Volume 11 | November 01, 2018
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President's Post
Valued Chamber Member,

Where did the first 10 months of the year go? We are heading toward Thanksgiving and already we are seeing Christmas commercials and movies on TV. It has been an exciting year at the Chamber.

Our First Friday Luncheons have been a success along with the Good Morning Defiance series also known as Business Before Hours. We have all of our First Friday Luncheons booked for 2019 and will be booking 4-5 Business Before Hours as well. We will be adding several new benefits for our members in 2019 that we will roll out next month. Please watch your inbox for these announcements.

The Chamber’s first event in November is our First Friday Luncheon with guest speaker Bill Lammers with the Dream Center. The Dream Center is doing some fantastic work in Defiance and we look forward to hearing what Bill has to say. You will not want to miss this luncheon. You will be very impressed with what the Dream Center is doing to help individuals by giving them a hand up. There have been thousands of hours donated to help people in need. You can register for this event via our website, contacting our office, or clicking on the link below.

We have our Defiance Chamber Foundation Reverse Raffle on Thursday November 8 th at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Elliot Road starting at 5:30pm. One ticket admits 2 people and you get the chance to win cash and door prizes. During this event we will be featuring The Taste of Defiance where you get the opportunity to taste many options Defiance has to offer along with an open bar. The proceeds from this raffle benefit our Foundation scholarship program, economic development and agriculture programs. Each ticket is $80 and you will have a great time and do a great deal of good.

We live in a great country with many freedoms that we take for granted at times. There are times I take our country for granted and sometimes I have to sit back to appreciate what I have. November is a month of Thanksgiving and the first date I want to remind you about is Veterans Day on November 12 th . We need to thank our veterans for the freedoms we enjoy. Many gave the ultimate sacrifice so you and I can have the opportunities we have in this country today. Let us remember those young men and women who had hopes and dreams of living a full life and raising a family as many of us have. They were called to service, while some came back, many did not. These veterans deserve our respect and when you see a veteran please show them your gratitude and thank them for their service.

November 6 th is Election Day and we have the freedom to go to the polls and vote. Estimates show that 58% of the eligible voters went to the polls during the 2016 elections. I know this percent will vary depending with what website you look at. Still with all the ways you are able to vote noone has an excuse not to vote. It is a privilege to vote, so please do so on November 6 th .
The link below will take you to the Defiance County Board of Election website.
The link below will take you to the web page to show where your voting location is. Some polling locations have changed this year.

The last day I want to remind you about is Thanksgiving Day on November 22 nd . This is the day we set aside to be thankful for all we have. It is a time family and friends gather. Please on this day gather with your family, loved ones, and celebrate the freedoms we have and be thankful for one other.

Lastly, as many of you know I will be leaving the Chamber at the end of the year. It has been an honor to serve in this position over the last three and a half years. I told the Chamber Board I want a smooth transition and hope to work with the new President in the month of December. I have hoped for the day of retirement but now as it fast approaches, I don’t know where all the years went. They have flown by very quickly and I do appreciate all the support and encouragement from members, friends, and especially my family. I will write more next month and hope to introduce you to the next President.

Darrell Handy
Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce
First Friday Luncheon
Friday, November 2nd
12:00-1:00 PM

November Keynote Speaker
Bill Lammers
Defiance Dream Center

Tickets to attend the event are $15.00

November 1st!
DCCC Events
Don't Forget to Turn Your Clocks Back
Election Day
Chamber Members,
Your Chamber Board is asking you to look very carefully at two issues on the ballot next week. The Chamber Board is asking you to take action on two issues on the November 6 th ballot. We are asking you to vote NO on State Issue 1 and to support our local issue for the E-911 Levy . We have outlined below why we are asking our members to Vote no on State Issue 1 and to support the E-911 Levy.
VOTE NO on State Issue 1

Five Reasons Issue 1 Must Be Defeated
Issue 1 on the November ballot, funded by George Soros and Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, purports to be about getting treatment for drug users. But it’s much more than that. It will also reduce even major drug possession offenses to the equivalent of traffic violations, it usurps the power and flexibility of Ohio’s judges and drug courts, it will levy huge costs on our counties with no funds to pay them, and it will endanger our families and children by flooding our streets with drugs – all at a time when opioid deaths in Ohio are exceeding the death toll from the Vietnam War. Issue 1 is a danger to Ohio. Here is what Issue 1 really does, and why it must be defeated:

1. Issue 1 makes possession of any amount of deadly drugs (including fentanyl) nothing more than a misdemeanor, and forbids jail sentencing for the first two offenses, no matter what quantities of drugs are involved.

2. Issue 1 significantly damages Ohio’s economy and our job development efforts. Ohio would be alone among states in our region with ultraliberal Issue 1 drug laws – at a time when Ohio employers already complain that they can’t find workers who can pass drug tests. Issue 1 will drive jobs from Ohio.

3. Issue 1 puts Ohio drug law in the Constitution where it can be changed only through lengthy process and vote of the electorate. Ohio will be unable to respond rapidly to any new drug threat.

4. Issue 1 will flood Ohio’s streets with drugs. With all deterrent gone except for traffic-violation level fines, possessors of drugs will laugh at police knowing they cannot be jailed.

5. Issue 1 enables the immediate release of as many as 10,000 felony offenders from Ohio prisons into our communities.*

Despite claims from supporters, experts including judges, prosecutors, and treatment professionals agree this issue will result in less people in treatment, not more.
*Proponents of Issue 1 say fourth and fifth degree non-violent felony offenses are “minor” and those in prison for them should be eligible to be released. But the fact is the vast majority of such offenders are in prison because of plea bargaining down from more serious offenses. Judges in Ohio do not imprison people they believe are not a threat to society. 
The major takeaways are that:
The amendment will not produce significant savings
  1. The amendment could actually increase costs to the state by tens of millions of dollars
  2. The amendment would add costs for local governments that would not be covered by the amendment
  3. There is no “addiction-to-prison” pipeline. The analysis states that there were 1600 F4/F5 offenders sent to prison in FY 2018 whose most serious offenses was drug possession. This number is projected to drop to 1200 in FY 2019. Fewer than 14 people per county. A little more than 0.01% of Ohio’s population. 

I encourage everyone to send this to anyone who would take the time to focus on the specifics of this issue. Please post about it on social media, and begin discussing it when you give talks about Issue 1. This OMB analysis completely refutes the proponents’ two main arguments – that there are too many addicts in prison and that if we could only get them out we would save $100 million a year. These are grossly misleading. 

Additionally, it is no small point that thousands of serious offenders will be released and many others won’t be prosecuted. Perhaps most alarming is that this proposal changes Ohio's Constitution - so if it passes, and the public starts to recognize the consequences - it will handcuff the legislature! It will be next to impossible to undo these dangerous provisions. Even if people believe changes are needed in the criminal justice system, those should be done through the legislative process and changed as needed like all other laws not through Constitutional Amendment.

Please help spread the word on this in anyway you can. This should not be seen as a partisan issue. It is about public safety and the administration of justice. If you want more specific information feel free to contact me.
Support the E-911 Levy
Your Chamber Board is asking you to support the passing of the levy on November 6 th . E-911 is facing many more State Mandates. The Citizens of E-911 asked the Chamber Board to endorse the passage of the levy for the following reasons is detail.

-           The 911 Advisory Board of Defiance County met to begin forecasting and preparing for budgets past the life cycle of the current 1 mil levy of Defiance County and determined the needs that could arise moving forward. Through forecasting of the current budget, it was determined that the need had arisen to look for additional levy monies to support the operation of the 911 center but to begin replacement of communications equipment in the 911 center and in the field.
What is the purpose of the issue? 
To continue the operation of the 911 center and communications equipment of Defiance County while ensuring compliance with state mandated requirements that were enacted on May 12, 2018.
How does this issue affect the business community? 
Successful passing of this levy will continue to fund the operations of the 911 center of Defiance County and improving the communications equipment throughout the county. This equipment is necessary to facilitate a response to an emergency and ensure communication with responders is not affected.
What action or position are you requesting The Chamber to take on this issue?
It is the request of the Citizens of 911 Levy that the Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce support and endorse the continued operations of the 911 center and the upgrading of the infrastructure of the 911 system and communications system which is the back bone of emergency response to incidents in Defiance County.
Below is how the additional monies will be used due to additional State Mandates.

As of May 12 th , 2018, all 911 centers in the State of Ohio were required to meet the following:
-           Minimum of two dispatchers on duty at all times
-           All dispatchers had to be Emergency Medical Dispatch trained
-           Required to provide continuing education to all dispatchers
-           All new hires after May 12 th are required to complete 40 hours of classroom training prior to beginning on the job training.
-           We are required to meet minimum call answering times
-           We are required to have backup systems in place i.e. generators, UPS
-           We are required to have building security measures in place
-           Emergency Operations Plans and Continuity of Operations plans were required to be in place.
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Chamber Gift Certificate Program
The Chamber's Gift Check program is available to all Chamber members as a benefit of your membership.  How would you like to give and/ or receive a gift certificate redeemable at local businesses including restaurants, specialty shops, and so much more? Well, the Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce Gift Certificates can do just that while keeping your hard earned dollars in our local economy!  These make perfect gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Employee Appreciation or any special occasion. ​
Benefits in Participating:
Included in your annual dues, your business is automatically enrolled in the Chamber Gift Certificate Program.

  • It’s good for our Chamber as we are able to offer an additional benefit at no charge to our members while promoting the local community.
  • It’s good for our members as they take advantage of a free benefit that is designed to drive traffic through member’s doors as a result of our promotion and advertising of the program.
  • It is great for our community, as this program promotes shopping local!

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