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From the Rev. Ed

Nov. 5th

As we noted in yesterday's All Saints' service, St Paul's has said a lot of "hello" and a lot of "goodbye" in the last several years. There were a lot of geographical goodbyes as long-time friends and members moved to be closer to family or in better climates. Sadly, we had more than our share of deaths. We said goodbye to our permanent rector, hello and (soon) goodbye to an interim rector, and soon again hello to our next permanent rector.

These last 19 months have been a whirlwind of joy, lots of hello and wonderful events. There is a litany of many doings for the greater glory of our God, for the enrichment of St Paul's and as a blessing to our community around us. We have dug deeply using the Church Assessment Tool (CAT) survey; in doing so we learned anew about ourselves as a people who love God, each other, and those who have, or have yet to, come through our doors. We shared a full array of thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams and plans for the future in small groups as well.

(continued below)
From The Rev. Ed
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How about those amazing and fruitful town hall meetings? Slide shows? A super festive and optimistic annual meeting? Don't forget the hard work you did thinking about, discussing, praying over and building that fantastic Prayground in the rear of the nave. That is hugely welcoming to first time visitors who have children! Plus never forget-and never forget to praise-our truly excellent music folks and our all-expectation-exceeding music programs. St Paul's makes robustly joyful noise to the praise of our God as if we were a musical lineup the size and caliber of the National Cathedral.

Our Green Team/ Garden folks brought passion to the forefront, turning that wonderful back garden into a veritable jungle of fruits and veggies and herbs: praise God for those who kept it going when our Green Team numbers were small. We introduced "prayer flags" in the nave for two very rich and deep and meaningful All Saints' Sundays, where we as a community said proper goodbyes to a lot of people who we love but see no longer, in a powerful liturgy honoring the too many folks from St Paul's and our individual lives who moved on, moved away or moved closer to our God. Meanwhile, do you realize we have said hello to a number of new faces and lives who enrich us with their presence?.... More than a dozen, over half of whom have made St Paul's their home.

Our Building and Grounds team, those few, unassuming and unsung worker bees who fixed and refarkled everything we see and many things we don't see but that we miss when they break down: shoveling snow, changing light bulbs, fixing doorknobs, fixing the gutters on the roof, touch up painting, replacing shattered patio doors, washing the high nave windows (inside AND outside); catching and otherwise removing critters who have made themselves a bit too "at home" in the parish building or the rectory. We now have numbers on all our doors (visible for seemingly miles) which are a boon for emergency services workers who we hope never to have to call but who can find where to go easily (plus it helps us a lot too: this is how I would describe door #4 before it was numbered: " that middle door on the east side of the building --you know, the rear of the church building--between the kitchen door and that rear entry to the nave that has steps on it; the one you can't see from the turnaround and handicapped spaces area of the parking lot because it is hidden by that overgrown bush that hides the transformer." And that much needed clearing of brush and low branches across our five acres: why, on a clear day, you can see Normal Road! Even better you can see around the trees and bushes in the parking area, literally preventing parking lot fender benders! Our undercroft is extremely less humid now, thanks to our two new dehumidifiers. Fixed sidewalks better suited for walking than tripping are a God-send! There are a number of Building and Grounds accomplishments that I haven't mentioned but that are handled without complaint, usually on the initiative of our wonderful parishioners.

We have made a good pivot toward the 21st Century too. Our office has gradually in the last year and a half taken in superior new electronic equipment that makes our staff's lives much easier and our workflows light years more productive in both quantity and quality. Our communications system is more greatly streamlined and enhanced in that end, and even more so exponentially with our Parish Hall's new AV system. As we begin to tap more and more into its myriad capabilities, we will experience huge leaps in our fellowship, formation and communications.

Adult formation has skyrocketed in its programmatic offerings. Fellowship has always been a highlight and we seem to have had quite a few festive events this last year plus. Children's formation remains a stalwart, steady and faith-filled endeavor. On that note, we baptized three awesome infants in the past year! A young man, lifelong parishioner, followed in his family's footsteps and was married here in July of this year. You all stepped up your sharing and giving in terms of time, finances and loving one another as Christ loves us in ministry. The staff of St Paul's- nursery, office, music, as well as our longtime Clean Team of one- make this place awesome and efficient, and are a joy for a priest to work with.

The risk of trying to mention all these experiences and increases in activity is that I will forget something. I beg you to forgive me in any failure to mention. Know that I hold each of you in my prayers faithfully in gratitude and hope. Every one of you contributes, has contributed, and will contribute hugely in physical, emotional and spiritual ways to bless the people of St Paul's, and the lives of many, to the greater glory of God. As noted in your "annual review" earlier this year: "St Paul's, you exceed all expectations. Love, God."

Beth and I will never forget this all-too-short time in our lives. We knew we were at home with family from our first Sunday here, even though it was only for a little while. You have enriched our lives and blessed us immensely; you are exactly who and what we needed in our lives at this time. We praise our God for all that you do, and all who you are. That which unfolds for, with and through St Paul's in the near and not so near future is too exciting to NOT behold and dream on. Continue on this glorious journey with and for our God. Continue to do what you do so well: love God, one another, others and ST Paul's....truly, madly, deeply and always. Continue to greet every person and opportunity with your robust, welcoming and HOLY "hello" as you stay with them steadfastly. Continue to pray with and for each other. Remember, always remember, "Goodbye" is not the end. Goodbye is not one word, nor two. Goodbye is four words: GOD BE WITH YOU, both an assurance and a call to action.

You will always be dear to me, St Paul's. From both Beth and me, God be with you, in all ways and always.
Thank you!

We give thanks for the ministry of Father Ed Bird and Beth Lee. We pray that their move to Ohio is without problems and their new home and ministry is both joyous and rewarding.

Father Ed will celebrate the Eucharist at St. Paul's for the last time on Sunday, November 18th, at the 10:30 AM service, and we will celebrate Beth Lee and Father Ed at a luncheon after the service. Please come to send them to their next ministry with our love and prayers!
Thank You, too!

M other Heidi will be our Interim Supply Priest u ntil our new permanent rector, The Rev. Barbara Wilson, arrives on  Sunday, January 20, The Rev. Heidi Haverkamp, member of this parish, will serve us part-time as interim, working Sundays, and usually Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
Her email is  revhhaverkamp@gmail.com

Hi everyone! I am glad to be the pastoral placeholder between Father Ed and Mother Barbara. You are dear to Adam and me, and this is our parish home, so of course I am glad to "mind the store" in worship, emergencies, and parish life for a while. On Sunday Dec. 2 and 9, I will be away on book tour, but otherwise, I will be with you every Sunday, for Blue Christmas, and on Christmas Eve. May God go with us in this in-between time. 

In Christ, Mother Heidi 
All Saint's Sunday Service
November 4th, 10:30 AM
The Reverend Ed Bird, Presiding

A ssisted by the St. Paul's Choirs.  
Choral Anthem "Gaudent in Coelis" (Rejoice in Heaven) Richard Dering, Arr., James Kirkby.

We were happy to be visited by the
 NIU Student Brass Quintet

We welcomed Chelsea Rae Carson and Melissa Fickling as they renewed their baptismal vows as members of St. Paul's.

We remembered our "everyday saints" who have gone before by lifting memories and pictures above in the sanctuary.

From the Senior Warden

'Tis the season for giving thanks. It is also a very hectic and exciting time right now, and it can be easy to forget to say thank you, but there is ever so much to be grateful for at St. Paul's these days. Gratitude goes to all the Search Committee members who worked long and hard to discern who our next rector should be, and their diligent efforts have come to fruition. We have made a successful call to a new priest, Rev. Barbara Wilson, who will join us for her first Sunday on January 20th with her wife Lynne Jacobson.
I am thankful for Rev. Ed and Beth for the love and acceptance that they share so easily with our St. Paul's family. God has blessed us over and over with their presence here in DeKalb. And I am very grateful that Rev. Heidi Haverkamp has agreed to serve as our "interim interim" rector for most of the period of time after Rev. Ed leaves and Rev. Barbara arrives.
There has been such a positive flurry of activities, large and small, going on around here, so I am grateful to all of you who are working to keep our church vital and lively. Outside, the grounds have never looked so beautiful; the outdoor lighting is all working; the walkways are clear and even; all the doors have been labeled with large numbers; the garden folks are planning a final clean up day for the season. I've been amazed at the number of people attending the adult formation sessions and who have come to our movie nights. The vestry has been actively preparing and envisioning for our future as we move forward into the 21st century with our new rector. We actively engage in our ministries with the Salvation Army and with Grace Place. Thanks also go to our staff members who keep us organized and "in the know", who keep our church clean, who provide us with beautiful music, and who take care of our children. Thank you to everyone for being part of St. Paul's, for giving so much of your time, your talents, and your love. Thanks be to God!
Fr om the Junior Warden
A New Look

If you've ever driven out of the circle by the garden and wondered who might be coming around the corner, you are delighted to realize you can see someone coming in now! And we won't have to be concerned about who could hide in the overgrowth by the bench. Askland Landscaping trimmed up all the trees and bushes for a very neat and safe look. 

Numbers large enough to be seen from the parking lot now are visible on each door, so you don't have to say "keep coming round the back" when directing someone to the office or Parish Hall. The uneven walkways have been evened up for greater safety while walking. All the lighting has been checked and powered up.

A slide show was put together to see the before and after looks - we'll run it again if you missed it! Thanks to Pam Kombrink and Lorraine Langer!

A big thank you to Marv Kombrink and Rick Johns and Rhys Prall and the other unseen helpers who have spent so many hours!
Music Ministries
Wow & Thanks! NIU's Student Brass  Quintet's 
debut was awesome at St. Paul's on All Saints Sunday!
Tsai-Rung Li, Trumpet
Asa Valencian, Trumpet
Andrew Selig, French Horn
S kyler Mackovitch, Trombone
Ryan Danikowski, Tuba

Many thanks to The NIU Student Brass Quintet for assisting the choirs and congregation with our worship service. They  performed an amazing prelude and postlude:  Canzona per Sonare, No. 2 by Giovanni Gabrieli, S onata Die Bankelsangerlieder  - Anonymous.

We look forward to having them return for another Sunday of resounding Brass!

Tsai-Rung Li  is a second year graduate student at NIU. He is a trumpet performance major from Taiwan. He performs with the NIU Wind Ensemble and NIU Philharmonic Orchestra. He most recently conducted the Wind Ensemble on their previous concert.

Asa Valenciano is a  freshman trumpet player and studies  music education at NIU. He is 19 years old and was born and raised in Blue Island, Illinois. He began playing trumpet over eight years ago has been playing ever since. He is also a member of the Fox Valley Brass Band, as well as the NIU Wind Symphony.

Andrew Selig is a junior horn player at NIU. He is a performance major who's lived in Sycamore his whole life. He received the honor of playing in the Illinois All-State Honors Orchestra in 2016. He also performs in the NIU Wind Ensemble and the NIU Philharmonic.

Skyler Mackovitch is a senior music education major at NIU. He is a trombone player and a proud member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the men's music fraternity of America. He has grown up in the Palos Hills neighborhood and has been involved with many musical performances in that area. He currently performs in the NIU Wind Ensemble and NIU Jazz Orchestra.

Ryan Danikowski is a sophomore tuba player at NIU. He is studying music education and tuba performance. His hometown is Glendale Heights, and his favorite food is steak. Creating and performing music is his number one hobby. He also performs in the NIU Wind Ensemble.

The St. Paul Choirs performed a beautiful and resounding anthem on 
All Saint's Sunday,  "Gaudent in Coelis" Richard Dering, Arr., James Kirkby.  

  We want to thank Rev. Ed Bird  for joining us throughout  his   
  Interim. What an a wesome priest  to be so supportive of the 
  choirs. We appreciate his cameo appearances!  Check out one   of his conducting moments below "always hits the right note"!

The St. Paul's Multigenerational Music Program is open to all ages and all musical abilities.  Come Sing, Dance, Recite, Play an Instrument, create and have fun in rehearsal and worship!
A Walk Through the Moors

Dick Dowen will be sharing one of his many "walking" adventures with us at St. Paul's during Coffee Hour/Fellowship today, November 11, 11:45 AM. See what it looks like to be on the moors, consider whether Robin Hood was really a smuggler, meet some interesting people on the trip and other things he experienced while in England.
Adult Formation
Wednesdays 6:30 PM and
Sundays 9:00 AM

Sundays, 9:00 AM: November 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
Wednesdays, 6:30 PM
November 7th, 14th, 28th

Wednesday, November 7
"Man on Fire" John O'Leary.

Sunday, November 11 & Wednesday, November 14 
"The Change That Changes Everything"  Richard Rohr.
Sunday, November 18 &  Wednesday, November 28  
"A Process of Self-Emptying"  Richard Rohr.
Book Club

The Book Group will meet again on
T hursday, November 29 
at 5:30 PM
in the Conference Room

Bring your own snack/food as you may need. We plan to continue the discussion of "Mudhouse Sabbath" by Lauren F. Winner with the focus for the discussion on 'mezuzot - doorposts' (chapter 11).
Marilyn Cleland or the Parish Office with questions and ideas.
Fellowship - November Movie Nights - All are Welcome! 
Join us for St. Paul's Family & Friends Movie Nights
together with pizza, popcorn and snacks!
Friday, November 16th, "Rear Window", 7:00 PM
Friday, November 30, 5 PM "Lilo and Stich" 
and 7 PM "Ferris Buehler's Day Off"

Rear Window - 7 PM - November 16th - (1 Hour 55 Minutes)
Alfred Hitchcock's Classic Thriller -
A newspaper photographer with a broken leg passes time recuperating by observing his neighbors through his window. He sees what he believes to be a murder, and decides to solve the crime himself. With the help of his nurse and girlfriend, he tries to catch the murderer without being killed himself.

November 30th

Lilo and Stitch - 5 PM - November 30th
(1 Hour 25 Minutes)
A tale of a young girl's close encounter with the galaxy's most wanted extraterrestrial. Lilo is a lonely Hawaiian girl who adopts a small ugly "dog," whom she names Stitch. Stitch would 
be the perfect pet if he weren't in reality a genetic experiment who has escaped from an alien planet and crash-l anded on Earth. Through her love, faith and unwavering belief in Ohana, the Hawa
concept of family, Lilo helps unlock Stitch's heart and gives him the ability to care for someone else.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 7 PM   
( 1 Hour 43 Minutes)
Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) has an uncanny skill at cutting classes and getting away with it. Intending to make one last duck-out before graduation, Ferris calls in sick, "borrows" a Ferrari, and embarks on a one-day journey through the streets of Chicago. On Ferris' trail is high school prin cipal Rooney (Jeffrey Jones), determined to catch him in the act.Writer/director John Hughes once again tries to wed satire, slapstick, and social commentary, as Ferris Bueller's Day Off starts like a house afire and goes on to make "serious" points about status-seeking. 

What would you like to see next?  When is a good movie night and time? 
Send your thoughts to the parish office

Pumpkin Time!

Thank you to Terry and Jackie Dickow for organizing pumpkin decorating on Sunday, October 21st!
There are a lot of things happening at St. Paul's! A new form has been developed so that the office can keep up with events and programs and be sure information is communicated to all who should know. In addition, the new Audio Video System in the Parish Hall has many capabilities for streaming, playing DVD's, slide shows, music, etc. To both ends, we are asking that you fill out a Communication and Tech Request Form for your events and email or turn it in to the office. Copies of the form will be available in the Parish Office and on the table in the Parish Hall. If you need help putting an announcement together, Susan is happy to assist.
The Parish Hall System Includes:
  • Comcast (Cable TV)
  • Sony TV 85" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV 
  • Sonos Wireless Sound System (5.1 Speakers)
  • Apple TV (Streams in applications).
  • Sony DVD 4K Player (DVD, CD's, USB JPEG)

    Inputs (4 HDMI, 3 USB) connects devices such as computers, flash drives.

    Applications: St. Paul's subscribes to Netflix, YouTube, Ted Talks, Etc. 

If you would like to schedule a family or church event that would benefit with the use of the system, please let the office know!

Check the website for the 
Approved September Vestry Minutes

The Treasurer's Report for
September and October will appear next month
I n The Garden

Thinking about how thankful I am for the beautiful clean up of St. Paul's campus.  Our students really appreciate their walk through the campus.  While working in the garden I have had interactions with several of them. 

Jacob, Jim (Wilson), and I were assisted by a passing young man when we were struggling getting the  big tiller into Jake's truck last spring.  He sprinted across from the path and lent his hand and muscle.  

Several students have passed by, some going to their parked cars in our lot, and stopped to say how they like looking at the garden.  I have explained to them that it is a donation garden and invited them to help on our work days.  As far as I know, none have come to help.  But when I have offered them a freshly picked tomato, squash or cucumber or some herbs, none could not refuse.  One young woman who lives at home and commutes explained that her mother would love to have the fresh produce as, due to illness, she is no longer able to garden and misses fresh summer produce. 

As I was weighing and loading butternut squash two weeks ago, a woman came into our campus with her camera and began photographing our beautiful colored trees.  She then stopped and watched the garden as I watched her from the kitchen window.  She paused for a long time and then took a picture.  She was gone when I got outside with a load of butternut.  I was going to offer her one.  I wonder if other garden workers have had students or community members/neighb ors come by?

These events remind me that all we do is visible to those who pass by and being out in our campus in any way invites opportunity to engage with our community.   Gardens are special places for relationship building among many other gifts attention to them offer.

God bless our garden and all who come to it and pass by it.
Kris Borre

The Garden CleanUp that was rained out will be rescheduled. 
Watch for news!
Celebration of Holy Eucharist
at Oak Crest,
Wednesday, November 21st, 2 PM

Fr. Georges Jallouf of St. Peter's
Episcopal Church in Sycamore will
conduct the service for the next few months.
From the Presiding Bishop

October 27, 2018

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has issued the following statement:

Dear Friends,

I'm here in Des Moines, Iowa at the convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa. It's Saturday, and several hours ago you learned, as did we all, that a gunman entered Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. A number of people have been killed and wounded. Our Jewish neighbors, our brothers and sisters, are fearful and we must stand with them and provide comfort and support for them and for all. It is reported that the gunman not only ranted anti-Semitic sayings, he has also ranted and spoken against immigrants and refugees and other peoples.

We must pray, we must pray for him, we must pray for the spirit of our nation, that a spirit of love and compassion and goodness and decency would pervade, and that spirits of hatred and bigotry would be cast away. But, above all, at this time, pray for those who have died and for their families and their loved ones. Pray for those who are wounded. Pray for the first responders, pray for our brothers and sisters in the Jewish community. Pray for the Tree of Life synagogue. Pray for the City of Pittsburgh. Pray for America. Pray for us all.

And then, go out and do something. Do something that helps to end the long night and helps to bring in the daylight. Visit a neighbor. Remind our Jewish brothers and sisters that they do not stand alone. Care for someone. Love. Stand for what is right and good. Then pray. And then act.

And pray:
Our Father, who art in heaven,
            hallowed be thy Name,
            thy kingdom come,
            thy will be done,
            on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses,
            as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
            but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory,
            for ever and ever. Amen.

God love you. God bless you. And may God hold us all in those almighty hands of love.

The Most Rev. Michael Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Episcopal Church
Diocesan Convention
November 16th and  17th

The 181st Annual Convention of the Diocese of Chicago will be held Friday, November 16  and Saturday, November 17 at the  Westin Lombard Yorktown Center in Lombard. 

Ray Suarez, a prominent journalist, author and lifelong Episcopalian will give the keynote address at the Diocese of Chicago's annual convention.
He will discuss a rapidly approaching tipping point--the year 2044, when demographers predict that a majority of Americans will be members of minority groups--and what it means for the church.  "It's going to have a tremendous bearing on the future of The Episcopal Church," says Suarez . "What kind of church do we want to be? If we, as a church, are successful in speaking to that new American mix, we'll be one kind of church. If not, we'll be on life support by the end of the 21st century."

St. Paul's delegates to the Convention are Father Ed Bird, Freyja Rasmussen-Johns, Marv Kombrink, Jennie Cummings, and alternate Bill Cummings. 
Reminders from the Parish Office
Rector's Discretionary Fund is collected the first Sunday every month. These funds are used to help people in need in our community. The next collection will be on Sunday, November 4,  2018.
Food Pantry Sunday  is the second Sunday of each month. You can bring your food any time and place it in one of the baskets. Non-perishable food items and monetary donations can be dropped off any Sunday, or at the Parish Office. Please make all checks out to St. Paul's with "Food Pantry" in the memo line.  The Food Pantry Sunday coming up is November 11, 2018.
Proclaimer Deadline: The deadline to send information for the monthly newsletter is the third Sunday of every month.  Please send any information you would like to see in the October 2018  issue of the Proclaimer to the Parish office by November 18 , 2018 .  Your pictures are also welcome.
The Parish Office hours are Mondays through Thursdays, 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Please remember to let the Parish Office know when you want to schedule meetings and get them on the calendar!
Flowers for the Altar

Dates are open for your dedications. 

The 2018 flower sign up sheet is next to the bulletin board outside the kitchen and dates can be selected for all months during the year. Generally the donation is about $30 for a Sunday. Greens only are usually used during Advent.
Food Pantry Reminders
Food Pantry donations in October included  92 diapers, 1152 wipes, and 50 food/other items for a year to date total of 9263 items. The next Food Pantry Sunday will be November 11, 2018.

St. Paul's has adopted the 1st Thursday of every month to help at the Salvation Army Food Pantry from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. Please contact Pat McMahon if you can help out in these months or can substitute in other months.

Items in large demand are diapers (size 4 and up), canned or fresh fruit, pet food and personal care items (toothpaste, shampoo, bath soap, etc.).
Contributions may be made at any time during the month, not just on the second Sunday.

Thanks to all whose donations help to make this  a successful ministry.   Pat and Vince McMahon
In Memory

Our brother in Christ, Robert Harkness, passed away peacefully at OakCrest Retirement Home on Saturday evening, September 22nd. 
The funeral for Bob will be held at St. Paul's on Thursday, November 15, with Visitation at 9:30 AM and the service will be led by Father Ed Bird at  10:30 AM. Inurnment will be in the Columbarium at St. Paul's. Following the service there will be a light luncheon in Parish Hall. Condolences and memorials can be made through  Butala Funeral  Home in Sycamore.
A nniversaries & Birthdays

November Birthdays

11/3               Clifford Cleland
11/3               George Nenonen
11/3               Jennifer Sitzes
11/6               Sandra Lee
11/8               Liam Stubblefield
11/10             Kathleen Johnson
11/11             Jacqueline Mounts
11/13             Lori Judkins
11/23             Dean Judkins
11/27             Brittany Altepeter

November Anniversaries

11/12 .         Lonnie and Gail Piper

Activities & Events

11/01         Book Club, 5:00 PM
                 Choir Practice, 7:00 PM
11/04         Ted Talks, 9:00 AM
                 10:30 AM Service -   All Saints Day
                  Garden CleanUp (weather pemitting) 3:00 PM
11/07         Ted Talks, 6:30 PM 
11/08          Children's Waiting Room, 1:00 PM
                  Choir Practice, 7:00 PM
11/11          8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Services
                  Ted Talks, 9:00 AM
                  England Slide Show, 11:45 AM
                  Vestry Meeting, 12:15 PM
11/14         Ted Talks , 6:30 PM
11/15           Choir Practice, 7:00 PM
11/16         Diocesan Convention - Lombard
                  Movie Night, 5:00 PM
11/17         Diocesan Convention - Lombard
11/18         10:30 AM Service - Fr. Ed's Last Day
                  Ted Talks, 9:00 AM
11/22         Thanksgiving, Office Closed
11/25         8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Services
                   Ted Talks, 9:00 AM
11/28         Ted Talks, 6:30 PM
11/29         Choir Practice, 7:00 PM 
11/30         Family Movie Night, 5:00 PM

Save the Date

12/2           Craft Show
12/5           Blue Christmas Service

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The Reverend Edward T. Bird IV, Rector 
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