea Taylor                                    Beryl & Karen Sawyer
Cotton                      Wayne Whitelaw/Mary Mester                                 Patti Ellis 
Louie Pup                  Annemarie Marold/Trace Walsh                   Linda Rawsky & Jim Weed
Harvey                                Meghan Franczek                                       Darryl Wallace
Fiji                                              Ann Cox                                       Kathy & Chuck Olmsted
Bear Lab Senior                  Amanda Thompson                                    Meagan Sullivan
Uber Pup            Meghan Franczek/Blake Green & Jose Torres      Mark & Kaitlin Anderson  
Thank you to all the foster families who helped these orphans (and thank you
to the flight volunteers who bring the Turkey dogs) find their forever families! 
Uber pup on his car ride to his new home. 
YEAH, here is my new mom and dad with me!  

Too much Golden hair? 

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Just register your card for free  here using our NPO number 67180 and shop like usual to help support AGA.

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