Association of Lutheran Church Musicians
November 1, 2018 e-newsletter

So many things about All Saints Day are worth celebrating. We get to sing and play some of our best and most loved hymns such as "For all the Saints" and "Behold a Host Arrayed in White." We may even be able to add brass or flute descants as we remember the fellowship we share with Christians in all times and places. In many of our churches we will remember faithful believers who have nurtured us during their time on earth. Those who blessed us as we struggled through Sunday school lessons, life lessons, or organ lessons. Then there are the family members who have joined the "saints who from their labors rest." Did you sit next to one of them in church as a small child learning how to follow the liturgy? What a celebration when we again will join with those loved ones in praising our Lord. Each week in the Eucharist we are made one with believers past, present and future. We sing "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord" remembering them at each communion service.
Maybe your congregation, like mine, is adding some new ideas to the festivities this year. Our confirmation class will be visiting our cemetery and remembering that "we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses." They will offer prayers of thanksgiving for the day we will be together with "no more darkness, only light."
In addition, our school will be hosting an international children's choir. We will experience new songs from new people. They will remind us that God's people are present in places, cultures, and musical styles other than what we are used to. The church of Christ has no constraints of time or place.
So celebrate with joy our unity in Christ and our privilege of sharing that unity in song. Remember that "all are one in Thee, for all are Thine."
Karen Foote
Director at Large

ALCM 2019 Biennial Conference

Registration for the 2019 Portland conference opens on Friday, November 2. Watch your email for an announcement!

Register and pay by December 31 and pay a reduced registration fee of $295 ($340 for non-members). On January 1 the "early-bird" registration fee of $355 ($400) goes into effect. After March 15, pay the regular registration fee of $425 ($470).

Reduced registration fees are available for students and for those "second persons" (or third, or fourth, etc.) registering from the same household or church.  Click/tap here for additional information about the conference and a complete list of registration fees.

Just one 2018 event left!

Important Survey: Digital or Paper?

More and more of our members are asking when we will provide an option to receive ALCM publications in digital format only. In order to make an informed decision, we need to hear from  ALL  our members. Please help by completing a brief two-statement survey  by Tuesday, November 6th . There is also a box for any comments or questions you might have.   

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Save the Dates!

Mark your calendars for upcoming ALCM webinars:

February 7, 2019

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Presented by Kip Fox

May 16, 2019

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in the Lutheran Tradition

Presented by Carl Schalk

(from "Long Night's Journey into Day")

Compelling, high-quality, scripturally-based
anthems for the church in the 21st  century.

Anthems available now for Reformation,
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National Conference for Sacred Music 2019

Beat the post-Christmas blahs, and begin the new year in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina by attending the National Conference for Sacred Music (NCSM) January 9-11, 2019.  NCSM is a unique event designed to engage church musicians with fresh new ideas and a variety of approaches to further your work in creating a vital, growing music ministry. Take part in this annual event to revitalize the Church's passion - and your own - for music in worship!

Lutheran Summer Music
Announces New Tuition Plan

Lutheran Summer Music is thrilled to launch a new tuition plan that will make LSM accessible to even more deserving students and build upon the growing enrollment of the past three years.
Effective immediately for 2019, the total cost of tuition will be $2,495 for the full four weeks of LSM; a $1,000 reduction from the past several years. While $2,495 is the absolute most any student will pay, every student has the opportunity to reduce their personal cost even further. To reward fundraising efforts and honor the students' supportive communities, Lutheran Summer Music will provide a 50% match for all funds raised, up to a match of $500. 
It is the hope of Lutheran Summer Music that by reducing tuition and supporting fundraising efforts, we may welcome more young musicians to take part in the transformational experience of LSM. 
LSM 2019 will take place June 23-July 21 at Valparaiso University. Download the LSM 2019 brochure or contact LSM admissions for physical copies to share with your congregation!