Brrr , it's getting chilly outside. While people typically respond to cold by staying in and putting on layers and organizing to prepare for the winter months, it turns out squirrels have a similar strategy for dealing with the challenges of winter. It is no surprise since the squirrel is an  American  symbol for preparation, trust and thriftiness. The behaviors of these little guys,  however, are  quite admirable and we can't help but compare these behaviors to smart business practices.

Activity:  The squirrel is constantly busy preparing and planning ahead all year round.

Gatherer:  The squirrel is always gathering the best of the best and looking for quality as well as a nice quantity of it. 

Organized:  The squirrel is always very organized and methodical in their busy day of planning.

Communication:  The squirrel is always actively communicating with fellow fur friends providing excellent team work.

Trustworthy:  Many species of squirrels actually share their space and entrust their resources with other squirrels throughout the winter to ensure they are safe, have enough to eat and can create warmth for each other in numbers.

Sounds like a business savvy list to us and something we can all agree with as necessary in a vendor in our niche market. Collateral files need a good look? Do we need to forage for your missing documents? Or maybe you just need us to store your documents for you? That's what we are here for. Not only do we handle the big stuff but all of the little stuff in between. 

Go NUTS for our services!

Gaze upon our long list of services to see which services will work best for you. Need to find out more? We will be happy to go over everything with you to create a custom flow line to fit your needs. We will have you falling for us in no time!

List Of Services

Document Preparation
Lien Releases
Endorsements and More!

Document Retrieval
Lien Position Search
Title Policy Retrieval
Nationwide Services

Document Recording
eRecording Services
Corrective Recording Services
Nationwide Recording

Document Tracking
Recorded Documents
Post Closing Documents
Foreclosure Documents

Collateral File Review
Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
Assignment Chain Audit
Exception Reporting

Lender Tracing Services
Investigative Signer Search
Document Tracking
Exception Reporting

Imaging Services
Imaging and Indexing
Secure Digital Storage
24/7 Website Access

Vault Services
Secure Record Storage
Check In/Out Access
Offsite Vault Storage

Including Commercial Services

Financial Statement 

Commercial Insurance Policy

Our eRecording network now covers more than 1,900 counties across the nation. We're constantly adding more counties to our list. These are the latest counties now e-recording with RMG: 

The latest eRecording counties:
Alabama - Baldwin County
Alabama - Calhoun County
Florida - Okeechobee County
Michigan - Arenac County
Michigan - Leelanau County
Mississippi - Lafayette County
South Dakota - Campbell County
Texas - Hemphill County
Texas - Refugio County
Texas - Upshur County

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