November 2018 LPGA Amateur Golf Association DC  E-Blast
President's Message

Dear LPGA Amateur Golf Association DC Members,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
With all the holiday stress, let's take a moment and reflect on what we have, not what needs to be done. Let's be thankful that we can play one of the most difficult games and appreciate the challenge.
Don't let this holiday season take the best out of you. You'll go through it like every time you do - make sure you enjoy your company and all the challenges, because there's always another shot no matter where it ends up. As Tiger says, what matters is your next shot.
So let's make the next season our best shot ever.  BJ is looking for suggestions and ideas for next summer's events. Let her know what you'd like to do, where you'd like to play, anything else we're missing.  We want this chapter to address everyone's needs one way or the other and make it fun and enjoyable for all members.
As we said many times before, we can't be more thankful and appreciative of all the people that help this chapter run. It's a volunteer organization and one of the ways we want to say thank you to everyone that helped is to give them a public shout out. This season we are doing it with a volunteer appreciation event that will take place on January 12, 2019 (see below for details).  We will give gratitude to everyone who invested even a minute of their personal lives to make this game and this chapter an enjoyable group and place we all want to be. Hope you can join us in celebrating all that we have and have achieved.

Snjezana Arthur

Calling All Chapter Volunteers!

If you volunteered in 2018, your chapter board wants to be sure to thank you for your efforts! 

Our first annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch is scheduled for January 12, 2019 and Evites have been sent out.  However, we want to ensure that the invitation wasn't caught in your spam filter. 

If you haven't received the invite, and helped out this year at an event, league or other activity, please RSVP today so that you can be recognized for your assistance.

Questions can be addressed to Nanci Schimizzi at  

Looking Ahead to the 2019 Season

The 2019 schedule is wide-open and I need your suggestions.  Please let me know where you'd like to play.  And how about some new formats?   

Send your ideas to:

2018 - 2019 ALEXANDRIA Topgolf 
 Practice Your Precision

Now that the regular league season has ended, don't let those golf skills and new friendships get rusty. Topgolf is like pin ball for golf. "Pin Ball"-like targets are located at specified distances and you get "points" based on accuracy at placing your balls into these target areas (hence the precision part). There are also several types of "games" that make it even more challenging. This is a great way to maintain your skills throughout the winter months and also have some winter golf fun. Bays are covered and heated with staff bringing you food and beverages. You're not required to be an LPGA Amateur member to join in so bring along friends for a fun night.

Times : 6:15pm - 8:30pm. I'm usually there by 5pm if you want to come early.

Dates : 12 Dec 2018   16 Jan 2019   13 Feb 2010   13 Mar 2019

Cost: approx $14 for 2 games (+$5 for the card if you don't have one already) OR get a "Lifetime" card for $40 (comes with $50 of credit for games on it + free club rentals if needed). Make sure to ask for Senior or Military discounts when you buy your card.

Alexandria  signup links :

Membership Matters

The Biggest Loser Challenge Winners Announced
Caroline Berger emerged as the Biggest Loser! Caroline reduced her Handicap Index from 14.5 to 5.5, with Improvement Factor of 1.514. Caroline and a guest will be playing a round of golf with  LPGA Tour Professional Brittany Lincicome and  LPGA Amateurs Director of Golf, Meaghan Francella. Way to go Caroline!

Congratulations are also extended to the winners of each flight (listed below). Each  of these winners will be receiving a gift in the mail in the coming weeks.

Of the field of 503 competitors, 61% lowered their Handicap during the Challenge. Hats off to all of you for your success.
Flight and Index Range Current Leader & Chapter Improvement Factor
Flight 1: 0.0 to 10.0 Lori Stinson, Fort Wayne, IN 1.311
Flight 2: 10.1 to 17.0 Kerstin Koenig, Southwest FL 1.170
Flight 3: 17.1 to 24.0 Kathleen Campbell, Omaha, NE 1.314
Flight 4: 24.1 to 32.0 Veronica Mankinen, Seattle, WA 1.335
Flight 5: 32.1 to 40.0 Jennifer Yguico, Los Angeles, CA 1.463
Flight 6: 40.1 and above Sherie Brezina, Southwest FL 1.260
To view the complete standings,  CLICK ON THIS LINK , log in and you will be re-directed to the Biggest Loser portal.
For questions contact Jeanne Biggerstaff at

Young Professionals Task Force - Call for Volunteers

We're looking for a group of Young Professionals (YP) between the ages of 18-35 who would like to serve on a new Young Professional Task Force. The purpose of this Task Force is to help attract more Young Professionals to the  LPGA Amateurs and the game of golf. We want your input and unique perspective on how best to engage and connect with you and your peers!  The time commitment is minimal:  1 - 4 hours per month.  

Questions? Please contact one of the Staff Moderators: 

  Kristin Bailey
  Senior Manager of Chapter Development

  Courtney Simonson
  Membership and Chapter Relations Coordinator

LPGA Foundation Scholarships
Please share this information with any high school seniors that you know. 

The LPGA Foundation has three scholarship opportunities available for 2019. For more information, including the application process, go to:

Upcoming Events

Jan 12 Volunteer Appreciation Brunch

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