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THE PHOENIX BEAKIN'             
November 3rd
Springfield, VA
Leo Douglas
November 10th
Fairfax, VA
Things I Wish I'd Known
November 10th
Alexander, NC
A Parrot's Point of View
November 11th
Cary, NC
A Parrot's Point of View
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Dr. Leo Douglas, Birds Caribbean
November 3rd in Springfield, VA
Let's talk about the parrots and birds of the Caribbean! Dr. Douglas is the immediate past president of BirdsCarribean, a non-profit organization with a particular dedication to educational and conservation campaigns. It's mission is to preserve and respect the native species in that area, so they do not decline and eventually become extinct. Dr. Douglas wants us to be good stewards of our environment, and of the Caribbean most especially, so that the invaluable natural heritage is preserved for all people to enjoy.
2018 Combined Federal Campaign
Federal employees anywhere in the world can donate to their favorite charities through the workplace campaign until January  11, 2019. The code for Phoenix Landing is 31469.  You can join the CFC Giving Campaign at . The parrots of Phoenix Landing appreciate your support!
With almost 2,900 birds in the Phoenix Landing adoption system, we know that many birds will need several new homes across their long lives. This is particularly true of the larger species such as macaws, cockatoos, and Amazons. Unfortunately, these are also the species that we find hardest to help very quickly. Relinquishers often wait years for their big birds to enter our system because we just don't have enough homes. If you would like to learn how to live  successfully with a larger bird, we are here to help! Start with our adoption application and a core class, and we will assist you with the important information needed for adopting larger parrots.
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
We are showcasing some of our largest adoptable birds this month, but there are many other birds looking for their homes.  2,870 birds have entered the Phoenix Landing adoption program since 2003, many of which have already been adopted more than once. Birds can live a long time and deserve to have a succession of good homes. There are currently 120 birds in foster, and 144 others waiting for our help.  Please consider adoption first!  Here are just a few of our many adoptable birds. Learn more about our process here:
SHIARA,  a 16 year old greenwing macaw, and APOLLO , a 14 year old blue throat macaw, are good friends.  Shiara is starting to eat her veggies and fruits, but Apollo still just wants his nuts and a bit of pellets. Apollo loves taking showers from a spray bottle and Shiara is exploring her foster home more as she gets more comfortable. Apollo says "hi" and "hello" and is starting to try to sing a bit. Unfortunately their person of many years found herself in bad health, a given potential problem for all of us with long-lived birds.  (currently in North Carolina)
RICO  is a male double yellow headed Amazon, his formal name is Rodrico Santa Fe. He just lost his person of 35 years unexpectedly. He says "you look so cute" and "give me a kiss." Like most birds, especially Amazons, he needs to give you permission to be in his personal space if you wish to build trust and a positive relationship. He is reportedly very clear with his body language when he prefers to be left alone. Rico has been regularly to his veterinarian (SEAVS) f0r his whole life, he is a good pellet eater, and is regularly on Omega 3's to maintain proper cholesterol health.   (currently in Virginia)
MIRANDA is a blue and gold macaw. We don't know her age or background, but she was relinquished to an animal shelter and then transferred to Phoenix Landing. She is very interactive and smart! She likes playing games, dancing, and flapping her wings for exercise. She also loves toys with wood blocks that have grooves in them for easy chipping. In her foster home, she is currently going through the "Fundamentals of Learning" class from, and is learning colors and more. Follow her progress as she learns via our Facebook page! A video of her learning colors may be found here  (currently in North Carolina)
MISSY  is a 24 year old female umbrella cockatoo. We all know how smart parrots are, and cockatoos most especially. Absent lots of physical and mental activity, they can resort to less desirable and noisy behaviors. Missy was adopted for over 10 years by a family that provided her with an abundance of action. Her adopter now faces health challenges, so Missy is looking for another busy life with a new family. Keeping her physically busy and not over-snuggled is definitely one of the recipes for living successfully with a super smart cockatoo.  Cockatoos also appreciate households with other birds to keep them company, potentially  other cockatoos.   (currently in Virginia)
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