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This note is a personal Thank you to my TTN community for their support during a difficult time; a parent suddenly having a massive stroke to all the care and the unpredictable emotional ups and downs ending with a great loss. My family and I are grateful to all the good wishes, understanding  and support we received in the last 4 month. 

The TTN Philadelphia Chapter is growing - today we are 414 members. Our members enjoy a welcoming community with variety of activities and programs that provides opportunities to connect and form relationships. Check out our website and invite friends to join in on the fun.

Enjoy the crisp fall, call a TTN friend for a cup of coffee and walk or meet at a foodie dinner. This is the time to kick back and enjoy the exchange of color, the holidays and, above all, the great friendships we have.

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We're Back!  The Foodie Group's Last Event of the Year
It's been a while, but the Foodie Group is back with its final event of the year!
Join us at the last foodie event of 2018 at Zinc, a Parisian hidden gem, on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 6:00 PM.

Participants who attended past foodie events at Zinc have had a wonderful dining experience - typical of restaurants you have dined in Paris - excellent Gallic cuisine, French ambiance and a delightful, inviting  staff.  

Register here by November 2, 2018, to join us!
TTN's Literacy Campaign for Philadelphia Children a Success!
TTN's Children's Book Drive has been a great success, with over 600 books donated!  These books are now playing an important part in promoting literacy and encouraging a love of reading at the Julia de Burgos Elementary School in  North Philadelphia.  Many thanks to all who donated books to this very worthy cause of advancing children's literacy in Philadelphia.

We'd also like to give special thanks to TTN member Chris Kanter   for collecting over 2000 children's books.  This donation will go to Reading Recycled , a deserving organization that provides books to children who would otherwise grow up without books in their homes.
TTN Events:  Tea Tasting
We were treated to an exploration of teas from around the world.  Our expert guide, Kylie, covered the various quirks - the right water temperatures and brewing time - for the various varieties of this delicate and soothing beverage.  

TTN is an organization for professional women 50 and forward exploring life transitions. Transition Peer Groups are a signature program of TTN and provide a safe and stimulating environment for so many women to engage in discussion and learn from, laugh with, and support one another.
Many of the 180 women in Peer Groups have retired and are exploring the most rewarding ways to utilize their days. For a lot of these women, having a daytime peer group has been a nice addition to the many new facets they are bringing into their lives.

But we have many women working full- or part-time and find their daytime hours too full to add a Peer Group. C urrently all 17 groups meet in the daytime.   Several women have asked about an evening peer group to complement their busy working days.
The Peer Group Advisory Committee is ready to make a change to ensure we have an evening Peer Group, helping these women find the connections that so many women find in their Peer Group experience. 

We just need to know who is out there!
If you are interested in being part of an evening Peer Group now or in the future, reach out to Marcia Goldstein (

We are ready to make this happen. Are you?

Transition Peer Groups are a benefit of TTN membership.
Giving Circle Kicks Off a New Year!
Our 2018 Kickoff Event on October 11th was a sold out success!
Ann Lipshutz
Following introductions, Grants Committee Chair, Ann Lipshutz explained the steps in our grant making process and the many factors we consider before voting for our grantee. After Ann, several members described how, in different ways, the Giving Circle experience has impacted their lives. We then screened a video of highlights from our six years history of giving together.

Turning Points:  Andriea Cane, Lauren Willis, Monika Kreidie, Frank Tenant, Jr.

This year's grantee, Turning Points for Children YVLifeSet was represented by program director Lauren Willis and development officer Monika Kreidle. Lauren spoke about how our grant is being used to help youths aging out of the foster care system transition into a successful adulthood. 

 Monika Kreidie, Frank Tenant, Jr., Andriea Cane, Lauren Willis

To further illustrate the importance of the program, Andriea Cane, a YVLifeSet participant, described movingly, in her own words how the intensive case management she receives from her counselor is enabling her to succeed in accomplishing her own goals.

This year we are close to meeting our goal of $25,000. Don't forget, the deadline for donations is December 31, 2018. Please click here to donate now.

Giving Circle Reaches $100,000 in Donations!
This month The Giving Circle reached the $100,000 mark in total giving since our inception in 2013. Read about all our recipients.

This year we are close to meeting our goal of $25,000. Don't forget, the deadline for donations is December 31, 2018

We encourage all TTN members to join us in giving together to make a difference in our community. All donations are welcome but a donation of $200 or more will give you a voice in choosing our next grantee.

Please click here  to donate now.

November brings 2 new SIGs to our already dizzying array of Special Interest Groups.

Why Not Needlepoint? meets the second Tuesday of each month at a Rittenhouse area needlepoint shop to needlepoint, chat and pick up tips from one another. Lynn McCormick ( would love to hear from you if you're interested in joining. Due to space limitations, the group size is limited but a second group could be formed with enough interest.

Not to be outdone by their city counterparts, Suburban Ladies Who Lunch will meet monthly in the suburbs. Lunch should run about $30 and may include a chef talk along with conversation and community. Contact Joanne Bowes, ( to be included in the organizational meeting for this SIG that promises to be great fun for our suburban members (city folk are welcome, too)!
Our existing SIGs are thriving and many have open spots that are waiting for you. Here's are our SIGs with openings:

Creating Your Life Portfolio
Still Working
Suburban Ladies Who Lunch
Suburban Readers

Suburban Walkers
Why Not Needlepoint?
Schuylkill Walkers

Point of View
Anything Goes Book Club
Art of the Book
Murder by the Book
Murder, Ink
People Readers
A Stitch in Time
Bridge Babes
Film Fans
(Bryn Mawr)
Matinee at the County
Food for Thought
Ladies who Brunch

Pot Luck Suppers
Suburban Suppers

If you are interested in any of these SIGs, please check out our Special Interest Group webpage for information on days and time. The name of the SIG Lead is also listed and you can contact her to join.
For SIGs At Capacity, contact Joanne Bowes ( to be placed on the group's Wait List. Please be sure to indicate which SIG you are interested in the email.

Contact Joanne Bowes ( if you have SIG questions or suggestions for new groups.  Join us!

SIGs are a benefit of TTN membership.
SIG Highlight:  Point of View
Have you ever wanted to wander around picturesque Philadelphia with friends taking photos of the views? Well, now you can! 

Point-of-View, a SIG dedicated to enjoying Philadelphia photography, meets every month to walk, talk, and snap some photos along the way. 

We're not pros - we rely on smart phones, point-and-shoot cameras and a few SLRs. But we share everything we know and want to know about our city and how to take better pictures of it. 

We've walked around the historic sites at  Washington Square, and strolled along Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive. One hour for walking and taking pics; the second hour for sharing our photos, impressions and questions over a light snack at an area cafĂ©. 

Our next walk on November 6 will be along Martin Luther King Drive (aka West River Drive). 

Contact SIG leader, Sue Gordon ( ) to join us.

SIGs are a benefit of TTN membership.
Updates from the Programs Committee
The Programs Committee conducted two successful events in October and is already working on plans for 2019. 

Over twenty-five TTN members and guests gathered at the Ralston Center on October 16th to hear Dr. Dawn Mechanic-Hamilton discuss  Healthy Brain Aging. 

One participant commented that this was a win/win session, as "it was in keeping with one of the tenets of Cognitive Decline Prevention which is attending lectures and discussing what you learned with others." 

The key take home messages included maximizing cognitively challenging activities, physical exercise, brain- and heart-healthy nutrition and social engagement.   Some of our 2019 programming will build off the insights provided in this session.
The Women In Transition Workshop on October 17th included members and guests going through transitions ranging from selling a business, retirement, job loss, relationships beginning and ending, physical relocation, social isolation, financial stability, bringing more purpose/meaning in life, becoming empty nesters. 

Our participants said "it was good to meet other women in same stage of life and to talk about the issues we are experiencing" and "[the workshop was] very helpful in providing support and tools for moving through the transition cycle".   

We hope to offer the next Women In Transition workshop in the Spring on a Saturday so that more of our working members are able to participate.

Lastly, please register for Preventing Falls: Better Balance, perfectly timed for the end of Fall and the start of the season of falling!  Keeping you safe, active and flexible!

Please send suggestions and recommendations for future educational topics to Marsha Yankelev ( .   We're curating offerings for 2019 and need your input to ensure your needs and interests are addressed.