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Northwoods Book Arts Guild
NBG Studio, Caribou Building

NBG Studio
Please join us on Sunday, November 11, from 1-3:00pm, for a celebratory Annual Meeting!
  • Renew memberships for 2019 - receive a marbled paper gift for renewing early!
  • Elect Officers for 2019
  • Exchange Holiday Greeting Cards & choose book exchange themes for 2019
  • Hold an Auction of Book Arts items (see below to contribute)
  • Hold the Annual Scarf Auction, of course!
  • Show and Tell about our favorite Book Arts projects of the year
  • Set Book Arts Goals for 2019
  • Shop at Paper Birches
  • Enjoy snacks and sip cider
Please bring:
  • Your Book Art Auction donation(s): tools, such as knives, rules, pliers, bone folders, brushes, markers, pencils, etc; materials, including papers, book cloth, boards, paints, embellishments, etc; studio resources, such as books, lighting, tool organizers, artist books, etc; your scarves, for what iz zee artiste, wizout ze scarf!
  • Your Holiday Greeting Card for the Exchange
  • Your favorite book arts projects of the year!
  • Your money, for membership renewal and shopping and bidding! (cash, check, or charge card accepted)
  • Your friends & family!
Questions? Answers here!


Holiday Bazaar
Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center
First Friday, December 7  5-8pm
Saturday, December 8  10am-4pm
Our Guild has been selected to host a table
for the sale of artist books at this  
PREMIER 2018 Holiday Art Bazaar!
ALL members are invited to participate!
*  The majority of books for sale at this event should feature artwork that relates to Alaska, its lands, its people, and its history, or be made from Alaskan-derived materials.
*  Help us show Fairbanks that artist books make great gifts!
*  Artists may keep all proceeds from the sale of their items, but we would like to ask for a 10% donation to the Guild.
*  Artists who plan to sell between one and four items are not obligated to sit at the table. Artists who plan to sell five or more items should sign up for a three hour shift.
*  Books for sale, completed entry form, and price tag bookmarks must be delivered to our table at Morris Thompson Visitors Center on Friday, December 7, between 3:30 and 4:30pm.
More information and inventory form available here.


Casements for our limited edition of IMPRINTS, poems and prints by NBG members, are in  progress! The clamshell boxes will house and protect the books elegantly. Guild members are invited to join in the work sessions that meet on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Announcements of work sessions come to your mailbox as NBG NOTES. If you are already signed up, you will continue to receive these notices.

More information here to join us!



UAF WinterMESTER Workshops

 Botanical Art: What Color is Winter?
with Karen Stomberg 
January 5, 6 and 7
More information here

3D Book Making- Box Books  
 January 11, 12, and 13
with Margo Klass
More information here.

The Origami Poems Project   publishes microchaps of poems formatted on a single sheet of paper. The paper folds origami-style (using what NBG refers to as the French Fold structure) into palm-sized books.  Download each microchap (at no charge) from the website.  Alaska's own Emily Wall has two microchaps on the site. More information about the project, printing and folding the book, and subscribing to their newsletters here .

Call for Entries
Exhibition: ART OF THE FOLD
by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol

Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, CO, is hosting an exhibition of  book works created with any of the structures in the newly published The Art of the Fold by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol. More information here about the exhibition and how to submit. Deadline for submissions is December 17.

Something new: Dwarsliggers!

Discover these tiny pocket-sized  flipback  books - they are the size of a cellphone and no thicker than your thumb, with paper as thin as onion skin. They can be read with one hand - the text flows horizontally, and you can flip the pages upward, like swiping a smartphone.

Read all about them here.


Soft Cover Coptic Binding
with Margo Klass
Sunday, November 4, 10am-4pm
NBG Studio
More information  here.

NBG Annual Meeting
Sunday, November 11  1-3pm
NBG Studio

Holiday Bazaar
Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center
Friday, December 7  5-8pm
Saturday, December 8  10am-4pm

Imprints Work Sessions
Continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays
 Notification of times and other information
 by NBG Notes.
Sign up  here to receive notifications.
NBG Studio

More details to come in the Newsletter and on our website!

Need bookmaking tools? 
A fine selection is available at If Only...a fine store!
215 Cushman Street, Fairbanks

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