Volume 11 | November 2018
November 27th is Giving Tuesday, a global giving movement and the opening day of the giving season. Millions of people come together to support and champion causes they believe in and the communities in which they live. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are well known for getting great "deals."
Make Giving Tuesday a day for giving back!

Every act of generosity means even more when we give together!

Help Us Provide Holiday Meals
to Families
Who Struggle with Hunger

Our goal is to raise $25,000 in November, which helps create 150,000 holiday meals

$336 helps provide a family of four with one month of meals
$252 helps provide a family of four with three weeks of meals
$168 helps provide a family of four with two weeks of meals
$84 helps provide a family of four with one week of meals

"The people at the pantry have been a blessing. Right away, they took away my fear and made me feel at home."
-- Keisha, Registered Nurse, South Carolina
"I skip breakfast or lunch almost every day to help stretch our food, but I can't let my children do that. If they're hungry, I make them something to eat."
-- Michelle, South Carolina
"I'm grateful to have a meal delivered to me through the food bank. The volunteers who bring the food are just wonderful and I look forward to seeing them. It makes my day."
-- Dorothy, South Carolina
A HUGE thank you to  College of Charleston 's Greek Life for tripling their impact on food-insecurity in our community by participating in
their annual Pep Supper.

The fraternities and sororities raised more than $54,000 and collected 2,930 pounds of food for people who struggle with hunger.

Want to get your school or organization involved?
Walmart Bimbo Bakeries USA  and  Tyson Foods  teamed up recently to donate 15,000 pounds of bread and chicken to the Lowcountry Food Bank through a partnership with  Feeding America ! Lowcountry Food Bank President and CEO Pat Walker expressed sincere thanks for their generous donations that helped feed people in coastal South Carolina who are struggling with hunger .

Lowcountry Food Bank Intern Profile: Savannah Weeks
We are so happy to have Savannah Weeks with us as a dietetic intern from MUSC this year! Her internship at the Lowcountry Food Bank (LCFB) is part of a 10-month supervised practice that helps train interns to understand the link between food insecurity and nutrition. Her studies will also prepare her to be a skilled dietitian and learn public advocacy skills. Her work includes rotations in community nutrition education and the Zucker Family Production Kitchen. Savannah’s internship is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which is committed to improving the nation's health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education, practice and advocacy.
“I have a background in music,” said Savannah, “but after two years of college, I realized I loved science after all!” Upon discovering how to identify and analyze scientific food trends and food data, she chose to pursue a program in the field of nutrition.
At the Lowcountry Food Bank, Savannah has already conducted Cooking Matters classes, which teach children and families about food preparation, making healthy food choices and sensible food shopping. She has led an interactive Lunch and Learn session focused on food protein and developed recipes for healthy senior meals in the Zucker Family Production Kitchen, where she ensured meals were cost effective, tasted great and met stringent guidelines.The meals, including baked ziti squash, couscous and chicken parmesan, are being added to the monthly rotation of meals distributed to seniors in our community!
To learn more about the Lowcountry Food Bank Nutrition Education department, click here.
Lowcountry Food Bank
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