SFCCPA November 2018 Events & Updates

Our next SFCCPA Community Meeting, Monday evening, November 26 brings highlights of the NAEYC conference home. Kaile Thomas, SFCCPA board member, and Director of San Francisco Family Support Network, Safe & Sound, will present on the role of teacher as researcher and Voices of Practitioners . Join us just after your Thanksgiving break. Details and registration here and below.

Prop C (June) – ECE for All Updates
While the legal suit against the ECE for All legislation is underway, the Child Care Planning and Advisory Council (CPAC) and the Office of Early Care & Education (OECE) continue to move planning forward. They are collaborating on two AdHoc committees to take a deep look at implementation planning: one focused on workforce compensation, the other on expanding ECE capacity. Additionally, the OECE will be convening opportunities for broad community participation over the next nine months. See dates below.

As the SFCCPA director, and CPAC member, I am working actively with the AdHocs to plan the implementation of June’s Proposition C, ECE for All. I appreciate your participation and input to create structures and funding allocations that best support your work. If you have ideas to share or want to be part of the planning, and can’t make the meetings listed below, email me: sara@ecesf.org .

ECE and Equity — to be highlighted at SFCCPA's ECE Issues Event, January 25
In addition to planning, it is important for our community, educators and families with young children, to actively make clear to our broader community and legislators what a critical issue access to quality child care is — for our community’s children, women, families and the community itself. Women with young children are the fastest growing population without stable homes. Women’s hourly pay inequity is exacerbated by their years out of the paid workforce providing care and education for free — lifetime earnings are far below the hourly pay equity gap between men and women.

Further, paid work providing care and cognitive support to seniors, or care and education to especially young children, but children of all ages is genderized and paid far less than the value provided. We need to be a vocal and active part of connecting these issues so that when housing is named as a priority issue, we clearly communicate that access to housing for women, and families with young children, depend on access to child care and education and pay equity for all who work to provide care and education .

Save the date! On Friday, January 25, SFCCPA’s ECE Issues Event luncheon Lea Austin, of the Center for Study of the Child Care Employment will address the impact of pay equity issues in the early care & education field, and early care educators will highlight the important work we do to local legislators — making sure all, but especially our five new San Francisco supervisors fully support increased funding for ECE. Don’t miss this opportunity to speak with your legislators. Do you have a story highlighting the importance of our work, or the impact of the educator staffing crisis? Email me: sara@ecesf.org .

See below for meeting and event details, City College classes, upcoming conferences, and articles and research on low wages for educators — ECE and K12, as well as strategies and actions to make change for and by educators, including the SF Supervisor's passage of the Minimum Compensation Ordinance amendment raising wages for low-income non-profit workers.

Best wishes for time with family and friends,
Sara Hicks-Kilday, Director
San Francisco Child Care Providers' Association
SFCCPA Community Meeting

Monday, November 26
6:15 – 8:30 PM
Children's Council, Room 120
445 Church Street, San Francisco

November’s SFCCPA Community Meeting brings a bit of the NAEYC Conference home to you.  Kaile Thomas, SFCCPA board member, and Director of San Francisco Family Support Network,  Safe & Sound, will have just returned from the conference. Come hear highlights, as well as her presentation for  Voices of Practitioners , exploring the role and process of teacher as researcher.

Bring a friend, and grow an active & engaged early care and education community!
OECE/CPAC Prop C ECE4All Planning AdHoc Committees

Last June San Francisco passed Proposition C, raising an estimated $120M for Early Care for All. The funding will allow us to move forward in essential areas:
  • serving families on the current waitlist
  • addressing the workforce crisis
  • ensuring quality service
  • expanding eligibility for early care & education services

To plan priorities and implementation OECE & CPAC are collaborating on two AdHoc Committees. See the charge of each committee, dates, and email cpacsanfrancisco@gmail.com to RSVP your attendance below.
CPAC/OECE AdHoc Workforce Compensation Committee

Charge: To recommend a method of how Prop C funding can be used by OECE to increase ECE educator compensation and improve work environments. Please email cpacsanfrancisco@gmail.com to let us know you’ll join the next meeting.

6:30 – 8:30 PM
Children's Council
445 Church Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Wednesday Nov 28
Wednesday Dec 19
Wednesday Jan 23
Wednesday Feb 27
Wednesday March 27
CPAC/OECE AdHoc Access/Expansion Committee

Charge: To recommend a method of how Prop C funding can be used by OECE to expand access , especially to infants and toddlers, include moderate income families in mixed income environments and increase capacity in ELS-qualified programs. Please email cpacsanfrancisco@gmail.com to let us know you’ll join the next meeting.

6:00 – 8:00 PM
Children's Council
Room 409
445 Church Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Monday Dec 10
Monday Jan 14
Monday Feb 11
Monday March 11
Prop C/ECE4All Implementation Planning Town Hall

The Office of Early Care & Education will also be holding Town Halls and other opportunities to engage in June’s Prop C/ECE4All implementation planning.

First session:
Saturday, December 8, 2018
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
San Francisco Public Library
Latino/Hispanic Rooms A & B
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco

Save the Date!

SFCCPA's ECE Issues Event
Friday, January 25, 2019

An opportunity to speak with your legislators about the transformative work we do as early care educators. This will be a lunchtime event in the Civic Center area. More details and RSVP request to come.

Educators who want to help plan this & other SFCCPA activities, join us December 5, 6:30-8:30 pm. Email sara@ecesf.org for location & details.
Save the Date!

Leadership & Equity Summit

March 2, 2019
9 AM – 4 PM
Knuth Hall
Creative Arts Building
$10 admission
Breakfast & lunch included

SFCCPA is collaborating with EDvance & ECE community partners to bring you the Leadership & Equity Summit – for early childhood education students, practitioners, & community members.
City College SF, Four GE Courses, Spring 2019

Are you, or do you know Child Development majors or staff working in the field who would like to:
  • earn their A.S. degree in Child Development
  • get their Teacher permit
  • and/or transfer to a 4 year university?

In Spring 2019 we’re offering General Education classes designed with these teachers in mind. Each class will meet both transfer AND graduation requirements! Students will be taking classes with other Child Development students.

If you’d like more information, contact Kausar Wildman at  kwildman@ccsf.edu  and Anne Chan at  alchan.ccsf.edu . Enroll in these classes as soon as you can! Please see details about classes below: 
CAAEYC Annual Conference and Expo
April 11-13, 2019
Santa Clara, CA

Super Bird early registration through Dec. 14. 2019
News & Reports
Living a Nonprofit Lie: Childcare Workers Who Can’t Afford Childcare
Nonprofit Quarterly, Sept 20, 2018
Low pay for child care workers puts more than half at poverty level, study finds
EdSource, July 5, 2018
Strategies in Pursuit of Pre-K Teacher Compensation Parity: Lessons From Seven States and Cities
Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, Oct 2017
The teacher pay penalty has hit a new high
Economic Policy Institute, Sept 5, 2018
‘All-In or Nothing’: West Virginia’s Teacher Strike Was Months in the Making
The New York Times, March 2, 2018
SF Living Wage Email Message: Report on amendments to Minimum Compensation Ordinance
Sent:  Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018
Province launches $10-a-day daycare at 53 centres
Times Colonist, Nov 9, 2018