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Sticking cuttings at Centerton Nursery. Rice hulls applied for weed prevention.

IPPS Tour Undeterred by Rain in New Jersey
In spite of continued rain, spirits remained high as attendees toured three premier production nurseries in New Jersey on the second day of our 2018 conference held in Newark Delaware.  Following a morning of great speakers, buses headed out to Centerton Nursery, Overdevest Nurseries and Rivendell Nursery.  Tour details and photos HERE.  

Greenhouse Climate Screens Offer Savings

Climate screens or energy/shade curtains affect the incoming light transmission and heat retention within a greenhouse-both factors that greatly affect a greenhouse's total energy usage. While greenhouse curtains represent an upfront expense, they typically pay for themselves in energy savings in three to five years, and sometimes in as few as 18 months. 
Check out predicted energy cost reductions and learn how to optimize your overall greenhouse climate HERE.  

Shelby French, Student Scholarship Coordinator 

Felt Welcomed & Included!

Giving a pat on the back to all you IPPS- ER attendees who helped welcome students at our Conference in September. The students noticed! Also,"the number of students in the IPPS-ER Student Scholarship Program doubled this year due to the high priority placed on students by the ER board," said Shelby French, Student Scholarship Coordinator for IPPS-ER. Click HERE for photos and students' comments.

Save the Dates: October 16-19, 2019
 IPPS Eastern Region 2019 Annual Conference:
  Madison, Wisconsin 
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