Piedmont Handgun Assn. President's Newsletter
November 2018
Hello Fellow PHA Members
I'd like to thank all of you for voting me in as your Club President. I'll do my best to keep our club on a proactive path. I will also appreciate all of your help.

Thank you.
Ray Owens

New Location for Monthly Meeting
At our September meeting, there was a motion to change our meeting location. We tabled the motion until the Board, and any other member who wanted to, could go to the Ocean View Seafood Restaurant to check out the meeting room and sample the food. The Board met at Ocean View Seafood on October 7th and had dinner there as well as the monthly Board meeting. After some discussion, the Board voted to change restaurants and took this recommendation to the Club's October meeting. After some discussion at the General Meeting, the Club voted to make the change. The November 8th Club Meeting will be held at the Ocean View Seafood Restaurant, 1803 Cotton Grove Road, Lexington NC 27292. The Board and those who recommended it feel this is the best location we have had in a long time.Place article copy here. Be sure to make the articles short and concise as people tend not to read much more than a couple of paragraphs. Place article copy here.
Reminders for our Members.
As we approach the end of another year here are some reminders for our Members.

  • When Davidson County Schools are closed due to snow or ice on a meeting night, we we will not have a meeting. If they close due to rain or flooding, the meeting will be held as long as the venue has power. Make your own judgement about whether you will come, based on your own personal situation.
  • Please be aware that the roads inside PHA can be treacherous in bad weather.. When there is snow or ice on the Club's roads, it can be very difficult to climb the hill to the high-power range from the 50/100 range. It can also be difficult to get from the 50/100 yard range to the shotgun range, even with a 4WD vehicle. It is a shaded area and snow and ice will melt slowly there. Check it out before driving there or risk getting stuck.
  • Remember to keep the front gate locked at all times except for Saturday or Sunday when we are having matches. The Match Signs should be posted if the gate is unlocked.
  • This Club is your Club. If you see trash, please pick it up. We have trash cans at all of the ranges and bays. If you take a trash bag to the dumpster, please put another bag in the trash can. Extra bags may be draped over the side of the can or you can find them in the clock building on the 100-yard range.
  • If you witness any vandalism or see an unsafe act, please report it to a Board member. Ideally we would need a name or car tag number and well as date and time of the incident. We have cameras at multiple locations on the ranges and by having the date and time we can quickly find the appropriate video. Everyone is responsible for keeping our ranges clean and safe!
  • In order to be cost effective and keep every member better informed, out primary method of communication will be by EMail. Please make sure that we have your current EMail address. All EMails will be sent blind copy so that no one else will see your EMail address. PHA does NOT share its EMail lists with anyone under any circumstances.
  • Our Club was founded on volunteerism, so please volunteer to help at matches you have interest in. Match Directors are always looking for help. Hosting a Match is hard work. And if you see something that needs to be cleaned up, please do so. Please participate in clean up days. We can always use more help.
A Special Thanks!!

I would like to send out a special "Thanks" to all those who helped at the Open House in September. It was a special and outstanding day that was made possible by the volunteers who devoted their time and resources to help. For those who were not able to attend, it was food, fun, and lots of shooting.I hope everyone had a chance to go to the 50 and 100-yard range to see what looked like a museum of vintage rifles that our members, Andy Askew and Jay Hall, brought out to let anyone shoot for free. It is a thrill to shoot a 160-year old vintage rifle. A very special thanks to these two for giving us all an opportunity to handle and shoot museum quality rifles.

The Buffalo Match will continue.

So please come out and support it.

Closing Remarks

PHA is not a political organization. Our function is to promote shooting and firearms ownership and we have performed that function for almost forty years without being politically active. If you are receiving this EMail, then you believe in the Second Amendment and the individual right to own firearms without an undue burden imposed by our government. This Tuesday is a curcial election for firearms ownership. Please make sure your voice, as a gun owner is heard.

Thank you.
PHA President, Ray Owens

See you on the range.