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November 2018 Newsletter 


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Message from our Director of Missions  

My dear fellow servants of God,

We had 34 people from 19 churches attending the Annual meeting. It was an inspiring meeting. I wish more people from more churches in our Association would come next year. It will not be another event that wastes your time. Please mark in your church and personal calendars that the next Annual meeting will be on Saturday October 19th, 2019. One of our churches, FSBC of Granada Hills which is pastorless, sent in the most number of messengers. Is that something that really encourages us? The featured speaker, Vern Hancock who is the new DOM of the Gold Coast association next door, delivered the great message that elaborates the theme of the meeting "Realize Our Dreams For God's Kingdom." Vern has presented one by one Biblical principles and encouraged us to join Him because God is at work in our world. After laying the thoughtful foundation for our ministry our speaker suggested a practical model that includes five essential parts to any church planting and strengthening. You may check the link in this newsletter issue to fetch his slideshow presentation to learn more details.

Regarding the future direction of our Association, I challenged our churches to reach out and share the Good News to at least 200,000 people living in our area of ministries. I pray that we together will reach this goal within three years. The goal appears very challenging but not impossible. I strongly request the enthusiastic cooperation from those who would catch the vision and work with me as a solid team to develop the strategy that can make the dream come true. I believe together, we will turn a new page in the life of our Association. The Mission Impossible must become the Mission Incredible because "God is at work". Theoretically, if half of the total estimated 8000 members of our 70 churches would commit to share the Gospel to one person each week we can reach the goal within a year. (4000 persons x 50 weeks = 200,000). However, there are lots of variables in the reality we have to deal with. The big question "HOW TO?" is making me spend more sleepless nights in San Fernando Valley!
I would set myself as an example to reach out as many people as possible by next Sunday, November 4th. We have invited 120 non-believing friends/acquaintances/relatives (out of 160 guests) to attend our 42nd Anniversary celebration. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please continue to pray for us and for this evangelistic opportunity. My wife and I plan to tell our story and reveal to our guests how God and His Word bless our marriage (almost half of our guests experience either broken marriage or struggle in their relationship between husband and wife.) I hope that our Christian guests would join us to express our TLC to our prospects in order to win them for Christ. I will keep you informed later the outcome of this event. In the meantime, join with me to catch the vision God cast to us.

In His Service,
T. A. Nguyen, your servant leader

Annual Meeting Fellowship Luncheon 
October 20, 2018
Thank you to Berea Bible Church for hosting us! 

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November 7 - James Lam
November 11 - John Park
November 14 - Gary Tibbs
November 16 - Matt Lawson
November 19 - Frederick Ylaya
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