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MSSC New "Hands-on:" CPT+ Skill Boss Certification Launched

MSSC is actively spreading the word about its Certified Production Technician Plus (CPT+) "Skill Boss" certification as a new option within its CPT program. "Skill Boss" is a computer-controlled machine used for hands-on training and assessment. Colorful and more fun than a robot, "Skill Boss" will interest students in manufacturing career pathways. Portable and low-cost, Skill Boss will enable many more schools, including high schools that cannot afford high-cost tech centers, to offer hands-on MSSC advanced manufacturing production technician training and certification. For more information,  visit our website and check out the demo video below!

Skill Boss - Performance-based Assessment for Manufacturing

MSSC Now Represented in Every Community: Training Solution Providers Network

MSSC is offering its hands-on "CPT+ Skill Boss" program through a new network of 75 MSSC Training Solution Providers (TSPs). Working with community colleges and high schools throughout every state, TSP's have the exclusive right to sell all MSSC instructional material in their respective states, including CPT courses, CPT+ Instructor Training, and the Skill Boss device. For the latter, they will deliver and set up Skill Boss equipment with related tools and manuals. For your states TSP's contact information, please follow this link.
MSSC Meets Quality Assurance Criteria Identified by Leading Industry Group

The National Network of Business and Industry Associations, managed by the highly influential Business Roundtable, has recommended a solution to ensure the quality of industry certifications and apprenticeships. Based upon existing federal legislation, it proposes that federal funding for these programs be limited to those that are accredited by a nationally-recognized third-party personnel certification accreditor; or used by an entire industry or sector; or endorsed by a nationally-recognized trade association. This recommendation also includes eight criteria that federal agencies should consider. MSSC meets all these recommendations. For details, follow this link.
MSSC Certifications Part of Texas Prison Project

MSSC, in partnership with Redemption Bridge and made possible by a grant focused on underserved populations from the National Network of Business and Industry Associations, established a collaborative model in Texas to deliver training. Resulting in MSSC Certifications to youth and adults, both pre and post release from the correctional system. The model engages community colleges, who provide instructional assistance within correctional facilities. It also includes the formation of employer consortiums supported by industry associations. The model launched within the Seagoville Federal Prison is supported by Dallas County College and the Management Training Corporation (MTC) in Venus, which is supported by Hill College.

Policy & Trends
Perkins V and WIOA Coordination Guide

Advance CTE and the National Skills Coalition released a new resource,  Coordinating Across Perkins V and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. This guide looks at six opportunities to promote coordination across Perkins V and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) as states develop and implement plans under Perkins V. To access the report,  follow this link. More information and additional resources on Perkins V can be found at
5 Keys to Better Align College Training with Workforce Needs

A new report highlights five key elements to successfully resolving a thorny and much-discussed issue that dogs colleges and universities: the reported misalignment of the skills employers need and the training colleges offer. 

The Education Commission of the States examined four states' efforts to develop workforce and post-secondary systems- Connecticut, Oregon, South Carolina and Texas. It identified common themes of data utilization, stakeholder coordination and collaboration, leaders committee to raising awareness around the issue, aligning curriculum with workforce needs, and access to federal and industry funding. To view the full report follow this link.
The Future of Work in Manufacturing

To help manufacturing leaders and workers visualize the possibilities of the future, The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte has developed a series of personas that describe what jobs could look like in 2025. The reports just released, The Future of Work in Manufacturing: "What will jobs look like in the digital era" explores from the workers perspective how work has changed, what kinds of skills and career pathways they have, the types of digital tools that assist them in their work and what a normal day on the job looks like. Follow this link for the full report.
Bringing Offshore Business Operations Back to the U.S.

Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, leads an initiative to promote the practice of transferring offshore business operations or sourcing back to the U.S. Listen to Harry via this link or the video below as he talks about how America can grow manufacturing by 40% without tariffs at the International Manufacturing Technology Show. Through strategies, examples and data, he presents a strong case on how to make the U.S. a manufacturing leader again.  

Harry Moser | Friday Morning Main Stage Presentation - IMTS 2018

Career and Technical Education:

In honor of Veteran's Day, MSSC would like to highlight the hard-working women and men who are either active duty or veterans that have earned our industry-recognized certifications in manufacturing and logistics. Thus far, MSSC has certified over 2,300 military individuals. This all begins with the dedication of our MSSC Assessments Centers, which include 43 military bases & 124 Military Friendly Centers. In this month's section of our Community News we are highlighting Ft. Lee and the Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center (KMCC).

Ft. Lee is based in our headquarters home state of Virginia. Below is a photo of soldiers in the U.S. Army who are working towards their Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) & Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) certification to continue their pathway into a lucrative career in supply chain.
"LTD Credentialing, working closely with the 92A and 92Y ALC/SLC Small Group Leaders of the Noncommissioned Officer Academy, successfully enrolled into the Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) - Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) Credentialing Program, over 130 NCOs currently at Fort Lee attending their respective Leadership Course. All of the NCOs will take the CLA/CLT Exam while at Fort Lee within the next 20 days."- Via the LTD U.S. Army Quartermaster School Facebook Page

MSSC Center, Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center (KMCC), created this informative video highlighting their work with veterans. Since 2013, KMCC has helped nearly 1,400 individuals including many veterans find quality jobs in advanced manufacturing and offers training to assist those transitioning into civilian careers. One of the centerpieces of this program is our Certified Production Technician (CPT) Certification. Here is their story:

Training for Veterans at the KMCC

For more information on how your school or company can become more involved in our work with veterans and active duty military, please e-mail or  visit our website!
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