November 2018
Chamber of Commerce Monthly Newsletter
Merry Market - Limited Vendor Space Available!
Registration for this year's Merry Market is ongoing. With over 1000 customers last year, this event is a huge hit for consumers and vendors alike! Registration is over 80% now so spaces are filling up! Book your booth before it's too late!

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Business of the Year Awards

The Business of the Year Awards were another successful event this year. There were five categories for nomination including best retail, best customer service, best community spirit, new business and long standing.
IGA, above won for best Community Spirit, next five below, clockwise from the right, Five Star Auto Detailing, for best Long Standing, ING & McKee for best Service, Solid Gold Esthetics for best New Business, Servus Credit Union for best Community Spirit, (tied IGA), Happy Camper Children's Boutique for best Retail.
All the award winners, right, and all the nominees, below.

Hi there! I’m Ray Olfert and I’m the owner of Dad’s Day Off Games & Hobbies. Some of you may be wondering what is behind that large shield across from the Post Office. Well, nothing actually. Just the frame that holds the shield in place. In the building behind it, you will find all sorts of games, puzzles and models. Need some paint for that model? Got that. Missing some dice or couple of cards from a deck and need a new one? Got that too. What about storage for that special deck of cards? Yep. There are games for everyone from the age of 2 to 102, 2 players to party games. Games have been a passion of mine for a very long time and opening this store is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Christmas is coming up and it will mark my 1 st anniversary. Imagine that! As well as being a business owner, I’m also one of your Town Councillors. Stop on by and check out what’s in store.
Ray Olfert
Dad’s Day Off Games & Hobbies
In search of mentors! 
Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking for in school mentors in Blackfalds! Only one hour a week.
For more information you can email or phone 403-782-7870
Thanks so much!
Bailee Wigmore
Rural Case Worker
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lacombe & District
Lacombe Office 403-782-7870
"Imagine who they will become, because of you."
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Webinar presentation is being held at the Wadey Centre, 4400 South Street, Wednesday November 14th. Make sure to register if you haven't already!
You’ve got a lovely shop but not enough customers. Now what? We’ll show you how to increase your sales while becoming one of your downtown core’s “anchor tenants.” You’ll learn the five things you can do to increase sales, including great examples of irresistible store names, retail signage, façade improvements, effective lighting, window displays, exterior displays and how to pull passers-by into your shop
Registration Price:
  • Free for DDA Members (Join Now)
  • $49 for Non-Members
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