November 2018
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How to Win Florida
Florida is the ultimate swing state, the land of the political cliffhanger. Donald Trump also won it by 1 percent over Hillary Clinton in 2016. Barack Obama won it by 1 percent over Mitt Romney in 2012. George W. Bush famously (or, for some, notoriously) won it by just 537 votes over Al Gore in 2000. I f you add up the 50 million votes Floridians have cast in the past seven presidential elections, a mere 20,000 votes separate the two parties—about 0.04 percent. 

Clearwater Special Referendum, Constitution Revision Commission Amendments, State-wide Races
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Did you know that more than a quarter million Floridians have registered to vote since the Primaries?

Business Florida: Boundless Opportunity Awaits
Florida has always been a magnet for dreamers and doers. It was, after all, to this place that explorers from the old world came to plant their first permanent settlement in the new. And it was from this place a little more than four centuries later that another band of explorers left to plant their footprints on the moon.

Today, dozens of dreamers and doers stake their futures on Florida each year by relocating or expanding their businesses here.

Why here, why now? 

Got a letter saying your Florida voter registration needs updating? Don’t panic (yet)
Her friends and family told her not to vote by mail.
They had read news stories warning of rejected ballots across the county, and decided the risk was too great.

But Laura Redwine was busy, and besides she had nothing to hide. She'd already voted by mail in the 2018 primary, she said, her first time casting a ballot in Florida after she moved here last year. She bubbled in her picks and sent the form.

Then she got a letter from Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections. It said officials needed an updated signature from Redwine, on a Florida Voter Registration Application, which was included in the envelope. The letter was dated Oct. 26 and reached her the week before election day, long past the registration deadline for what she considered a critical midterm.

Pushing toward a turnout record for a Florida midterm: 3.7 million votes in
Voters keep voting in Florida as turnout soared past the 3.7 million mark on Wednesday.

Having already exceeded the total early and vote-by-mail turnout in the last off-year election in 2014, Florida now takes aim at the overall 2014 turnout of 6 million voters.

Business Pulse Survey
We want to know what the Tampa Bay area needs, or needs more of.
What is Tampa Bay missing? Responses can be related to anything from sports to tourism to travel.

Looking ahead: Florida TaxWatch publishes guide for ‘whoever’ wins gubernatorial election

While Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum have fundamental differences in how state government should be shaped for the next four years, each will face the important task of ensuring it continues to operate.

That’s why the nonpartisan research and policy group  Florida TaxWatch  is again publishing its “ Governor’s Transition Decision Handbook ,” a cheat-sheet aimed to help the prevailing gubernatorial candidate move seamlessly from the campaign to the official office.

There's a lot more to Homestead Exemption than people realize.
Proposed Changes mean even more to consider.

Want to know more about what changes mean for Pinellas County Residents?

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